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City of Riverside is partnering with SoCal Adaptive Sports to offer first-time inclusive Adaptive Sports Clinics.

Education is offered to young people with all types of disabilities

The City of Riverside Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department is partnering with SoCal Adaptive Sports to offer two inclusive Adaptive Sports Clinics at the Reid Park / Ruth Lewis Community Center. The clinics offer ongoing registration through the months. Sessions are as follows:

These camps introduce participants to a variety of custom and other sports, including standing and wheelchair basketball, seated volleyball, hockey, archery, bocce, soccer. The camps also include arts and crafts.

Mike Rosenkrantz, CEO and co-founder of SoCal Adaptive Sports stated, “Working at Riverside Parks and Recreations helps us create more opportunities for people with disabilities to learn life lessons through sports, leading to a fulfilling life. This camp is based on having fun and understanding that having a disability does not limit one’s joy of life. “

Visit to sign up for Adaptive Sports Clinics. Classes are limited, so sign up early!

Contact: Edgar Servin, e-mail. Phone. 951-826-5449 or Michael J. Rosenkrantz at for more information on these camps

Comment s’investir dans l’humanitaire ?

Here are six ways to invest in solidarity throughout your career.

What is spontaneous sociology? This suggests that there are laws of the social world that are independent of the will of the individual. In philosophical terms, one would think that the social world has an imminent necessity.

Quel est le rôle d’un sociologue dans la société ?

In the human resources services or business training, the sociologist intervenes to carry out diagnostics, surveys on employees (satisfaction surveys for example), social audits, job analysts and proposing training places. .

Quelle est l’importance de la sociologie dans le domaine de l’éducation ?

The sociology of education has the objective of studying the school socialization process, the social determinants of school results and destinations, the pedagogical reports, the characteristics of educational institutions and staff, the relations and the positions of diplomas. This may interest you : Which women’s sport benefited most from Title IX?.

C’est quoi un sociologue ?

the sociologist studied all types of phenomena or social behaviors. To see also : Magic Johnson invests in a Metaverse game mashup of sports, esports, games and Web3. Among its many subjects of study: family, education, employment, politics, urban violence … To put it bluntly, this scientist applies a precise method.

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Quel organisme pour faire de l’humanitaire ?

Among them, the Red Cross intends to respect international humanitarian law, UNICEF’s fight for health, education and child protection, Amnesty International for human rights and so on.

Kommentar partir en mission humanitaire rémunérée? ➤ Volunteerism of International Solidarity (VSI) The VSI is a permanent program for volunteers to become foreign lenders to foreign NGOs, in order to benefit from their skills. These humanitarian missions are rewarded, in a way that is more or less consistent with the associations you are part of.

Qui bénéficie de l’aide humanitaire ?

Destined for poor populations, at war or under the effects of a natural disaster, humanitarian aid represents the ensemble of susceptible interventions to help these populations to fight hungersnød, diseases, the reconstruction of schools, housing, etc.

Comment faire pour partir faire de l’humanitaire ?

In order to carry out a humanitarian order mission abroad, you may need to obtain a medium- or long-term visa in advance (from 3 to 6 months in general). If you are under a voluntary contract, the body will accompany you during the visa application process.

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Comment faire pour faire une mission humanitaire ?

In order to carry out a humanitarian order mission abroad, you may need to obtain a medium- or long-term visa in advance (from 3 to 6 months in general). If you are under a voluntary contract, the body will accompany you during the visa application process.

Comment organizer une aide humanitaire? Present the Foreign Humanitarian Mission Program. Donate registration modalities (validity of passport, visa, vaccines, insurance, cost of the prize in chargeâ € ¦) Answer questions from volunteers, Verify the motivation of those who wish to enroll (individual maintenance)

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