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There are few things as intense as a good self-destruct sequence in a video game. The beauty of the sequence is that it can come in many different forms. It could happen in a base or on a ship, and you can have full control of every moment, or it can play out in a tense cutscene.

Regardless of the situation the self-destruct sequence is in, they are almost always heartbreaking. When you see your favorite character struggling to survive against a tight timer, people always wonder if a character will really get out of a sticky situation or not.

10 Super Metroid

10  Super Metroid

The ending of Super Metroid might not be the game’s only self-destruct sequence, but it’s one that’s become legendary for more than a few reasons. This may interest you : The Pelicans will see a big return on Karl Matković’s investment. First, the whole situation is one of the most exciting self-destruct escapes in gaming. Period.

Few things beat having just a few minutes to take off from a planet about to explode. Of course, you also have the option of rescuing a few alien creatures along the way, only to really drive home how much of a hero Samus is, even if she should have just ended it.

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9 Resident Evil Remake

9  Resident Evil Remake

Your final escape from Spencer Mansion in Resident Evil Remake is a tense affair. You’re probably more than equipped to deal with anything that comes your way, but once that timer officially starts counting down, most people are likely to get a little suspicious.

Instead of simply escaping, you must take on the tyrant in a second round on the mansion roof. It’s difficult to let the timer expire in combat, but that doesn’t make it any less tense. Read also : World Games 2022: How Germany shocked the United States. In the end, it’s worth escaping the nightmare…for now.

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8 Alien: Isolation

8  Alien: Isolation

Rather than working to a tight schedule or having a sequence packed with impactful action, Alien: Isolation took a completely different tack than most games. This may interest you : Why people are spending less on video games in 2022. What makes the segment great is that it focuses on actually starting the self-destruct sequence.

Sneaking around a ship with a terrifying alien creature, possibly around every corner, already makes every moment of alien isolation an incredible experience. But the fact that the final rush to flee could bring the alien upon you at any moment, making the final rush a choice between speed or stealth was indescribable.

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7 Kirby Super Star Ultra

7  Kirby Super Star Ultra

Sure, if you escape the halberd, that’s actually because she’ll crash into the ocean (with explosions), but she’ll involuntarily destroy the ship, so it still counts. What makes it great is the surprisingly grim setting for a Kirby game and the excellent music for the section.

Done even better, you can face off against Meta Knight in a one-on-one battle before finally setting out on your ultimate escape. It’s a fun and fast-paced segment in a series of games that usually feel a bit more relaxed.

6 Conker’s Bad Fur Day

6  Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Since Conker’s Bad Fur Day implements almost every possible game type throughout the game, it only made sense that it would use a self-destruct sequence at some point. While the timer isn’t really the biggest problem, haste can lead to many difficulties.

There are many different things that will trip you up on your escape, and it can result in most people having to restart the escape multiple times. It’s not easy, but Conker is already a game that can be surprisingly difficult at times.

5 GoldenEye 007

GoldenEye 007’s Train mission is a bit infamous for some people for how simple and linear the whole thing is, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a fan favorite. Speed ​​runners make the level look easy and have enough time to complete everything before escaping the train.

With the right moves, the escape isn’t too difficult, but inexperienced players may need to try the level’s closing moments a few times to get it right. Even after you get off the train, it doesn’t mean your escape is over.

4 Parasite Eve

There are quite a few people who love Parasite Eve and believe the games deserve a lot more attention. While that’s up to each individual, it’s hard to say that escaping the Ultimate Being doesn’t feel good.

Instead of initiating the usual blaring self-destruct sequence, you sabotage the ship you’re on by building pressure and escaping just before a massive explosion. For the age of the game, it’s surprising how great the cutscene looks to this day.

3 Halo: Combat Evolved

The entire Halo series seems to love blowing up massive structures, and most fans of the series really appreciate that. Hell, everyone would love to be Master Chief for a day with the life they lead. There are few things as exciting as shooting a warthog to get you out of a sticky situation.

The original Halo excels at being one of the best games in the early 3D era for making a game feel like a cinematic action movie. The entire finale of the original Halo is one fans of the series will likely never forget.

2 Resident Evil 4

Pretty much everyone loves Resident Evil 4, although it’s a marked departure from the horror that infused the previous games in the series. Since this part is so action-packed, it only makes sense that its finale would be just as gripping.

An entire island is exploding and there is only one way to escape safely, and that is by jet ski. It’s an over-the-top segment in an amazing game where you can even do cute somersaults while escaping. It’s not hard to beat the time limit, but the segment is incredibly memorable.

1 Ocarina Of Time

While not a traditional self-destruct sequence, Ganon’s castle comes crashing down in Ocarina Of Time and you have limited time to make it with Princess Zelda. It shocked many players because it was one of the most tense moments in the game after seemingly facing the final boss.

It’s not an easy run to an exit, as you’ll still need to use some of your skills to make it before the timer runs out. The situation may have been too difficult for some players, leading to this dark timeline in the Zelda canon where Link loses.

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