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Underutilized child care in the United States Secretary Antony J. Blinken and Chilean Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola at a joint press conference – United States Department of State United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Maryland Prosecutes Three Men on Violent Felony Charges of Domestic Abuse Secretary Antony J. Blinken in conversation with YLAI alumni – United States Department of State On the departure of Baquer Namazi from Iran – US Department of State South Dakota is part of the U.S. Department of Justice’s broad efforts to protect the elderly Alleged major Bolivian drug trafficker extradited from Argentina to United States Opinion: The United States’ War Against Russian Disinformation: Is the GEC a Worthy Target? | Global Risk Insights Gun Violence in the United States | NEJM US-Saudi relations take a hit as OPEC cuts oil production

Underutilized child care in the United States

A recent study found that access to pediatric palliative care is lacking despite the benefits it provides. Pediatric palliative care (PPC) is underutilized for children and families in US hospitals, according to a recent study. PPC is used to provide children with life-threatening illnesses with specialized care, improving their quality of life. Since its formation, PCP has been recognized as a subspecialty of medicine, but has still not been properly implemented in children’s hospitals. Presence and function of PPCs have mostly been self-reported. Given a proper overview, PPCs can be empowered to improve resources and access. To analyze the presenceRead News

Secretary Antony J. Blinken and Chilean Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola at a joint press conference – United States Department of State

FOREIGN MINISTER URREJOLA:  (Through interpreter) Well — I’m not sure if it’s good afternoon or good morning, but thank you for being here with us today. I would like to make a statement first, and then Secretary Antony Blinken will have some comments. Then we’ll move on to questions and answers. It was truly wonderful to welcome my colleague here at the Department of State, Antony Blinken, on his first visit to Chile as United States Secretary of State. As the first activity on our agenda, we had a meeting with His Excellency the President Gabriel Boric. We discussed topicsRead News

United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Maryland Prosecutes Three Men on Violent Felony Charges of Domestic Abuse

Greenbelt, Maryland – In recognition of October as Domestic Violence Education Month, the U.S. District Attorney for the District of Maryland highlights the recent prosecution of three defendants, in unrelated cases, for charges arising from separate incidents of domestic violence. violence, including assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping and malicious destruction of property by fire, respectively. The guilty plea and convictions were announced by Erek L. Barron, the United States Attorney for the District of Maryland; Special Agent Toni M. Crosby of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) Baltimore Field Division; Acting US Park Police Chief, ChristopherRead News

Secretary Antony J. Blinken in conversation with YLAI alumni – United States Department of State

AMBASSADOR MEEHAN: Mr. Secretary, bienvenido a Confiteria Torres. I am delighted to present four truly inspiring and amazing alumni, Chilean alumni of the YLAI program, the Americas Young Leaders Initiative. I’ve had the chance to spend a few minutes with them learning from them about their projects, their communities, the impact the program has had on them, and I really can’t wait to hear about the great work they do and the ideas they have. So feel free to say a few words to get you started, and then we’ll start the conversation. SECRETARY FLASHES: Great. Thank you, Ambassador. ThanksRead News

On the departure of Baquer Namazi from Iran – US Department of State

Baquer Namazi is now in Abu Dhabi after leaving Iran for Muscat; he has been reunited with his family and will soon receive urgently needed medical treatment. A US citizen and a prominent former UN official, Baquer was wrongfully detained in 2016 and then barred from leaving Iran. He was cruelly detained while working to secure the release of his son Siamak Namazi, who has also been wrongfully detained in Iran for seven years. Baquer has asked that we convey his deepest thanks to all those who worked so tirelessly to secure his release. I add my own gratitude toRead News

South Dakota is part of the U.S. Department of Justice’s broad efforts to protect the elderly

SIOUX FALLS – The Department of Justice has announced the results of its efforts over the past year to protect older adults from fraud and exploitation. Over the past year, the Department and its law enforcement partners tackled issues ranging from mass marketing scams that affected thousands of victims to bad actors scamming their neighbors. Substantial efforts were also made over the past year to return money to victims of fraud. This week, the Department also announced that it is expanding its Transnational Elder Fraud Strike Force to amplify efforts to combat scams originating overseas. “We’re ramping up our effortsRead News

Alleged major Bolivian drug trafficker extradited from Argentina to United States

Assistant US Attorney Kyle Martin (619) 546-7726 PRESS RELEASE SUMMARY – October 5, 2022 SAN DIEGO – Victor Hugo Anez Vaca Diez, aka Chi Chi, the alleged leader of a major transnational criminal organization, was arraigned yesterday in federal court after being extradited to the United States from Argentina. On August 18, 2017, a federal grand jury in the Southern District of California returned a superseding indictment charging Anez Vaca with conspiracy to distribute cocaine with intent to import that cocaine into the United States, conspiracy to distribute cocaine and methamphetamine, and conspiracy to launder monetary funds. instruments. Anez Vaca,Read News

Opinion: The United States’ War Against Russian Disinformation: Is the GEC a Worthy Target? | Global Risk Insights

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February has brought renewed focus on America’s ability to defend itself against the Kremlin’s narratives, which seek to justify its continued aggression. The State Department’s Global Engagement Center (GEC), tasked with coordinating America’s response to the “disinformation war,” is a six-year-old department with a changing mission, an unstable staff and a limited budget. Despite significant headwinds, the new center’s modest efforts to counter propaganda through strategic partnerships with foreign governments and journalists, as well as its sponsorship of new counterpropaganda and disinformation (CPD) technologies, remain promising as the war in Ukraine is heating up andRead News

US-Saudi relations take a hit as OPEC cuts oil production

Relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia reached a new low on Wednesday, as the Saudi-led OPEC voted to cut oil production amid rising global energy prices. The decision marked a breakthrough for Russia, which coordinates oil policy with OPEC and seeks to boost the value of its exports. It also comes a month before midterm elections in the United States, where high energy prices could be a major issue. Officials of the Biden administration expressed disappointment in this action and indicated that they are willing to work with Congress on legislation that will help the government bring anRead News

Report to Congress on U.S.-Baltic Relations

The following is the Congressional Research Service report for September 29, 2022, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania: US-Baltic Background and Relations. From the report Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, often referred to as the Baltic states, are democracies and close allies of the US. America’s strong relationships with these three states are rooted in history. The United States never recognized the forced incorporation of the Baltic states by the Soviet Union in 1940, and US officials applauded the restoration of their independence in 1991. Congress backed these policies on a bipartisan basis. The United States supported the accession of the Baltic statesRead News

Immigration has recovered, but the United States still needs more foreign workers

U.S. immigration is rebounding after a sharp two-year slowdown, but the recovery is unlikely to close the pandemic-induced gap in newcomers amid continued shortages of employees in industries dependent on strangers. Nearly a year after US borders reopened, non-US workers are pouring in at a rate just lower than last seen in 2019, according to analysis by economics professor Giovanni Peri of the University of California, Davis. . But in June, there were about 1.7 million fewer working-age immigrants living in the United States than there would have been if immigration had continued at its pre-2020 rate. , did heRead News

International Arrivals to United States Increase 160% in July 2022

The U.S. International Trade Administration, led by the Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, released the total volume of non-U.S. international visitors to the United States in July 2022, comparing it to July 2021. Total US non-resident international visitors to the United States of 5,210,752 increased by 160.8% compared to July 2021 and increased to 67.6% of the total pre-COVID visitor numbers reported for July 2019. up from 64.2% last month. The volume of overseas visitors in the United States of 2,589,898 increased by 199.7% since July 2021. July 2022 marked the sixteenth consecutive month that total non-US internationalRead News

US Announces $55 Million in Emergency Aid to Help Ukraine Prepare for Winter | Press Release | United States Agency for International Development

Today in Ukraine, Administrator Samantha Power announced a $55 million investment in Ukraine’s heating infrastructure to help prepare the country for winter in the Russian Federation’s brutal war. This assistance supports the repair and maintenance of pipes and other equipment needed to provide heating to homes, hospitals, schools and businesses throughout Ukraine. The new USAID assistance will directly benefit seven million Ukrainians in 19 regions. USAID also provides power generators and alternative fuel sources to hospitals, centers for internally displaced people, and shelters for socially vulnerable citizens, helping to provide the people of Ukraine with access to warm shelter duringRead News

US-Peru Relations – US Department of State

On October 6, Secretary Blinken will continue his regional tour in Lima, Peru, where he will lead the US delegation to the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS). Secretary Blinken will address some of the regional issues of mutual interest and reaffirm the commitment of the US to the OAS and this year’s theme, “Together Against Inequality and Discrimination.” He will chair the Summit Implementation Review Group, a ministerial-level meeting, to discuss the implementation of the resolutions from the Ninth Summit of the Americas and to strengthen the important role of the OAS in promoting democracy, humanRead News

16 of the most haunted hotels in the US

Trick or treat is a thing of the past. Why not increase the fun of Halloween … or the fear … with a terrifying and downright terrifying stay in one of the most haunted hotels in the United States this spooky season? Check out our list of the 16 most haunted hotels the United States has to offer: (Empty La Plazuela in La Fonda, USAT photo) In the beginning, we have many tragic stories. According to Travel + Leisure, stories linking the afterlife to the place include a judge shot in the lobby, a businessman who lost everything at theRead News

United States captain Zach Johnson says Tiger Woods will have a role with the Ryder Cup team

ROME — Whether or not Tiger Woods comes to Italy for next year’s Ryder Cup, he will be an integral member of the U.S. team, captain Zach Johnson said Tuesday at next year’s ceremonies. “Given who he is and what he’s about, I can tell you right now, I don’t know if he’ll be here next year, but he’ll be a part of this team in one way or another,” Johnson said. “He already is, practically. “I can’t say this lightly – he loves the Ryder Cup. He’s made it a priority of his and Team USA’s. He wants toRead News

US walks away from flagship lithium project with Berkshire

Oct 5 (Reuters) – In a meeting in February with top mining executives, President Joe Biden set an aggressive goal for the United States to produce more minerals for the electric car revolution in order to respect the environment. A “big part” of those efforts, the president said, was Berkshire Hathaway Inc’s ( BRKa.N ) plan to extract lithium from geothermal brines circulating under California’s Salton Sea, something that has never been done before. do. The project aimed to help develop a new way to produce lithium – a key component of EV batteries – in the US while avoidingRead News

The Solomon Islands refuse to choose sides between the United States and China

The Solomon Islands foreign minister said on Tuesday that his people opposed the first draft US-Pacific Partnership Declaration because the Pacific territory was “not comfortable” with some indirect references to China. Jeremiah Manele, the foreign minister of the Solomon Islands bordering French New Caledonia, was questioned by New Zealand journalists about his country’s concerns following a joint statement signed in Washington last week. – There were a few mentions in the initial draft that we were not comfortable with – said the Minister of Foreign Affairs. These “put us in a position where we have to choose sides and weRead News

Are worsening US-China relations in Taiwan’s interest?

“A lasting and predictable US-China relationship could open space for the United States and Taiwan to deepen meaningful ties. It could also reduce the risk of other countries building stronger ties with Taiwan without fear of being drawn into an escalating militarized confrontation,” writes Ryan Hass. This piece originally appeared in the Taipei Times. I had the privilege of meeting many Taiwanese leaders and thinkers during a study tour in August. A theme I heard repeatedly on this trip was that poor US-China relations benefit Taiwan. On the face of it, I understand the argument. After all, there is aRead News

90% of US adults say mental health is a crisis in America, CNN/KFF poll says

06:09 – Source: CNN “It’s life or death”: adolescent mental health in crisis An overwhelming majority of people in the United States believe the country is experiencing a mental health crisis, according to a new CNN poll in partnership with the Kaiser Family Foundation. Nine in 10 adults said they believe there is a mental health crisis in the United States today. Asked to rate the severity of six specific mental health concerns, Americans placed the opioid epidemic near the top, with more than two-thirds of people identifying it as a crisis rather than just a problem. More than halfRead News

U.S. Department of State launches partnership with Google in Indonesia and Vietnam

Media Office of the U.S. Attorney Department of State October 3, 2022 The Office of the National Department of Education and Cultural Affairs (ECA) and Google announced today a new partnership to support education, training, and development in Southeast Asia, with pilot projects in Indonesia and Vietnam underway first in the coming days. This public-private partnership, originally announced by the White House at the recent U.S.-ASEAN Special Meeting, underscores the continued emphasis on the important role that the U.S. private sector plays. continued commitment to Southeast Asian nations. From October 3-7, 2022, at the American Center in Ho Chi MinhRead News

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month – United States Department of State

I join my colleagues in the State Department as we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month. This month we will honor the contribution of over 60 million Americans of Hispanic, Hispanic, Hispanic and Latino origin to our great nation, and the many ways that make the United States a stronger, more diverse and vibrant country. Within the State Department, many colleagues of Hispanic origin have played and continue to play a key role in the development of US foreign policy, serving as an integral part of our workforce at all levels. The Hispanic Employee Council of Foreign Affairs Agencies (HECFAA) playsRead News

Secretary Blinken traveled to Chile to promote our sustainable partnership – US State Department

On October 4, Secretary Blinken will travel to Santiago, Chile to meet with President Gabriel Boric and Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola to discuss democratic governance, bilateral opportunities for trade and investment, regional security, migration management, climate change and social inclusion. Secretary Blinken will also visit Chile’s National Electric Coordinator’s control room, where US-owned companies promote our shared goal of increasing reliance on renewable energy sources. The Secretary will also meet with a group of alumni from the US-sponsored Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative to discuss how their innovations are spurring economic growth and positive change in their communities. ExtendsRead News

The US change in child labor could cause the electric vehicle industry to scramble

The Biden administration said Tuesday that batteries from China could be contaminated by child labor, a move that could boost the electric vehicle industry while giving fresh ammunition to critics of the White House’s climate policy. The Department of Labor said it would add lithium-ion batteries to the list of items made from materials known to be produced by slave or forced labor under the 2006 human trafficking law. mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where children have been found working in some mining sites. The department released a list in the form of a report that excoriated theRead News

Secretary Antony J. Blinken at a Migrant Integration Center – United States Department of State

MS LOPEZ: It is a great pleasure to once again welcome to Bogotá Mr. Blinken, Secretary of State of the United States of America. It is a great pleasure to have you here. SECRETARY BLINKEN: Thank you. MS LOPEZ: Welcome to this integrated center for not Venezuelans, not migrants, for new Bogotans. That’s how they are, that’s how we feel them, that’s how we treat them. As you can see, this is a great joint effort between the Government of the United States, USAID in particular, with the National Government of Colombia and the Local Government of Bogotá, at theRead News

$625 Million in Additional Aid to the U.S. Military to Ukraine – United States Department of State

At the UN General Assembly, President Biden once again made it clear that we will support the people of Ukraine as long as necessary. Recent events, from Russia’s sham referendums and attempted annexation to new revelations of brutality against civilians in previously Russian-controlled Ukrainian territory, only strengthen our resolve. Together with our allies and partners from 50 countries, we deliver the weapons and equipment that Ukrainian forces are using so effectively today in a successful counter-offensive to retake their territories illegally seized by Russia. Pursuant to the President’s authorization, I am authorizing our twenty-second drawdown of U.S. arms and equipmentRead News

Judge Cathy Bissoon Never Let Circumstances Limit Her

2022 Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight video United States District Judge Cathy Bissoon grew up in a poor neighborhood of New York City in the 1970s, believing in the American dream. His parents, immigrants of Hispanic and East Indian descent, instilled in him the value of hard work and perseverance. In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, a new video profile explores Bissoon’s determination to pursue a career in law. She reflects on the challenges and pressures that come with being the first Hispanic Article III judge in Pennsylvania, the first Asian American Article III judge in Pennsylvania, and the first judgeRead News

The United States ranks #13 behind the United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Germany and Canada in its response to child sexual exploitation and abuse.

World Childhood USA launched the US Out of The Shadows Index in Partnership with Economist Impact Live Webinar and Roundtable Discussion Featuring Survivors and Advocates , /PRNewswire/ — On Wednesday, September 28, 2022, World Childhood USA launched the pilot USA Out of the Shadows Index (US OOSI) with a live webinar and roundtable discussion featuring sex trafficking survivors, activists and policymakers at Shearman & Sterling LLP in Washington, DC. The report developed in partnership with Economist Impact is designed to help reveal how individual states are tackling child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA), both in person and online. The twelveRead News

How Satoshi Nakamoto And Bitcoin Mirror The Founding Principles Of The United States

This is an op-ed by Buck O Perley, a software engineer at Unchained Capital who helps build bitcoin-native financial services. This is the second part of a two-part set of articles describing crypto government and the dangers of factions. The first part can be found here. What Does All Of This Have To Do With Cryptocurrency? Most of this discussion so far has been theoretical. Much of this has been about the nature of humanity and how it should be considered when designing governance schemes. However, what I would like to do is try to link this to cryptocurrency asRead News