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I like to work, explore new opportunities, get out of my comfort zone, live a full and happy life, and spend time with my husband. I chose travel writing as my retirement so I could enjoy all of those things and live a happy life.

1. Travel With My Husband

My husband retired at age 67 after 42 years with the same company. He struggled with that decision for several years before setting a retirement date. To see also : 10 Video Game Weapons I Could Never Use. While he was trying to figure out his schedule, I was working on mine.

We knew we wanted to enjoy travel opportunities together, and since I was five years younger than him, I didn’t want to wait until I reached retirement age before leaving. nine to five. Travel was the driving factor in what kind of work I wanted for my third act. It had to allow us to travel together whenever we wanted, to live in warmer climates when the cold New England weather set in, and to enjoy traveling together when we were both. we are still in the age of walking.

There is no doubt that work in the travel industry was the first runner up. Adding up all the skills and reasons listed below, I knew that travel writing would be the perfect career for me to pursue in retirement.

Pro-Tip: I worked on my travel writing side for two years while my husband worked full time. I wanted to make sure I could make the change without affecting my income too much.

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2. Utilize My Marketing Background

My field of work is in Marketing. I was the Advancement Director for a private school. Most of my work was on writing and raising the annual fund. I have written letters, annual appeals, newsletters, website content, marketing collateral, annual reports and more.

Having the marketing skills required to write persuasive songs was the perfect training ground for writing compelling travel stories. Read also : High-tech summer: Garden gadgets to get the most out of outdoor living.

Pro-Tip: While working full-time, I made sure to save enough money to last me the first six months after I quit my regular day job. I needed that protection to help me continue comfortably.

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3. I Will Always Work

I am a workaholic. I like to work (most of the time). I have never seen myself unemployed. Read also : Prime Video at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. I chose my retirement career knowing that I could do well in my later years.

Now, I expect I won’t be posting travel and articles at the rate I currently do, but travel writing will always give me one thing – a good reason to travel.

I have so much travel on my bucket list that I look forward to traveling and making stories at any age, even into my 80s.

Pro-tip: Working out keeps your mind active and creative; giving you a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Find something you love to do because now is the time to love your job.

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4. Set My Own Schedule

Setting my own schedule is a big reason why I became a travel writer. After working in the development world where you have late-night web meetings, weekend meetings with potential suppliers, and mundane day-to-day tasks, it’s easy to burn out. I was tired of the time my work took away from my family.

As a travel writer, I often set my schedule first. I’m in my office every morning writing, planning, and documenting trips. It’s my dream job. After years of writing, I don’t believe in writer’s block. Have you ever heard of engineer’s block? Or a nurse’s place? No. You just need to start and go from there.

When I’m on press trips, the public relations (PR) team tells me where to go and when to go. But, in the end, I can decide if the trip is right for me. On a recent trip to Puerto Rico, a tourist board representative took us around the central mountains. This is great because you don’t have to plan or think, you just follow.

Pro Tip: You need to set aside time every day to write. Even if you don’t have a share. Writing is what makes you a writer. It is what makes your dreams come true.

5. Travel Expenses As Business Expenses

This is one of my favorite perks of being a travel writer. Usually, my travel is covered by PR firms, but sometimes it’s an out-of-pocket expense. When these travel expenses lead to travel stories, they can become business expenses.

Pro-Tip: Discuss your travel business with your accountant. They will help you with all the paperwork you need to comply.

6. Nomadic Lifestyle

The flexibility of my nomadic lifestyle is liberating! I mentioned a cold New England winter – more than that. We get to plan our winters in sunny places. This past year, we spent a few weeks in Hawaii and a month in South Carolina. It was nice not having to collect myself every time I walked out the door.

For example, while writing this story, I visited Cooperstown, NY, for a story about the Baseball Hall of Fame. I’m sitting on the porch of a charming B&B in Cooperstown. Yesterday, I was at a two-day, luxury retreat at Gilbertsville Farmhouse practicing goat yoga. Who retired? Not me – retirement is the best job.

Pro Tip: Deadlines still need to be met, however, as you’re making the story of Maui while sitting on a beautiful Maui beach, it’s not bad.

7. Press Trips And FAM Trips

Click Tours and FAM Tours (custom) are the best way to make your time and efforts pay off big.

When you go on a press trip with a group of writers, you’ll be exposed to information that the general public doesn’t have access to. This enables you to write from interesting and unusual angles. FAM tours can sometimes be just journalists or you and a travel companion.

Find your place. Choose three or four words that describe your writing skills. Keep your life on track – “I’m a travel writer focusing on 50 plus travel, local food, and great drinks. Stories and news coverage from the U.S. and beyond.”

Pro-Tip: Start locally with press tours. Know your local tourist board. This will allow you to make copies and information.

8. Seeing The USA

I’m a writer based in Boston and I write about what I know. These are easy articles to plan, produce and write. New England has been my playground for years. So, I often write about all the great places to eat, things to see, and experiences you can have in and around New England.

My goal is to see the USA. I have about ten states and a few places to explore. Keeping these facts in mind while planning trips helps me accomplish my goal of visiting all the states and territories.

Pro Tip: Keep it simple and write about what you know.

9. Foreign Country Exploration

I love Europe. I try to visit a few times each year. Like collecting countries, exploring new countries and places is important to me. I love the food, culture and history of Europe. That’s my thing. You have to find your thing.

Pro-tip: Find what’s important to you and pursue that dream.

I Love Being A Travel Writer

There is no doubt that this is my favorite job. I was never able to pursue travel writing while raising my family, but now that it’s just my hubby and I, it’s my never-ending hobby. Being a travel writer gives me a freedom I haven’t had in years. It’s freeing, exciting, and more fun than you can imagine.

“Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” said Dr. Seuss

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