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Mom supports family teaching how to play video games

Devyn Ricks talks to FOX Television Stations about how video games support her husband and their four daughters. See the article : The besieged Netflix has reportedly cut its workforce once again.

RIVERTON, Utah – Devyn Ricks can be the very definition of a “cool mom” as she supports her family by teaching kids video games online.

Ricks, 30, leads his classes through Outschool from his home in Riverton, Utah. Her weekly hour-long classes cost $ 15 to teach kids games like “Zelda,” “Mario Kart” and “Kirby.” Currently, many of her students are between 9 and 14 years old.

She raises about $ 4,000 a month through her classes. Her concert helps support her husband, who is currently attending dental school, and their four daughters, who range from 2 to 9 years old.

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“So it’s not like we can live off the student loans and be in a one – room apartment,” Ricks told FOX Television Stations. “We had to find something that worked, and that’s what I fell into.”

“I love video games. I really do,” she added.

Ricks said her background is in teaching various academic and foreign language classes virtually to students in other countries. She then started a creative writing class around the video game “Zelda.” This led to her starting a social club with other video players who attended a teaching course in February 2021.

Ricks said many parents support her courses because she gives children a safe place to learn about the video games they play.

“These kids, they do not know how to do many of these puzzles and things, and it is dangerous for them to navigate the internet alone,” she said.

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Ricks believes she also teaches children other useful skills. Before she shows students how to move forward in a game, she sometimes sees if other students know first.

“One of the biggest skills I like to teach them is a little bit of leadership,” she continued. “Many of these students want to share their knowledge.”

She believes her method builds confidence, friendships and team effort.

The mother also believes she is fostering a community of young video games and breaks the stigma of video players being introverted home bodies.

“It opens up this community for children and for myself,” she added. “I think I break that stigma a little bit.”

Ricks would like to expand her classes and possibly even hire other instructors to teach some of her courses.

However, there is one game that Ricks cannot learn. Ricks said she can not teach children “Minecraft” simply because she does not like it. She also stays away from teaching violent video games and chooses more the family-friendly ones.

As for being called a “cool mom,” Ricks jokes that she’s not sure if her daughters would give her that title.

“I think I’m a pretty funny mom,” she added. “But not so funny when I tell them they have to clean their rooms.”

This story was reported from Los Angeles.

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What video game can teach us?

Children can learn programming, coding and CAD design using video games. Games like Minecraft teach children basic survival skills, such as buying wood to build a home, and many other skills. Read also : The Hidden Sci-Fi Gem on Main Video That You Must Watch. Experience-based play teaches skills early in a game based on other skills as they go.

Can you learn anything from video games? A new study shows for the first time that playing action video games not only improves the skills learned in the game, but the learning abilities more generally. â € œ Previous research conducted by our group and others has shown that action players excel at many tasks.

What video games can teach you?

Valuable skills developed through video games

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What are the advantages of game-based learning on child development?

Benefits of game-based play The use of games in the classroom allows children to develop an emotional connection to learning and subjects. It allows them to get feedback and practice. The games can also be tailored to suit specific teaching situations.

What are the benefits of gaming? The most notable positive effects of games include:

  • Improved cognitive abilities.
  • Improved problem-solving skills and logic.
  • Increased hand-to-eye coordination.
  • Greater multi-tasking capability.
  • Faster and more accurate decision making.
  • Improved prosocial behavior.
  • Better vision (attention to detail)

How game-based learning can make your child smarter?

Benefits of game-based learning The benefits included, but were not limited to, better self-confidence, improved conceptual knowledge, improved memory, and better analytical skills. Game-based learning is particularly beneficial in improving memory and retention in children with this approach by 90%.

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Do gamers have higher IQ?

The children spent an average of two and a half hours a day watching TV, half an hour on social media and an hour playing video games. However, it is important that children who played more video games than average increased their intelligence between the two tests by about 2.5 IQ points.

Does video gaming lower your IQ? found that while playing video games can result in a small hit for school performance, they do not affect a child’s intelligence.

What is Spider Man’s IQ?

According to Scientist Supreme, Peter has an IQ of over 250.

What is the IQ of a gamer?

The results showed that PC gamers have the highest average IQ of 112.3 while mobile gamers have the lowest of 99.4 IQ. Mobile gamers scored a fourth place in Verbal Intelligence and last place in Mathematical Ability, Logical Reasoning and Visual Reasoning.

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