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Neon White, a first -person laser beam, is shown in Heaven where angels are threatening to blow your face and practice music. Machine Girl sales to punch your wrongdoings in full skin.

The game inspires you with its cycling images – turquoise water, cold -blooded girls with rainbow hair, houses cast out of pure porcelain – going quickly through stages, as if you were in a nightmare, but the sparkling music of Machine Girl’s vomit makes you cringe. . I was amazed at the tape, so I asked Ben Esposito, Neon White’s developer and Matt Stephenson, the producer behind Machine Girl, how it happened.

It started in 2020, when modern life disrupted and Esposito Stephenson, someone he had never met before, sent an email.

“I’m working on a PC game that hasn’t been shown yet,” Esposito says, “and I think your music has full potential for it (a 2000’s edgy Deviantart anime first). -person shooter … thinks like a lost PS2 game for the full sound and style) .I’ve been a fan since Gemini but I heard ‘Cyan Hardcore’ I was like … the thing lea.

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The 2015 Gemini album and the song “Cyan Hardcore” from the 2020 EP RePorpoised Phantasies are all strewn with Machine Girl sounds, such as broken, modeling crystals and bulletproof vests and breaks. “Cyan Hardcore” in particular is similar to “I’m in a game, under water” multiple tracks on Neon White’s two-part album, The Wicked Heart and The Burn That Cures, available . The circular melody pings at the metal skins and gurgles low-pass filters; it’s very watery, but it sticks to tinny and shiny, like the sound you hear when you open a PS3 achiever.

Because of this sonic parallel (and, perhaps, similar-feeling Machine Girl songs full of the same mixing power you get when playing a game like Doom), the Machine Girl team has put Stephenson’s music together game for many years. In 2020, an independent developer released Nightmare, a former shooter who said he was “extremely inspired” by the 2017 album … Because I’m a proud teenager and hate everything that happens. stands for, which is entirely dependent on the use of arterial blood. .

Elsewhere on the internet, Machine Girl producers are creating song extensions using video game models, and can also because you get Stephenson’s 2014 mix of the action game Sega Jet Set Radio soundtrack.

The video games and the Machine Girl discography are best friends, and their relationship is cherished. Eli Schoop, an aspiring music writer, told me “Machine Girls are sick because they’ve been driving with MIDI instruments since the beginning of the PS1 and [Sega Saturn] games and plugged in the power and play in a way that few others do. “

“I think it’s probably a special thing to anyone who loves both math and math to put those connections together,” Schoop said. “[Stephenson] is definitely a real fan [of both], so it feels real and interesting.”

Stephenson expresses his influence and energy in his own audience, telling me “I think it’s very clear from all of my music that video games are very much involved.”

“I loved video games when I was younger and some of the recordings (especially on the Sega Dreamcast) were very enlightening for me. But I didn’t start really thinking about video games while making music until working on the Neon White soundtrack, ”he says.

“I think for anyone who grew up in video games, we build feelings together with the OST video games of our youth,” he continued. “If I can provide that for anyone, that’s the most important thing to me.”

Back in 2020, Stephenson accepted Esposito’s email after he realized he wasn’t “just a kid in his bedroom playing a video game,” and the two began working together. on tape. The process was hard, but it eventually paid off (clearly … have you heard?)

“When we started working on the score, Matt sent us a very awesome Dropbox box of unfinished music,” Esposito said. “There may be at least 50 paths with filenames such as ‘mg2019 alpha 16 2020 D.mp3′”

After sorting through the names of the thick files, the couple came out with a handful of incomplete music, fireworks waiting to go off.

“In the end, probably about 50% of the tape was made from pre -existing materials, and the other 50% was made from the ground up for the game,” Esposito said.

But the construction and finishing of the specials for Neon White introduced Stephenson to a unique set of challenges. He has never created music for a video game before, and currently no additional recordings are planned (although he would love to change that), so the work is under the supervision of someone else needs an adjustment.

“Sometimes, like trying to solve a puzzle, trying to find the right vibe for certain songs,” Stephenson says. “Every song in the game had an impression for where it should fit, so I had to focus and try to make songs for specific situations, cues, or menus. I usually do things more intelligently so it required more discipline and focus.

Sometimes following Esposito’s instructions was difficult, and the tracks were cut off because “it wasn’t the vibe,” Stephenson said. But his new focus was pointing and arriving at a final album that both Esposito and I enjoyed.

Stephenson describes the finished product as “colorful, lush, energetic, spastic, whiplash-induced, fast-paced, extreme, maximalist, proggy, danceable, and low-fat.” The narrative fits your mood to play with it — the smiling angels, scattering through the air shooting monsters until the very end, are all led by Machine Girl. You feel like you’re riding on something weird and weird, scary but intimidating.

The music is quite effective. Esposito says the songs are accompanied by real gameplay, which requires speed and accuracy and flying, it’s more “difficult, maybe even more difficult than you might expect at first, but that’s what was expected, ”he said. You don’t want to be lazy when you break demons and hope for forgiveness, like at the beginning of the game. Like heaven itself, Esposito said the tape should be “aspiring.”

“If the music feels too fast, it means you’re not playing fast,” he says.

Salvation, demons, and wilderness music. When added together, it looks like a subreddit has been fucked up. But as well as the well -planned tape, so too, is to be expected. After all, according to Neon White’s market, the whole game is born with “freaks” in mind.

I asked Esposito about this, how “stupid” lives in all aspects of Neon White.

“Neon White doesn’t fit on paper,” he said. “It doesn’t have to be useful, but it’s useful because it’s not trying to appeal to everyone. It’s a celebration of sportsmanship and entertainment. You really don’t have to be a fan of Neon White. , but made for casual customers who enjoy ads that are unique, unobtrusive, and 100% true to themselves.

The music of the game, a sugar sandwich, resistance to cracking sports models to the fans and passion.

“It’s never the same game without Machine Girl,” Esposito said. “Not only because Matt is an amazing producer, but because [Machine Girl’s] film reflects the same passion for the extravagance, usability, and love of the media that was created. the game to celebrate. “

What kind of artist is Sewerslvt?

Australia’s Sewerslvt are known for themselves through their drum and bass, infused with synthwave and breakbeat influences.

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Is Machine Girl heavy metal?

Since 2014, Machine Girl has been combining elements of electronics, hardcore punk, heavy metal, industrial sweepstakes and gurgling sounds to offer on the project and the project of the clean future.

What kind of music is Machine Girl? See the article : 10 Sad Video Games With Happy Endings.

Is Machine Girl A DNB?

For her first two albums, Machine Girl worked on a single project for producer and singer Stephenson, a cross-stitch fiber-optic cross-stitch of dance music links: feet and juke, jungle and bass & bass. See the article : Mother of 4 makes a living teaching how to play video games: ‘I’m breaking this stigma’.

Who is behind Machine Girl?

Personally, vocalist Matt Stephenson and drummer Sean Kelly seem to be human beings, but they act on stage as if their skyline looks are run and move to escape from the back of their outer bodies. See the article : Apple Music’s student scheme is getting more expensive in the US, UK and Canada.

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Does Machine Girl have a twitter?

Pitchfork on Twitter: & quot; Machine Girl’s (@machin3gir1) U-Void Synthesizer is intended to completely destroy you" / Twitter.

Who is behind Machine Girl? Machine Girl (sometimes packaged as machin3gir1) is an American electronic music project created in 2013 by Matt Stephenson in Long Island, New York. In 2015, the project became a duo, with Stephenson exploring the game of Sean Kelly to play stand -alone.

Is Machine Girl a girl?

DJ Machine Girl is the name for the production and DJ, Matthew Stephenson, and for their band Machine Girl, with drummer Sean Kelly. They make high -powered but secretive, computer hardcore, and divisive from the apocalypse into the future.

Does Machine Girl still make music?

Just a week off from their small tour in Mexico, Machine Girl is back on track to release their most iconic album. Ugly Art combines elements of many genres including house, breakbeat and punk, creating a future, apocalyptic, listening ear.

Where did Machine Girl get their name?

The band’s real name is borrowed from a Japanese film called Machine Girl, which is about a vengeful orphan girl with her handgun. But the name also represents the “female strength” that Stephenson wants people to express.

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