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Get ready for the best flight of your life.

Hi, my name is Jemima, and I’m a pretty avid traveler. Over my years traversing the globe, I’ve come up with some good shortcuts and practices to make life easier.

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But of all the things I’ve discovered and start doing, there’s one thing which seems to blow people away more than anything else.

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Let me set the scene: You’re about to travel overseas. You’ve packed your carry-on with headphones, a new book, some snacks, you’ve downloaded a Spotify playlist, and you’re all ready for your flight.

Obviously, you can’t get around this by taking water in your carry-on – the TSA would take it from you once you scan your bag. BUT, my friends, there’s nothing stopping you from getting an EMPTY water bottle through security.

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Obviously, you can’t get around this by bringing water in your carry-on — TSA would take it off you as soon as you scan your bag. BUT, my friends, there’s nothing stopping you from bringing an EMPTY water bottle through security.

Once you get through, fill her up at a water fountain! Almost every airport I’ve been to has a dedicated bottle-filling station.

Then, you can also ask your flight attendants to refill it with drinking water if you run out while on-board. Some airlines even have big bottles at the back you can help yourself to.

Listen, I never said it was a particularly complex hack. But I s2g I’ve blown at least a handful of minds with this one.

Please don’t come at me in the comments saying, “I’ve been doing this for years.”

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