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It is always a pleasure to be present for the start of the gold rush.

If you did not make Sutter’s Mill in 1848, consider the month of the 1990s, the subprime mortgage stampede of the mid-2000s and the ongoing legal fantasy of gambling. anon.

The chaos is always happening, but now we have just started the gold runner of the college athlete, and it looks fun.

Once the courts have finally decided that the college-time athletes are what they always were – unpaid employees – and have the right to sell their name, image and image. see in the open market, the doors of the mine open.

Here is just one example you need:

According to a report from, Miami quarterback Jaden Rashada has agreed to a $ 9.5 million NIL deal with Hurricane John Ruiz. It’s money to come to school and play, of course.

The top cherry, according to, calls itself a “college sports museum” and was started by the founders of, i.e. Rashada turned down even more money from Florida. The Gators’ request was reportedly $ 11 million.

Think about that. Rashada has not yet started his final year at Pittsburg High School (California), near Oakland, but his salary could be more than the number of NFL quarterbacks.

The 6-4, 185-pound, four-star man made the trip just two hours from Sutter’s Mill. But he found an easier way to get rich than by hunting down shiny rocks in a mountain stream.

Of course, Ruiz – the owner of LifeWallet and Cigarette Racing – came back with the huge amount of money he allegedly donated. On Monday, he said on Twitter: “’s report is incorrect as it relates to Jaden Rashada.”

Not wrong, remember, or determined. It is wrong.

So let’s not say it dropped by $ 1 million or so. Maybe for $ 2 million or $ 3 million, even. Great thing. And, for that matter, no one has rejected the Florida proposal.

Also, NIL’s largest business is considered a $ 8 million offer for five-star quarterback Nico Iamaleava, en route to Tennessee. The image of Iamaleava is also from, a website that may have hyperbole in its heart but is still riddled around in a college room.

The existing power struggles to keep it under control, of course, but allow the whole “amateur” / cartel system “to run as it pleases from the beginning of time, and now they pay for it.

These permit agreements are said to be unrelated to actual recruitment; ke che-che. It’s also a big laugh.

In April, Ruiz boasted on Twitter that he had just acquired a Kansas State basketball coach Nijel Pack to transfer to Miami for the ‘biggest LifeWallet contract so far, two years $ 800,000 totaling $ 400,000 per year as well as vehicle. Good luck !!! ”

Ruiz has already made money with more than 100 Miami athletes in several sports.

Oh, it’s crazy out there. What used to lead to an athlete being suspended, expelled from school and possibly even charged with a crime, is now the road to success.

Schools and the NCAA are still trying to make enforcement rules that will apply in the new world of athletic freedom, but they are not yet close. School by school, meeting by meeting, all is a meshmash of guidance and pure hope.

But the capitalist capital has already been liberated, and it has even dropped to high school. In December, Rashada signed a paid license agreement with an online device. That made him the first high school football player to form a NIL league.

Newly retired NCAA president Mark Emmert was an officer and an inexperienced man at the old school, like all the directors before him. He tried to put out a fire in the NCAA system of ‘‘ uneducated ’people until he realized he no longer had arms, legs or shovels.

Now the NCAA has what it has done: the unrestrained handling of liberated young athletes.

Remember when Alabama coach Nick Saban left Texas A&M coach Hali Fisher, he was furious that, ‘‘ A&M has bought every player in their team – they have made an agreement on name, image, structure. We did not buy a single player, right? ”

Laughter was right here. Clearly, Saban was enjoying the pre-NIL opportunity he had with him to recruit before more Texas oil was dumped all over the recruits. Also, as is Alabama clean?

However, your college studs now have real benefits.

What rank is Arch Manning?

247PlayOn3 Consensus
State of the country11
State of the country11
Status status11

Did Arch Manning decide? Arch Manning, the 1st employee in the 2023 class, announced Thursday that he intends to move to Texas. The caller is former nephew of former NFL players Eli and Peyton Manning.

Is Arch Manning a 5 star?

Arch Manning is a five-star player and a national No. 1 player. 1 in Group 2023, according to 247Sports Composite. Manning has a strong arm, he is quickly released and very accurate.

What class Is Arch Manning in?

AUSTIN, Texas â € ”It is music to the ears of Texas fans. This may interest you : 5 Ways Title IX Transformed School Sports (and More). Employer 1st class of 2023, quarterback Arch Manning is set for Texas Thursday.

Is Arch Manning a senior?

He is the son of Cooper Manning, the eldest son of Archie. Manning is a senior this year at Newman High, where his uncle and father played. To see also : UM Stephens College of Business Computer Informatics program changes name to Data Analytics. He is employed everywhere by national high schools including Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, LSU, Notre Dame and others.

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Who is Arch Manning dad?

How does Arch Manning relate to Eli Manning? A quarter of the family’s legacy is set to continue with Arch Manning – Archie’s grandson and nephew of Peyton and Eli – set to travel to the University of Texas on Thursday. This may interest you : Reducing hunger: Students build outdoor outdoor food | Cornell Chronicle.

Who is arch Mannings father?

Arch’s father, Cooper, is the oldest of Archie’s three sons.

Is Arch Manning related to Peyton Manning?

Arch Manning – one of the U.S. high school football players and former NFL player Peyton and Eli Manning – announced Thursday that he intends to play for Texas University in Austin next year.

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What colleges are recruiting Arch Manning?

& # xd83d; & # xdea8; 5 QB star Arch Manning commits to Texas over Alabama and Georgia (06/23) & # xd83d; & # xdea8; Cover 3 employees cheat on 2022 college football hiring news.

Which schools like Arch Manning? Arch Manning has several different schools that he seems to be interested in, and two of them are amazing, all things considered. The Georgia Bulldogs, Alabama Crimson Tide, and Texas Longhorns are all watched by Manning, and that shouldn’t scare anyone.

Where is Arch Manning planning on going to college?

The Longhorns of Texas have arrived a quarter from the Manning family. Five-star Arch Manning announced his commitment to the University of Texas in a tweet on Thursday.

What star recruit is Arch Manning?

Arch Manning is a five-star player and a national No. 1 player. 1 in Group 2023, according to 247Sports Composite. Manning has a strong arm, he is quickly released and very accurate.

Who is Arch Manning looking at?

Earlier, Cooper Manning’s son and Peyton and Eli’s nephew reduced his college enrollment to six schools: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Ole Miss and Texas. However, On3 reports that Mannings has been focusing on two very different schools: Georgia and Texas.

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Why did Arch Manning commit to Texas?

Manning could have gone anywhere. But after all his travels and research and his thoughts, he decided that Texas – a program that won only five games in 2021 – would be a great place to pursue that would be a memorable career. of college football.

Why is Arch Manning going to Texas? Manning could have gone anywhere. But after all his visits and research and thinking, he decided that Texas “program that won only five games in 2021” was the best place to pursue what would come. they are an unforgettable career in college football.

Is Arch Manning related to Peyton or Eli?

Arch Manning is the nephew of Peyton, Eli Manning Yup â € ”is the nephew of former NFL players Peyton and Eli Manning.

How is Arch Manning related to Archie Manning?

Who is Arch Manning? He is in the No. 1 position. 1 of the expectation of the 2023 college football enrollment team, and QB of Isidore Newman School in New Orleans. He is probably best known, however, as Peyton’s nephew and Eli Manning, and grandson of Archie Manning. Arch’s father, Cooper, is the oldest of Archie’s three sons.

Has Arch Manning committed to Texas?

Arch Manning commits to Texas: five-star quarterback, No. 1 generally eliminates hiring people. Arch Manning, the 1st player of the 247Sports’ Class of 2023, made big waves on Thursday by ending his hurricane career and announcing his commitment to Texas over Alabama and Georgia.

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