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Dying is inevitable. Leaving aside that sudden wave of existential horror, we are talking about video games, of course. You’re dying all the time. Sometimes they shoot you because you forget the bullets hurt. The second time you fall off a cliff because you forget gravity was a thing. It happens, we will not judge (we could judge…).

Some ways of dying are worse than others. They hurt at a level that is almost impossible to quantify. You may have fallen for the obvious trick and are now a damp red mass scattered across the walls. These deaths are truly the worst ways to die. Prepare for an incomparable substitute for shame.

5 Overcooking Your Potato – Every FPS Ever

This is the one that hurts the least, but it happens the most. You run around killing bushes like the murder god you were born for. Hurrying, sliding, sprinting and blasting – truly unstoppable. The game is coming to an end and you are sure to win soon. You can taste it – it stings your tongue.

You pull out the grenade, remove the pin, and get a little bloated. You think you can keep that hot potato longer than you really can and then, BANG. You cooked and blew yourself up for too long. Read also : Best Summer Movies to Stream on Amazon Prime Video. The worst part? If the game has a killing camera, you can even watch it do it again. The shame is incomprehensible.

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4 Being Launched Out Of A Staff By A Wizard – Amid Evil

Let me set the scene: you exist. Happily existing if you prefer to live in some kind of utopian fantasy. You go to work, maybe take an elegant baguette for lunch. You sit down, start your day, and then you die suddenly. You don’t realize it, but it happened.

How did this happen? It happened in the midst of evil. Some guy found a stick called the Heavenly Claw and thought it was an effective way to kill his enemies. What he does is miniaturize planets and stars and visit them around the room like interstellar rockets. On the same subject : There are several reasons why high -tech companies lay off employees. Sometimes it pulls the Earth through time and space and more. Oops – we all died and the guy probably missed a shot to make matters worse.

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3 The One Who Died To Cuckoos – Legend Of Zelda

The link from The Legend Of Zelda series is a mighty hero: he routinely travels through time and kills monstrous entities, sometimes even destroying gods. He’s a pretty dazzling man who doesn’t take nonsense from anyone. On the same subject : The Hidden Sci-Fi Gem on Main Video That You Must Watch. Hell, he is destined to reincarnate again and again and fight forever against the forces of darkness.

But he is not infallible. Link can die and in fact the official Zelda timeline has a timeline where Link dies. Of course, it depends on Ganon, but there is another timeline. We have all experienced this timeline. You went around the village and saw some cowards and decided to strike one with a sword. Hero of the time – demolished a dissatisfied flock of chickens. He feels bad every time.

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2 Cosmic Sandwich – Katamari Series

This is another weird one. There’s this weird man with a weird-shaped head controlling the universe. From time to time, he invites his miniature son to run around and collect random objects to create God knows what. At best, this alien will pick up all your trash – you know, clean up the house a little bit.

Worst case scenario? He decides to kill and twists whole people into an inevitable ball. This sphere is then taken into orbit, where everyone will either die horribly in the cold vacuum of space or survive, atomize and transform into something completely different. Maybe a planet-sized sandwich.

1 Death By Cock – Mass Effect Series

Players can’t help but die from their insatiable need to overheat. grenades? this is acceptable. A horde of chickens? This is a little silly, but we can omit you from time to time. And sometimes – sometimes you just burn yourself and stick it where you shouldn’t. This is exactly what happened to Morinth.

Commander Shepard was a bit horny, he remembered biting that Asari from the last match and finding a new … friend … to test his moves. He slips into the bedroom, pulls out his dingo, and immediately removes his soul, condemning the entire galaxy to a genocidal robot race. Thanks, mate, I appreciate that.

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Dumb Ways to Die (app) Otherwise he will crash and have his head cut off again. The old version could be & quot; turned off & quot; in the settings. In the new version, the player must touch the screen to make Stupet’s plane swing up and down between the clouds and the ground.

What are 10 Dumb Ways to Die?

Here are 10 stupid ways to die in the safest country in the world and how to avoid them.

  • Deviation from marked paths in geothermal areas. …
  • Climbing over obstacles. …
  • Ignoring closed traffic signs. …
  • Playing in the water on the dangerous Icelandic beaches. …
  • Trying to travel down the road in a storm. …
  • Embark on a glacier exploration on your own.

What is mortal life? A life that has no pleasure or purpose; living death.

What are examples of dumb ways to die?

And so they’ve come up with some compelling lyrics about several silly ways to die – toast out with a fork, do your own electrical work, have a rattle as a pet, sell both of your kidneys online, to name a few.

Are there dumb ways to die?

How many dumb ways to die games are there?

Enjoy 82 funny mini-games as you try to collect all the charmingly stupid characters for your train station, achieve high scores and unlock the famous music video that started it all.

How old is Joe YTTD?

Alice is imprisoned for the murder of Sou Hiyori. Joe’s birthday. Age 16 years.

When did dumb ways to die app come out?

Stupid ways of dying
Publisher (s)Playside Studios Metro Trains Melbourne (formerly) PopReach
PlatformsiOS, Android
RelaxiOS WW: May 6, 2013 Android WW: September 17, 2013

Who made the Dumb Ways to Die app? This game was made by Metro Trains Melbourne in Australia. The game has many sequels and spinoffs, the first of which was released on Android / iOS: Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games.

When was Dumb Ways to Die popular?

The campaign was also accompanied by a special Tumblr page that encouraged PSA to go viral. In 2012, it became the most shared video on the internet. Radio advertising also contributed to the spread of the message, which was why successful radio stations started broadcasting the song for free.

When did Dumb Ways to Die launch?

Dumb Ways to Die, the most shared public service notice (PSA) in the world, went online in November 2012. The public service campaign was launched by Metro Trains Melbourne to promote rail safety. The video about the security campaign went viral on YouTube and quickly spread across all social media.

Why was the game Dumb Ways to Die created?

Dumb Ways to Die, created in collaboration with Melbourne Metro for rail safety purposes, was a source of viruses in 2012. The goal was to draw attention to the stupid ways in which passengers endangered their lives – it collected more than 133,966,349 views and a series of prizes in the process.

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