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Defense Leaders Seek to Improve US-Philippines Interoperability

PHOTO INFORMATION WASHINGTON — Vowing to strengthen the partnership between the longtime allies, Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III and Jose C. Faustino Jr., chief officer of the Philippines’ Department of National Defense, met at Camp Smith, Hawaii. The talks between the two defense chiefs were based on a shared vision of “an open, secure and prosperous Indo-Pacific, without coercion or harassment,” Austin said during remarks after the meeting. “The United States remains steadfast in our support for a strong and independent Philippines that can defend its sovereignty, ensure prosperity for its people, and strengthen security in theRead News

Defense leaders seek to improve US-Philippines interoperability

Committing to strengthen the partnership between the two longtime allies, Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III and Jose C. Faustino Jr., chief officer of the Philippine Department of National Defense, met at Camp Smith, Hawaii. The talks between the two defense leaders are based on a shared vision of “an open, secure and prosperous Indo-Pacific, without coercion or intimidation,” Austin said during remarks after the meeting. “The United States remains steadfast in our support for a strong and independent Philippines that can defend its sovereignty, ensure the prosperity of its people, and strengthen security in the region.” The USRead News

The United States and Tunisia sign the 35th Annual Joint Military Commission

Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs dr. Celeste Wallander and Tunisian Minister of National Defense Imed Memmiche co-chaired the 35th US-Tunisia Joint Military Commission September 27-28, 2022 at the US Africa Command headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. The Joint Military Commission reaffirmed the importance of the bilateral defense and security partnership between the United States and Tunisia. Participants from the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Tunisian Ministry of Defense discussed security cooperation, institutional capacity building and Tunisia’s role as a regional security leader. Discussions also reflected on the success of recent joint military exercisesRead News

US-India ties continue to strengthen, says Austin

Ties between India and the United States – the world’s two largest democracies – including military ties, are growing stronger, Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III said today. Austin met Indian External Affairs Minister Subramanyam Jaishankar at the Pentagon. Earlier, Austin spoke by phone with Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. “These conversations reinforce the growing depth, breadth and ambition of our partnership,” Austin said. “And that partnership is getting stronger and stronger.” Military cooperation between the two nations is at its highest level. The Indian and US militaries regularly train together, and the two governments regularly share information and intelligence,Read News

Statement | Biden’s cautious foreign policy puts the US at risk

As a subscriber, you have 10 gift items to give each month. Everyone can read what you share. Mrs. Schake directs foreign and defense policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute. President Biden gave an admirable speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, condemning Russia’s war and making clear that the United States will continue its support for Ukraine. “We chose freedom. We chose sovereignty,” he said rousingly. Rhetoric aside, the administration has signaled in several other ways that Mr. Putin’s threats have limited aid to Ukraine. Sir. Mr Biden’s foreign policy team is talking about putting upRead News

Slovakia hosts 10th annual CBRN exercise

ZEMIANSKE KOSTOL’ANY, Slovakia — Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense teams from 12 NATO countries participated in the 10th annual exercise Toxic Valley in Slovakia from September 5-16. The Slovak Republic is hosting the exercise to provide NATO alliance members with world-class training. The exercise, conducted at the CBRN training and testing center Zemianske Kostol’any, will give fighters the opportunity to train sampling and identification of chemical warfare assets in real-world conditions. The 773rd Civil Support Team from Kaiserslautern, Germany represented the United States at the exercise, with observers from the ECJ5-W Office EUCOM Weapons of Mass Destruction and theRead News

NFL power rankings: Bills lead NFL’s top seed, ascendant Eagles

By David HelmanFOX Sports Dallas Cowboys Writer Does anyone do better than the NFL? If you’re ever confused as to why this competition is gaining so much popularity every year, look no further than the rankings. If you squint, you can see the outliers. There are two or three teams that are the best, and there are a handful of teams that we can predict will have a bad year. Anyone else? About even. Current situation: 19 of the 32 teams in the league are sitting at 1-1 after two wild weeks. Only six teams have gone 2-0 without aRead News

The United States and Chile hold the 20th Defense Advisory Committee Meeting at Dis

Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Devin T. Robinson provided the following readout: On September 13, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs Daniel P. Erikson chaired the 20th meeting of the U.S.-Chile Defense Consultative Committee (DCC) with Chilean co-chair, Under Secretary of Defense Gabriel Gabriel Gaspar. The meeting took place at the Chilean Ministry of Defense in Santiago, Chile. Established in 1996, the DCC is the principal strategic forum for bilateral defense cooperation between the United States and Chile, bringing together key leaders to discuss bilateral defense issues and overall defense priorities. The co-chairs convened policy leaders from theRead News

The US calls on Russia to immediately release the imprisoned opposition leader Navalny

PRAGUE – Ukrainian forces are showing signs of success on the battlefield in two counteroffensives, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said, adding that the US will support Kiev in its fight against the invasion of Russian troops “as long as necessary” . Austin’s comments in Prague on September 9 came amid mounting evidence that Ukrainian troops have made progress in the southern Kherson region and in the east and southeast districts of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city. . Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy praised the military for its gains in the east, saying in his nightly video speech that Ukrainian troopsRead News

AFC West Guide: Expectations, Predictions on Chiefs, Chargers, Broncos, Raiders

By Geoff Schwartz FOX Sports NFL Analyst The best division in football is the AFC West, where three teams can make it to the AFC playoffs. Let’s dive into my predictions for this stacked division. Guess what, folks: The Chiefs will be the top seed again this season. I understand they don’t have Tyreek Hill anymore, but their roster is the deepest it’s been in years, and they still have a Hall of Fame head coach and signal caller in Andy Reid. Patrick Mahomes had a “down” season in 2021, when the Chiefs offense finished third in efficiency. They return allRead News

CBS Sports has Brady Quinn over the Bills’ Josh Allen as the third best QB in the NFL

Former NFL quarterback turned CBS Sports analyst Brady Quinn ranked Bills quarterback Josh Allen as the third best quarterback in the league. “I think the world of this young man,” Quinn said. But Allen has gotten a lot of similar, if not better, accolades this offseason. Why only the 3rd? For Quinn, it’s about the developing relationship between Allen and his new offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey. “There’s a feeling process here,” Quinn said. Regardless, third is a great spot for the Bills QB. For those curious, here’s Quinn’s full list: 5. Joe Burrow of the Bengals 4. Patrick Mahomes ofRead News

China warns of ‘counter-measures’ as US approves $1.1bn arms sale to Taiwan

(CNN) – China has warned the United States that it will take “countermeasures” after the Biden administration approved more than $1.1 billion in arms sales to Taiwan. Chinese embassy spokesman Liu Pengyu said on Saturday that China is “firmly opposed” to the sales, which “seriously endanger China-US relations and peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait,” and asked Washington to “repeal them immediately.” Liu’s comments on Twitter came after the Biden administration formally notified Congress on Friday of the proposed sales, which include up to 60 anti-ship missiles and up to 100 air-to-air missiles. The State Department said the salesRead News

Providing a sense of security: NATO’s USACE missions

Has the DOD been funded for 2022? The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency budget increased from $350 million to $386 million in fiscal year 2022, with $523 million coming from DOD’s Basic Research account. The administration requests $4.12 billion for fiscal year 2023, with $483 billion from Basic Research. What is the state of the defense budget? On March 28, 2022, the Biden-Harris Administration submitted to Congress a budget request for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 of $883,000 for national defense, $777,000 of which is for the Department of Defense (DoD). Is DOD funded for FY 2022? Following a stringRead News

Europe on Its Own: Why the US should want a better armed EU

The transatlantic alliance is experiencing a renaissance. The war in Ukraine has drawn Washington’s attention to Europe in a way not seen since the 1990s, when the United States orchestrated NATO’s eastward expansion and fought two wars in the Balkans. The United States has backed Ukraine with massive amounts of weapons, rallied the West around unprecedented economic sanctions against Moscow, and supported NATO with additional troop deployments. It is hard to imagine a time in the past generation when transatlantic relations were stronger. However, the Biden administration’s engagement with Europe is ultimately unsustainable. Russia and the war in Ukraine willRead News

Huntsville’s space, missile symposium provides insight into advanced defense technology

Virtual training was a big topic at the Space & Missile Symposium in Huntsville, Ala., this week. Here, a symposium attendee tries his hand at using a shoulder-mounted missile to wipe out virtual opposition at the Blue Halo booth. (Lee Roop/lroop/TNS) (Tribune News Service) – This week Space & Missile Defense Conference in Huntsville is the 25th annual, and the locals say that sometimes it feels like a high school reunion to see friends and colleagues from past conferences on the big show. They were especially happy to see each other this year, as the pandemic subsided enough to makeRead News

Lessons from the tech industry can curb digital fratricide on the battlefield

The more the US military leans on wireless networks, the more crowded they become. Unfortunately, the modern battlefield is experiencing critical system outages – and troops are increasingly at risk – because we’re intentionally disrupting our own networks. This digital fratricide is not a problem that can be solved by radio discipline or commanders’ access to live feed video. Instead, the solution had to be baked in from the ground up by Defense Department acquisition staff who demanded that products be designed and built to intelligently absorb, not waste, valuable bandwidth. On America’s front lines, the internal battle for bandwidthRead News

Huntsville Space, Missile Conference offers a glimpse into high-tech defense

This week’s Space & The Huntsville Missile Defense Conference is in its 25th annual conference, and regulars say it sometimes feels like a high school reunion to see friends and colleagues from past conferences on the large exhibit floor. They are especially glad to see each other this year because the pandemic has subsided enough to make the event seem more like normal. But this is no reunion. Each year it is filled with briefings from the nation’s top military leaders on future needs and plans and booth after booth of systems, devices and simulators to demonstrate new defense technology.Read News

Deputy Secretary of Defense Announces New Defense Business Board Members

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen H. Hicks is hosting the fourth quarter of the Fiscal Year 2022 Defense Committee today and tomorrow at the Pentagon. The Defense Business Committee advises the Minister of Defense on the management and leadership of the Ministry of Defence. The Board provides the Secretary and Deputy Secretary with external private sector perspectives and lessons learned about business management, culture, principles, and practices not otherwise available to the Secretary within DOD. DBB meetings typically have open, public, and closed sessions, with many senior-level DoD guest speakers and opportunities for department heads to discuss recommendations and studiesRead News

Viewpoint: Small Business Program at Risk As Congress Debates Merit

Due to termination provisions in the Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs, absent further legislative action, the programs will end at the end of this fiscal year. SBIR and STTR—first enacted by the Small Business Innovation Development Act of 1982 and the Small Business Research and Development Improvement Act of 1992—create partnerships between federal agencies, public research institutions, and the nation’s best and brightest small businesses to develop important technology. For this reason, their reauthorization is a top priority for the National Defense Industry Association. The programs accomplish their goals by leveraging a small percentage ofRead News

Def R&D will be open to the private sector for high-tech platforms

At the upcoming Defense Acquisition Board (DAC) meeting, the Narendra Modi government is expected to approve amendments to the Defense Acquisition Procedure (DAP) to allow India’s private sector to engage in research and defense development (R&D) through special purpose vehicles and in collaboration with defense public sector companies (DPSU). According to officials familiar with the developments, the amendments will allow the Indian private sector to acquire a major stake in the defense R&D companies, which will be created for the development of major hardware platforms like drones, helicopters, advanced aircraft and submarines. This is a groundbreaking development as until nowRead News

The Pentagon confirms that Ukraine has advanced HARM missiles; 17 Kremlin anti-aircraft systems reportedly hit – KyivPost – Global Voice of Ukraine

Kyiv Post Military Update – August 8, 2022. A photo of a missile component said to have been found by Russian forces in the southern sector, and a photo of a HARM missile depot at a US Air Force base. The HARM missile is designed to target anti-aircraft radars. Identification information on the fragment identified the missile as a HARM AGM-88 missile manufactured by the US company Raytheon. The photo collage is from the news platform Tsaplienko_Ukraine Fights. A senior White House official on Monday confirmed recent reports that Ukraine’s air force is now deploying HARM anti-radar missiles, a game-changingRead News

China avoids leaving US talks, says Washington must bear ‘serious’ weight

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen after arriving at the President’s Office on August 3, 2022 in Taipei, Taiwan. Pelosi’s visit infuriated China, which claims the self-governing island as its own, and responded for the first time with a test launch of ballistic missiles over Taipei, as well as abandoning some lines of dialogue with Washington. Brochure | News Getty Images | Getty Images China’s Defense Ministry on Monday defended its postponement of military talks with the United States in protest of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei last week, warningRead News

Imposing Additional Costs on Russia for Its Continued War Against Ukraine – United States Department of State

The United States is committed to working together with our allies and partners to impose harsher consequences on President Putin and his enablers of Russia’s inconceivable war against Ukraine. The State Department is announcing a series of actions to promote accountability for actions by Russian Federation officials and others that involve violations of Ukraine’s sovereignty, including: The State Department is appointing oligarchs DMITRIY PUMPYANSKIY, ANDREY MELNICHENKO, and ALEXANDER PONOMARENKO. The State Department is designating four individuals and one entity who are or are allowing illegitimate Russian-installed political leaders or their proxy forces to undermine political stability in Ukraine in supportRead News

The United States is looking for alternatives to Chinese cobalt

Wiki commons photo via Alchemist-hp The Periodic Table is packed with elements of critical importance to US national and economic security. From lithium to iron to uranium, the nation needs a steady supply of minerals and metals, and few are as difficult as the number 27: cobalt. The most widespread use of the bluish-gray metal today is in the cathodes of lithium-ion batteries, which proliferate in commercial and military devices. Cobalt also serves the Department of Defense in heat-resistant alloys for jet engines, magnets, stealth technology and electronic warfare, and alloys used in munitions. And like so many materials andRead News

Biden-Harris Administration Announces $550 Million in New US Military Aid to Ukraine – US State Department

More than five months after Russia’s brutal and unprovoked assault, the Ukrainian people inspire the world as they defend their country and their freedom. The United States continues to support allies and partners of more than 50 countries in providing vital security assistance to support Ukraine’s defense of its sovereignty and territorial integrity against Russian aggression. Today, following a delegation of authority from the President, I authorize our 17th August 2021 withdrawal of up to $ 550 million in weapons and equipment from the US Department of Defense (DoD) stocks for Ukraine’s self-defense. . Today’s announcement includes more ammunition forRead News

Department of Defense Receives Top Performance Rating in Small Business Purchasing Index

For the eighth consecutive year, the Department of Defense earned an “A” rating for performance against its small business procurement goals. Released on July 26, the US Small Business Administration (SBA) Annual Scorecard contextualizes the vital role small businesses play in fulfilling the department’s mission. During a virtual press event announcing the release of the scorecard, Dr William A. LaPlante, Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Support, highlighted the contributions of the American workforce and small businesses during fiscal year 2021 along with heads of the agencies of the departments of transportation and homeland security as well as the NationalRead News

High-Tech Alone Won’t Win European Wars

The glitz of new and smart weaponry can seduce politicians and institutions, but major wars are still won by industrial mobilization. Since the 1990s, members of the Transatlantic Alliance have relied on new technologies such as precision-guided munitions and telecommunications and their promise to provide greater military impact. The importance of innovation is emphasized in almost every document on both sides of the ocean. Major and medium powers use innovation as a solution to overcome defense budgets and the weakness of their defense infrastructure. The European Union (EU), a master of rhetoric and branding, is no exception. Technology-based technology projectsRead News

US Aerospace & Defense Operations in the Information Environment 2022 Report: The Forces Driving Changes and How Businesses Can Position Themselves for Success

Dublin, July 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The report “US Aerospace and Defense Operations in Information Environment Growth Opportunities” has been added to offering. This study explains the forces driving change and how companies can position themselves for success. Today’s aerospace, defense and security environment is seeing substantial changes in information technology. The availability of wireless communication systems, social media networks and the growing impact of artificial intelligence on our daily lives and individual experiences are creating a new market for skills and capabilities that can defend against emerging threats from these networks and identify opportunities. of exploitation. EmergingRead News

The Biden-Harris Administration Announces New US Military Assistance for Ukraine – US Department of State

The people of Ukraine inspire the world by defending their country and their freedom in the face of Russia’s brutal and unprovoked aggression. The United States continues to support allies and partners from more than 50 countries in providing vital security assistance to support Ukraine’s defense of its sovereignty and territorial integrity against Russian aggression. Today, according to a delegation of authority from the President, I authorize our sixteenth withdrawal since August 2021 of up to $175 million worth of weapons and equipment from U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) stockpiles for Ukraine’s self-defense. Today’s announcement includes more advanced HIMARS rocketRead News

Australian official sees shared mission with US > US Department of Defense > Defense Department News

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles, who is also Defense Minister, walked away from meetings with US defense leaders feeling the two countries shared a mission. Marles met with Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan during their trip to Washington – the first visit by an official of Australia’s new government. “What really struck me about the meetings we’ve had over the last few days… is a real sense of shared mission at this time, between Australia and the United States,” Marles told the Defense Writers’ Group. “There is a sense ofRead News