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Magic Johnson has invested in SimWin Games, a combination of web3, games and e-sports.

Basketball tycoon Magic Johnson has invested in SimWin Sports, a digital sports league made up of teams with sports stars and celebrities, and bought a football and basketball franchise from SimWin. Other owners include Penny Hardaway, Jerry Rice, Marshall Faulk, LaMelo Ball and Mike Singletary.

“I’m very excited to be involved with SimWin, which is one of the hottest new business sectors and has a great team to lead,” Johnson said. “This multi-billion dollar business is about to start and the SimWin model is a great opportunity for sports fans to take part in this groundbreaking opportunity. I look forward to contributing to its growth and success.

However, this is not interesting with this announcement. Interestingly, Johnson is investing in a new and growing trend: a mix of gaming, sports, web3 and metaversion.

According to SimWin, the eSports League is “built on patented Web3 technology”, which is not just a game. “Owning each player offers a fun and unique business opportunity, participating in multiple leagues, earning salaries, performance fees, fantasy sports and aftermarket revenue,” says the company.

Crypto has crashed and NFTs are now booming, but the philosophies and technologies that drive web3 are just beginning. Combining them with the concepts of sports, e-sports, fantasy leagues and games is an attempt to create something that, like SimWorld of previous decades, you can play and develop strategies.

Although it creates value and earns revenue.

SimWin uses an “AI player performance model that allows any digital athlete to develop throughout the season – with atrophy and hot and cold streaks – and grow throughout their careers,” says the company. It is said to create “the most accurate simulation of traditional sports”, while also opening up revenue opportunities – according to the company, in real cold cash – and offering the opportunity to create and own the next “metasport superstar”.

“As a transcendent superhero, Magic has inspired people of all races, but especially black people,” said David J Ortiz, founder and CEO of SimWin Sports. “With his help, SimWin Sports is creating a sports metaverse that offers Showtime sports fans 24/7/365 so they never get lost.”

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