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Archive, a 2020 sci-fi movie streaming on Prime Video – is primarily a story about robots.

A trio of robots populate the world of its history. But instead of the more realistic CGI that money can buy, Archive robots are clearly people who move as best they can inside thick robot suits. It’s both fun and fantastic.

The archive comes from Gavin Rothery, a graphic designer who played a very important role not only in the concepts, but also in the creation of the captivating sci-fi piece Moon of 2009. Although Archive is not so hypnotically disturbing. like Moon, its assured direction and finely crafted components make it a hidden gem worth digging into since Prime Video’s return.

Theo James is the lone central figure, playing an American robotics engineer in the distant land of a Japanese forest in 2038. He brings the energy of his kind father to a work facility similar to a spaceship , where she has been playing with robot daughters the size of a car and is about to create a third and final realistic fully grown female robot. It’s not as shabby as it sounds.

In the early days of Archive, the film looks like a vintage piece by Joe Wright. The sharp lighting brings out the details of a snow-covered forest. This environment changes seasonally as George continues his work. Repeated shots of a waterfall look like reused outdoor images, to a surprising turn of events involving Prototype 2, a robot that acts like a teenager. This robot has several roles, including a bad one, one for which you end up feeling incredibly serious.

Theo James plays robotics engineer George.

This is Rothery’s best letter of triumph: to arouse sympathy for the block-headed robots hissing over two disguised human legs. In an interview, Rothery cited Star Wars robots and the simplicity of their junk designs as precedents for making low-budget robots characteristic and charismatic. Spoiler: works.

Aside from the cute robots, Archive explores a well-known story already covered by people like Black Mirror. But it is the delivery that makes Archive awesome. It’s a story about artificial intelligence, pain, and loss that moves at a steady pace, but that always makes the gears enough to keep the focus on the screen. Surprisingly, much of the tension simmers between the robots themselves.

The two great axes of history come together for the last third, almost in unison. You’re ready to anticipate the mystery of George’s past unfolding in the light, while the consequences of playing with sensitive robots come at a time. (And then this final twist comes to mind.)

Cautiously, Archive does not show his hand immediately. The details of George’s work and intentions are not clear until the final moments of the film, but they give us enough pieces of the puzzle to form our own conclusions.

Archive isn’t a totally original narrative, but it’s one of those sci-fi packages that does it all right. It’s satisfying, contains no creepy dialogue, and looks sleek, despite a tight budget. Nor does it try to rinse your mind with ideas that lead you to think that they require extracurricular reading to understand. And scientific accuracy? There’s nothing to talk about, but this isn’t one of those movies. If nothing else, Archive is a movie about sweet, unconventional robots. Don’t say you’ve seen it all in Prime Video until you’ve seen the movie about sweet robots.

Where to watch Archive in your country

If you’re in the UK or Australia, Archive is streaming on Netflix.

In Germany, France, and Spain, you’ll have to pay a small fee to rent or purchase the movie on Amazon Video, the Apple TV app (also known as iTunes), Google Play, YouTube Movies, and other streaming services. real time.

In Italy, Archive is streaming Prime Video.

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