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Video games have been in vogue since the pandemic, and not just among children.

Nearly half of Americans ages 55 to 64 play video games at least an hour a week, according to the Entertainment Software Association. Even people 65 and older play games on their smartphones and computers to kill time or just to have fun. .

It has become a little more difficult to deal with inflation at a 40-year high. At the same time, the price of gas, food and other necessities is rising, so is the cost of video games. With less purchasing power, buying a $ 70 game may not be within your budget. After all, 36 percent of older adults told the Entertainment Software Association that when making a purchase decision, the price of the game is important.

Saving on video games may not be so easy these days, but you can find ways to get a deal done. Here’s how.

1. Consider a membership program

The consumer attraction “loyalty has its rewards” couldn’t be more true than in the video game market. This may interest you : Hawks Foundation and Young People’s Good Sports Leaders Through a Yoga Wellness Event at Georgia Preparatory Academy. Game developers want it to keep coming back, and they offer membership programs to get this done.

With plans, you pay monthly and get unlimited access to video games that you can play online, on your PC, or on your phone. The Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription is an example.

It gives users access to a library of over 100 games and costs $ 50 for an annual membership. It’s less than the cost of a new video game. Of course, it may not offer the latest titles, but having so many games to choose from should keep you busy for a while.

Many game makers and online services allow you to pay monthly for unlimited access. Despite the potential savings, older adults have not even embraced these limbs in large numbers.

“Only 6 percent of gamers over the age of 55 say they subscribe to a service that gives access to a library of video games, a much smaller percentage of gamers than in other age groups,” says Carrie Robinson, director of industry business in the Entertainment Software Association. . .

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2. Play many AARP games for free

The AARP website has its own library of games that you can play on your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Most are free, some earn AARP Rewards points for those who sign up, and others are unlocked when you join AARP and access the site as a member.

If you have the AARP Now app on your phone, available both in the Apple App and Google Play stores, make sure word games you can play right in the app. Read also : The besieged Netflix has reportedly cut its workforce once again.

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3. Tap your Amazon Prime account

If you’re among the millions of people with Amazon Prime membership, you have access to a suite of free video games you never knew before. Amazon’s Prime Gaming offers a collection of PC games each month, as well as exclusive in-game content. See the article : Choice of food and home offers Run Derby X. The best part: You don’t have to pay extra if you have a Prime subscription. .

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4. Hold tight on purchasing a new title 

When the release date for a new video game comes out, the first adopters claim to be the first to get their hands on the game. They rush to preorder, paying the full price.

But the longer you wait to pull the trigger, the more expensive the game will be. Consider this: When the God of War was released in April 2018, it was $ 50. Now it’s $ 20.

5. Buy pre-owned games

Several brick-and-mortar stores, as well as online retailers sell pre-owned video games, which you can get at a hefty discount. These titles are used delicately and, depending on the retailer who buys them, can be returned., eBay, eStarland and Gamestop are just a few of the retailers that sell used video games. Also look at second-hand bookstores in your area. Some have sections for pre-owned games – as well as CDs and DVDs.

6. Download free games on your mobile device 

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, you will find a treasure trove of free games to download. The same goes for your iPad, Android or Microsoft tablet.

Some may require in-app purchases, but for the most part, you can play for free. The key is to resist the temptation to spend money to get to the next level or to get more players.

Since most older adults – 79 percent, according to the Entertainment Software Association – play online puzzle games, this is a cheap way to have fun.

Are gamers brains different?

“The most important finding was the observation that the group of gamers, compared to people who play less often, had more nerve fibers that connected the parietal and occipital areas of the brain. These spaces are involved in the transformation of the brain. visual and spatial information & quot; – explains Dr.

Does the game change your brain? Only 10-20 minutes of violent play can increase activity in the brain regions associated with arousal, anxiety, and emotional reaction, while simultaneously reducing activity in the frontal lobes associated with emotion regulation. and executive control.

What part of the brain do gamers use?

The most important brain region to play video games in is Cerebrum. The Cerebrum has many functions, including coordination of movement, touch, vision, hearing, judgment, problem solving, and learning.

Are gamers born or made?

In other words, gamers are made, not born – their brains aren’t necessarily “wired” differently than those of non-gamers. Practice, in the long run, makes it perfect. “Typically, when people get better at something, it gets faster,” Castel noted.

Which is the cheapest site to buy games?

Top 10 Game Discount Sites to Buy Video Games for Cheap

  • Humble Bundle.
  • Fanatic.
  • Slickdeals.
  • GG. business.
  • / r / Reddit GameDeals is / r / ConsoleDeals.
  • Green Man Gaming.
  • Gocdkeys.
  • DLCappears.

Why is G2A so expensive? Many vendors on the G2A Marketplace are wholesalers who purchase game keys directly from developers and publishers en masse. Since they buy a large number of products at once, they buy them at much lower prices. This means that they can offer their customers great discounts.

What is the cheapest video game store? – Known for having the lowest prices on most items, Wal * Mart is a good place to find recently released games. – Always a popular store among our MyUS customers, Toys’ R Us offers great prices on video games, consoles and accessories.

How can I get games so cheap?

What is an in-game purchase?

In-game purchase allows players to buy only the part of the game they want, giving them the opportunity to taste and enjoy a game for free and to adapt their gaming experience by acquiring extra content.

What does in-app purchase mean? With some apps, you can purchase additional content or services within the app. We call these “in-app purchases”. Here are some examples of in-app purchases: A sword that gives you more power in a game. A key that unlocks multiple functions of an app.

What are in-game purchases called?

The answer: In-game purchases, also known as microtransactions. Mobile game designers have invented microtransactions as a way to recoup costs from a market that is reluctant to pay for mobile applications. Turning to in-game purchases, video game companies found that users were more willing to pass on their money.

What is the meaning of in-game purchase?

Users can make in-game purchases in the app to purchase virtual goods, such as in-game currency, upgrades, or new levels and features. Developers use in-game purchases as a monetization strategy to maximize app revenue and increase the time players spend in their game.

Is a game free if it says in-app purchases?

In-app purchases allow developers to offer the app for free in the App Store (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android). Then, in the app, they can upsell and advertise paid updates, closed features, special items and other premium offers.

Why do people spend so much time on video games?

Why do people spend more time in front of the screen? Games seemed to have a positive impact on mental health for people. Gamers have had lower anxiety during the game, which can help them escape from reality. The game has helped people deal with the blockchain.

1 hour of video games is too much? You may be interested to know that Oxford University believes that 1 hour of play every day is better than no game at all when it comes to personal well-being and mental health. Between 1 and 3 p.m., the experience did not necessarily improve mental health, but it was still challenging.

What happens when you spend too much time playing video games?

But too much video game play can cause problems. It’s hard to get enough active play and exercise if you’re still playing video games. And without enough exercise, children can become overweight. Overdoing video games could also affect other important things, such as friendships and how much a child does in school.

Is 3 hours of video games a day too much?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than two hours per day of screen-based entertainment.

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