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The US and Europe are moving closer to using Russian funds to help Ukraine US PGA Championship winners The State Department is issuing a worldwide travel alert State Department of Travel Advisory Issues | OUT Review: ‘Fallout’ Adaptation Turns the Script on US-China Rivalry Biden’s plan to let Gazans into the US could backfire: ‘Brainwashed by Hamas,’ warns expert US announces new sanctions over North Korea-Russia arms transfer Ukraine Asks US to Provide More Intelligence on Targets in Russia Impact of sports betting on North Carolina greater than expected Record travel expected this Memorial Day weekend

A United Nations ship will begin moving grain to feed starving people in Ethiopia from Ukraine.

KYIV, Ukraine  (AP) — A ship approached Ukraine on Friday to pick up wheat for hungry people in Ethiopia, the first food delivery to Africa under a U.N.-brokered plan to unblock grain trapped in Russia’s war and bring relief to some of the millions around the world on the brink of starvation. For months, the fighting and the Russian blockade meant that grain produced in Ukraine, known as the world’s breadbasket, was piled up in silos, sending food prices sky high and leading to famine in Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia. In recent days, several ships carryingRead News

Queer Cafeteria, a Queer Food Festival, takes place on August 13

Enjoying the July pop-up at Dave’s Lesbian Bar, who will be running the Queer Cafe tomorrow. Photo: Amanda DiMartino For the past year, Kristin “Dave” Dausch has been running Dave’s Lesbian Bar pop-up in Astoria for more than a decade. During that time, more volunteer-led street festivals, a Valentine’s Day dance-style dance, bar takeovers, Zoom parties and more monthly events are also planned in Queens. And tomorrow, August 13, Dausch will help organize what’s being called New York’s first queer food festival, Queer Cafeteria, which will land at Socrates Sculpture Park. Ahead of the event, we spoke with Dausch aboutRead News

A food pantry is dealing with low stocks

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) – A pantry is needed. Helping Neighbors Food Pantry recently moved to a larger facility, but now they are facing a more significant issue with empty shelves. The board president of the non-profit, Gary Latanich, said in July 2022 they served 250 more families than usual in July. He said they have seen a steady increase in the number of people they serve. This has resulted in shelves and bins being empty to the point where they are considering closing temporarily to build up a good food supply. Latanich said they are getting shipments from the FoodRead News

Consumer Protection Issues Food Safety Alert for EZ Noble Sushi EZ Noble Sushi is voluntarily recalling the products, which contained unlabelled allergens

Summary Government Agency Partner Announcement AUGUST 11, 2022 — The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Food Standards and Product Safety is urging Connecticut residents to check their refrigerators for EZ Noble Sushi, which was available for purchase this week at Geissler’s supermarkets in Connecticut and Massachusetts. East Windsor-based EZ Noble Sushi is voluntarily recalling several products that lacked allergen information on labels. EZ Noble Sushi products are sold exclusively at Geissler’s, which has removed the products from its shelves. The store is working with EZ Noble Sushi to correct the labels. Unlabeled allergens include eggs, wheat and milk. “Proper foodRead News

Governor Lamont Highlights Expansion of Food Assistance Programs to Increase Access to Locally Grown Food at Connecticut Farmers Markets

Press Releases Governor Lamont Highlights Expansion of Food Assistance Programs To Increase Access to Locally Grown Food at Connecticut Farmers Markets (MIDDLETOWN, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont visited the Middletown Farmers Market today to celebrate National Farmers Market Week and highlight the recent expansion of the food assistance programs of -state to provide greater access to fresh, locally grown food at farmers markets in Connecticut. National Farmers Market Week, which this year runs from August 7 to 13, is an annual celebration that highlights the vital role that farmers markets play in the food system. of the nation. There areRead News

Report: Homemade Baby Food Also Contain Toxic Metals

Aug. 12, 2022 — Homemade baby food contains as many toxic metals as store-bought food, according to a new report released Thursday. About 94% of household and commercial products were contaminated with one or more heavy metals. The standards of heavy metal varied greatly according to the type of food, not who made the food. “We found no evidence that homemade baby food made from store-bought products is better than store-bought baby food when it comes to heavy metal contamination,” Jane Houlihan, author co-author of the paper and director of research for Healthy Babies, Bright. Future, he told CNN. TheRead News

Supermarkets are moving to simplify date labels to reduce food waste

Grocery stores are reducing the use of labels like “best by” and “sell by” that many customers don’t understand in an effort to reduce food waste. In the UK, several supermarket companies this year dropped various date labels on certain foods. Wm. Morrison Supermarkets PLC, based in Bradford, England, removed the use-by dates on 90% of its own-brand milk in January, although the packs still have the use-by date. Many organizations use “Use By” to indicate the latest date a product is safe to consume, while “Best By” is an indicator of quality. The milk remains safe to consume evenRead News

12 Companies Turning Food Waste Into Fashion Statements – Food Tank

Carly Feldman Carly Feldman is a research and writing intern at Food Tank. Traveling the world since 2015, his unique international lens shines through his writing, cooking, DJing and event production as he sets out to educate, inspire and empower others through his passion for development. Whether hosting plant festivals, supporting local farmers, bringing cultural principles to the many purposeful communities she has lived in around the world or just connecting with different people over music, food, politics or travel, Carly dedicates her life to creating the world. a better, happier, more stable and equal place for all.

Uses insurance to regulate food safety and save growers from rainy days

Editor’s note: This piece was originally published by Legal Review and is reprinted here with permission. Underwriting can help farmers manage the risk of microbial contamination in their fields. Foodborne illness is a public health problem of epidemic proportions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that contaminated food sickens 48 million people each year in the United States, resulting in l28,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths annually. One of the areas of this crisis is more than the upper part of the new product, where the meaning of microbial microbes in the fields and housing packages cause many of theRead News

The 5 best things our food writers ate in the Twin Cities area this week

Corned beef hash and pancakes at Nicollet Diner Minneapolis’ only remaining all-day-everyday independent eatery just made an ambitious move up the street to the edge of Nicollet Mall, into a sleek 13,000-square-foot building that used to house the iconic Ichiban. Roxy’s Cabaret, a theater for drag shows, karaoke, bingo and comedy, is coming soon. Meanwhile, the old address, 1428 Nicollet Av. S., is converting to a pizza and chicken joint called Mother Clucker’s. Nicollet Diner’s menu is the same — even slimmed down a bit for now, with the nearby Muffin Top Cafe and its pastries still a block away.Read News

Helping the World Adapt to the Climate Crisis with Agricultural Solutions – Food Tank

Based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) works to develop agricultural solutions in regions facing biophysical and socio-economic constraints around the world. With an international reach, ICBA works in more than 40 countries considered “marginal environments”, explains Tarifa Alzaabi, general director of ICBA at Food Tank. These countries may face challenges such as low soil fertility, water scarcity, rugged terrain, difficulty accessing markets and restrictive land tenure. Through the use of high and low technologies, responsible management of natural resources, educational outreach and capacity building, ICBA supports local food production in these regions.Read News

Supermarkets move to simplify date labels to reduce food waste

Grocery stores are restricting the use of labels such as “best-for” and “sell to”, which many customers do not understand, in order to reduce food waste. In the UK, several supermarkets have dropped different date labels on certain foods this year. Wm. Morrison Supermarkets PLC, based in Bradford, England, removed the use-by dates from 90% of its own brand milk in January, although the packages still have a use-by date. Use By is used by many organizations to indicate the last date that a product is safe to eat, while Best Before is an indicator of quality. The milk isRead News

Seafood Kingz 2 brings soul food to the city island

When a friend recently learned that I was planning a trip to City Island, which is connected to the Pelham Bay portion of the Bronx by a short bridge, he asked, “Are you going to Tony’s or Johnny’s?” At the southern tip of City Island Avenue — the main road, which runs the length of the narrow landmass about a mile and a half — you’ll find two mid-century seafood restaurants, Johnny’s Reef and Tony’s Pier. With apologies to loyalists of both (Mike Bloomberg is a well-known Johnny’s man), they’re nearly identical: both counter service, with a charming retro orderingRead News

As food prices rise with inflation, Chicagoans are rethinking dining out

Michael Bacerott was thinking of going to Shake Shack for lunch on Wednesday. He decided to go to the McDonald’s at Lake and LaSalle streets instead for a simple reason: it’s cheaper. Bacerott, who lives in South Hammond, Indiana, and works as a clerk in the Loop, began to change his diet. When he goes to work these days, he probably takes his lunch from home. “If I go out, I go to cheaper restaurants, like McDonald’s and stuff,” said Bacerott, who has three children, including an 11-month-old. “Life is not as comfortable as it used to be,” he said.Read News

Sam’s Club: The 10 Best Frozen Foods to Buy

Ice cream and chicken are cheaper at Sam’s. Eggo Homestyle Waffles The price of $2.68 for a box of 10 Frozen Signature Eggo Waffles at Walmart sounds reasonable for a family breakfast — until you compare it to Sam’s Club’s cost of $9.98 for a box with 60 pieces. You’ll save about $6 if you buy the jumbo pack. “I tend to stock up on frozen items like pancakes, French toast and waffles because they’re an easy breakfast before school,” said Heather Kaley, a mother of three and a savvy shopper from Winter Garden, Fla. “Just throw it away inRead News

Consumer Protection Warning for EZ Noble Sushi

Press Releases Consumer Protection Issues Food Safety Warning for EZ Noble Sushi EZ Noble Sushi is voluntarily recalling products, which contain off-label allergens. AUGUST 11, 2022 – The Connecticut Department of Food Safety, Standards and Conservation is asking Connecticut residents to check their refrigerators for EZ Noble Sushi, which is available for purchase this week at Geissler supermarkets in Connecticut and Massachusetts. East Windsor EZ Noble Sushi is recalling several products that do not have allergen information on the labels. EZ Noble Sushi products are sold only at Geissler, which has removed the products from the shelves. TheRead News

Going up! Food, fun on the menu at Sebastian’s ‘Grill Out Night’ – 32963 Features, Arts

The Sebastian River Area Chamber of Commerce helps you plan the “Sweet & Sunny Citrus” entertains this weekend by sponsoring “Grill Out Night” on Friday night. This is an event open to the entire community designed to introduce you to local businesses while serving food and entertainment. There will also be sales, discounts and door prizes. Grill Out Night runs from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday, August 12 throughout the Sebastian business area. The best way to participate is to visit the Pelican Porch Visitor Center, on the southeast corner of Main Street and U.S. 1 in Sebastian. ThereRead News

The report says that homemade baby food contains as many toxic metals as store-bought food

Updated 1133 GMT (1933 HKT) August 11, 2022 (CNN)Making baby food at home with store-bought products won’t reduce the amount of toxic heavy metals in the food your baby eats, according to a new report released exclusively to CNN. “We found no evidence to suggest that homemade baby foods made from store-bought products are better than store-bought baby foods in terms of heavy metal contamination,” said Jane Houlihan, director of research for Healthy Babies, Bright Futures. , the paper. HBBF, a non-profit coalition of scientists and donors, which produced the report, has a stated mission to reduce children’s exposure toRead News

Inflation, High Food Prices Squeeze Family Budgets for Meat, Milk, Fruit in 2022

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Businesses should prepare for the risk of civil unrest due to food shortages

Food and fertilizer shortages, which are still burning almost six months after Russia invaded Ukraine, could drive countries already facing economic problems into civil unrest, experts said. This turmoil could test the resilience of Western companies with overseas operations in the coming months. “Food insecurity is one of our main issues and one of the things you really have to watch out for – there’s no way around it,” said Newsletter Sign-up WSJ | Risk and Compliance Journal Srdjan Todorovic, the head of terrorism and hostile environment solutions at More from Risk & Compliance Journal

Food Prices in the United States Have Increased Since 1979, Raising the Cost of Living

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Cereal brands with questionable food quality practices – eat this wrong

Cereal is the best breakfast option for many. It’s a quick and convenient way to start the day and doesn’t require cooking or a lot of clean-up. As a testament to how much we love cereal, Americans spend $10 billion buying nearly 3 billion boxes of cereal each year. But not all grains are created equal. While many cereals claim to be a healthy part of a balanced breakfast, most are just empty calories filled with sugar. Slick marketing often tricks people into thinking these grains are good for you. Even worse, some popular cereal brands engage in dangerous foodRead News

Education program helps communities develop local, resilient food systems – Food Tank

Danone Institute North America recently organized a training for grant winners of the “One Planet. One Health” Initiative. A private training program in Boulder, CO focused on helping teams develop their projects to support local, sustainable, and resilient food systems. The initiative, launched by Danone Institute North America in 2019, gives teams in the United States and Canada US$30,000 to develop food system solutions that serve people and the planet. “The ‘One Planet. One Health’ Initiative helps increase sustainability efforts by empowering action among communities and individuals at the local level and using communication strategies to increase awareness,” said LeslieRead News

The Food Network is finally recognizing the Vegan

Photo: Paras Griffin / Stringer (Getty Images) An upcoming new series on The Food Network should give vegan viewers something to look forward to: It’s CompliPlated, a plant-based competition show, premiering this Thursday, August 11, hosted by Tabitha Brown , vegan food influence, actor, and best. -sold author. This is the network’s first show devoted to vegan cooking in its 28-year history. It will consist of four chefs competing in three rounds of cooking challenges, but each dish will have to satisfy a rotating panel of judges with different preferences and/or dietary restrictions. “From a taste of Southern generosity usingRead News

Inflation has soared in Denmark, Norway, hitting food costs hard

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Annual inflation in Denmark was 8.7% last month, the fastest pace since 1983, while in neighboring Norway it hit 6.8%, authorities said Wednesday. According to Statistics Denmark, the price of goods has risen by an average of 13.2% over the past year, the largest annual increase since February 1982, when the annual increase was the same. In the goods category, it is a very large increase in the prices of food, electricity, fuel and gas. In Norway, July’s figures marked “historically high price increases for food and non-alcoholic beverages,” said Espen Kristiansen of Statistics Norway, saying foodRead News

Processed foods are bad for you: Tools to help you eat healthier foods

– The Reviewed Editors select the recommendations themselves. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. This just in: New research from the American Academy of Neurology has found that highly processed foods, such as soft drinks and frozen foods, are linked to cognitive decline. The study found that people who received more than 20% of their daily calories from processed foods saw faster cognitive decline over a period of 6 to 10 years compared to those who ate less processed foods. While the study did not establish causation, it did establish a strong association. Get dealsRead News

The best fast food mac and cheese: We tried 10 varieties and ranked them from worst to best

CLEVELAND, Oh – Whether it was that concoction that depended on the blue and yellow box you cooked in your dorm room, or that crusty casserole of deliciousness that grandma pulled out of her oven when visited when I was little, macaroni and cheese always had the power to make even the worst day a little better. And let’s face it, there are those days when we all need a big bowl of the ultimate comfort food. We all know that the best tasting mac ‘n’ cheese comes from your home kitchen, but these days busy schedules just don’t accommodateRead News

Granite City Food & Brewery Sold Out

MINNETONKA — The parent company of Granite City Food & The brewery sold the company. BBQ Holdings Inc. in Minnetonka has entered into an agreement with MTY Food Group Inc. based in Montreal, in which MTY would acquire all of BBQ’s shares for approximately $200 million. BBQ Holdings is a franchisor and operator of casual and fast-casual dining restaurants in 37 states in the United States and Canada. Its flagship brands operate under the brands “Famous Dave’s”, “Granite City”, among others. BBQ Holdings operates more than 200 franchised and more than 100 company-owned restaurants. BBQ Holdings acquired Granite City Food &Read News