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The University of Montevallo’s Stephens College of Business has changed the name of the Computer Informatics Program to the Data Analytics System.

Dr. Amiee Mellon, interim dean of Stephens College of Business, said the change was made to more clearly reflect the curriculum.

Dr. Milad Jasemi, assistant professor of data analytics, and Dr. Shafqat Ali Shad, an assistant professor of data analytics and cybersecurity, said the name computer informatics did not give students any real idea about the program.

“With computer technology, the word itself is much harder for people to understand,” Shad said. “So the main purpose of this change is to help them understand what the big deal is about.”

“Most computer science offers something similar in the data science system, which is deep computer science. When people hear computer information, that’s usually what they think. value business. “

Apart from the name of the program, nothing else will change. This project will remain the highest quality program it has ever been.

“Data analytics is helping core liberal arts culture in Montevallo, where participatory courses can be taken by different student communities regardless of their size and background,” Shad said.

Mellon said the Data Analytics Project is looking for problem-solving students who are interested in using “big data” in solutions to solve business problems.

Potential work methods in this area include data analyst, data engineer, machine learning engineers, business intelligence and data expert. The work of computer science researchers is expected to grow 22% over the next 10 years from 2020 to 2030, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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