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The US military is ready to secure new access to key bases in the Philippines New report finds US spends the most on health care but has the worst health outcomes among high-income countries The U.S. will end its COVID-19 emergency declaration on May 11 What the end of COVID-19 emergencies means in the United States Former Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, requests a six-month tourist visa to the United States Bolsonaro, Brazil’s former president, has applied for a tourist visa to the US Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro applied for a US visa Europe Doesn’t Need The United States Anymore The US has said that Russia is violating the nuclear arms control agreement Oil rises as US recession fears ease and dollar falls


$ 454,000, 154 White Pond Rd, Colo, Kevin W and Billings, Arthur E, to Busby, Stacey and Busby, Robert.

$ 415,000, 1764 Pleasant St, Rocha, Marcelo and Rios-Nieves, Vanessa, a Molina, Jessica and Martinez-Marrero, Jose. See the article : July Music, art at Grafton.

$ 270,000, 337 Crescent St, Baron, Danielle and Gosson, James, a Maki, Noah C and Martioski, Lisa A.

$ 242,000, 91 Brown St, Esmerlin-Garcia, Harlen, a Mcinerney, Darren P, and Mcinerney, Terry J.

$ 125,700, 837 Partridgeville Rd # 2D, Matthews Renee J East and Matthews, Michael C, in Dortch, Preston and Chalfin, April.

$ 20,000, 407 Pequoig Ave, Johnson, Terri M, to Johnson, Erik.

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$ 700,000, 4 Linden Ln, Oday Jr, John F, and Oday, Marlene J, to Wheelock, Danielle and Wheelock, Andrew. On the same subject : Fraud, Corruption and Controversy Over $ 500,000 in Urban Payments to City Officials.

$ 610,000, 46 Field St, Perron, Daniel J and Perron, Eileen J, a Johnson, Lindsay M, and Murtagh, Brian F.

$ 540,000, 262 Central St, Fazza Management Inc, to PRC Construction Co LLC.

$ 400,000, 31 Manor Rd, Pelletier, Paul A and Pelletier, Judith H, a Grady, John K and Grady, Melody M.

$ 320,000, 1 Francis St, Larsen Paul M Est and Arruda, Jane T, to Lade Investments LLC.

$ 272,000, 36 Central St, Deberadinis, Sebrina M and Anderson, Sean P, at 36 Ctrl Street Auburn LLC.

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$ 245,000, 361 Main St, Roth, Zachary and Roth, Natea, to Clarke, Anthony.

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$ 591,450, 19 Campbell Rd, Homes At Highland Rdg LLC, in Graunke, Bonnie A. To see also : We remember Mark Shield’s life, career and legacy.


$ 590,000, 96 Milk St, Morse, Robert J and Morse, Patricia A, in Lima, Marco C.

$ 520,000, 46 Farm St, Saillant Jr, Robert G, and Saillant, Angela, to Sebastian, Mariah E, and Stpeter, Geoffrey D.

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$ 1,275,000, 285 Long Hill Rd, Crowley, Joseph and Crowley, Corrin, to Pelletier Jr, Stephen D, and Pelletier, Kristine M.

$ 750,000, 323 Harvard Rd, Mccaffrey, John J and Mccaffrey, Kathryn F, a Dixon, Jeffrey D and Dixon, Andrea M.

$ 750,000, 434 S Bolton Rd, Gallerani, Barry J and Gallerani, Roberta A, to Richaey, Jeffrey W and French-Fuller, Katharine.

$ 749,000, 76 Woobly Rd, Wachtel RT and Wachtel, Mitchell J, in Spring, Anthony, and Spring, Ashley.

$ 720,000, 155 Sugar Rd, Simmons, Karen S and Simmons, Peter A, to Schwartz, Matthew R and Marrion, Valerie S.


$ 620,000, 22 Main St, Johnson, Eric W, to MJP Property Mgmt LLC.


$ 510,000, 140 Paige Hill Rd, Chen, Huijuan, to Edvalson, Samuel and Edvalson, Amy.


$ 432,000, 57 Molasses Hill Rd, Cooper, Jack M, a Showalter, Brooke E.

$ 130,000, 13 S Maple St, Rankfalla, Robert M, a Seymour 3rd, Herbert F.


$ 549,900, 34 Hycrest Rd, Modern Structures Inc, at Rampally, Vineelsaikumar and Aella, Srujana.

$ 310,000, 161 Old Worcester Rd, Lacava, Michael F and Allard, Alexa R, to Gevry, Timothy P.

$ 155,000, Berry Corner Rd, Mcintire Robert W Est, and Leal, Diane S, at A & amp; N RT, and Dipietro, Gina M.

$ 155,000, Southbridge Rd, Mcintire Robert W Est, and Leal, Diane S, at A & amp; N RT, and Dipietro, Gina M.

$ 70,000, 57 T Hall Rd, Burlingame, Stewart J and Burlingame, Alana R, at Prop Soln RE & amp; Contracting.


$ 1,600,000, 474 Main St, JD Commercial Prop LLC, to CIG 218 Shrewsbury LLC.

$ 1,600,000, 476 Main St, JD Commercial Prop LLC, to CIG 218 Shrewsbury LLC.

$ 1,600,000, 490 Main St, JD Commercial Prop LLC, to CIG 218 Shrewsbury LLC.

$ 580,000, 376 Green St, Filho, Paulo S and Barros-Almeida, Fabiana, a Kilduff, Sarah E, and Golokuma-Koffi, Chris W.

$ 490,000, 3 Mount View Dr, 3 Mount View RT, and Tomolo Jr, James A, a Mcniff, David M, and Mcniff, Molly C.

$ 485,000, 171 Fitch Rd, Suero, Emerson M and Suero, Maria M, in Zylyftari, Majlinda and Zylyftari, Ramadan.

$ 425,000, 604 Main St, Ken-Chris RT, and Slade, Christopher S, to KAB Properties LLC.

$ 425,000, 610 Main St, Ken-Chris RT, and Slade, Christopher S, to KAB Properties LLC.

$ 400,000, 260 Sterling St, Litterio, James M and Litterio, Mary V, in Dotson, Jamere.

$ 395,000, 4 Liberty St, Recchion, David A, and Recchion, Carol M, in Depaz, Julie.

$ 385,000, 4 View St, Gagnon, Phillip R and Gagnon, Raymond, to Paredes, Jaymy and Hernandez, Evelyn.

$ 365,000, 510 Ridgefield Cir #C, Anderson, Marc G and Anderson, Abigail E, to Corliss, Ryan S and Beane, Taylor.

$ 296,000, 18 Eagle Nest No. 331, Murphy, Laura A, a Maroney, Elizabeth A.


$ 685,000, 117 Perry St, Haringa, Matthew T and Haringa, Samantha M, in Padula, Scott and Padula, Katrina.

$ 150,000, Davis St, JA Taylor Const Co Inc, in Davis Street LLC.

$ 150,000, Monroe St (out), J A Taylor Const Co Inc, at Davis Street LLC.

$ 110,000, 31 Glen St, Merritt, Jean E, and Bemis, Glendon S, in Maccagnano, Lauren.

$ 80,000, 282 Yew St, Tetreault, Veronica, to Tetreault, Evan and Ainsworth, Kelsey.


$ 616,000, 6 Queen Cir, Vinenzio, Giancarlo F and Vinenzio, Sadie A, to Slanda, Tomasz and Slanda, Summer.

$ 420,000, 114 Hayden Pond Rd, Barnes, Matthew and Barnes, Megan, to Reschke, Joshua S and Reschke, Kristi V.


$ 550,000, 44-46 Nashua St, 44 Nashua St LLC, in Geraldo, Ousman F.

$ 480,000, 383-387 Summer St, Brownell, John and Brownell, Margaret, a Mei, Marlon R.

$ 420,000, 26 Chabot Dr, Jacobson, Calla, a Lizotte, Lori P.

$ 385,000, 240 Bridle Cross Rd # 240, Corrao, Gerald A and Corrao, Shirley A, a Mull, Daniel E and Mull, Kathleen M.

$ 330,000, 426 Rollstone St, Santiago, Reynaldo, in Garcia-Lugos, Arturo J, and Maldonado, Anabell S.

$ 325,000, 38 Pacific St, Benitez, Shane, a Kaiser, Christina.

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$ 230,000, 35 Bernadette St, Clifford Wayne East and Clifford, Curtis, to Rivernyle Properties LLC.

$ 30,000, Sheldon Rd, Dickhaut, Lesley, to Pomerleau, Timothy J.


$ 685,000, 315-317 Pleasant St, 315 Pleasant St LLC, to Millennium Hldg Group LLC.

$ 519,900, 1007 W Broadway, Paxton Development LLC, to Chen, Yan.

$ 505,000, 42 Bear Hill Rd, Hubbard, Diane, a Tramontin, Paola M, and Botnar, Alexander S.

$ 490,020, 258 Brookside Dr, Tanza, Melody A, a Tanza, John M, and Hakim, Emad R.

$ 350,000, 63 Holly Dr, Benard, Zachary T and Benard, Elizabeth M, to Spinelli, Richard and Curley, Rebecca.

$ 345,000, 283-285 Pine St, Nowlan, Mathieu, a Wasiuk, Edwin M.

$ 275,000, 45 Nichols St, Trainor, Chelsea M, and Trainor, Autumn, to Kane, Emily S, and Kane, Michael J.

$ 135,000, 53 Ridgewood Ln # 8, Mccann, Timothy M, to Aponte, Jose and Aponte, Bryana.

$ 50,000, 68 Acadia Rd, Richard, Patrick J, to Bassett, Todd.


$ 950,000, 10 South St, Giddens, Daniel W and Giddens, Alana F, to Connor, Maria and Moreno, Luis.

$ 630,000, 4 Apple Ridge Ln, March, John B, and Holt, Elizabeth T, in Penrice, Melanie.

$ 475,000, 20 Daffodil Coach # 20, Roy, Nancy J, in Bhanegaonkar, Abhijeet.

$ 452,000, 41 John Dr # 41, Godberson, Kari-Ann, in Dodla, Srinivias and Dodla, Lahari.

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$ 410,000, 131 North St, Cerasoli LT, and Cerasoli, David P, in Brouillard, Jayson R.

$ 380,000, 86 N Main St, Kalette, Jake and Boucher, Sarah, to Powers, Shaun and Powers, Lisa.

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$ 420,000, 55 Princeton St, Winn, Justin T and Winn, Rebecca L, a Hummer, Caitlin G and Mchugh, Bryan M.

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$ 319,734, 183 Dutcher St, Fantoni, Bianca and Midfirst Bank, in Midfirst Bank.


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$ 570,000, 6 Orchard Dr, Clark Elizabeth C East, and Jeffrey, Marie E, to Griffin, Owen J, and Griffin, Erin J.


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$ 300,000, 2 bags Dr, Daige FT and Daige, John, to Daige, Patricia.

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$ 536,000, 290 Howard St, Bernatchez, Francis M and Bernatchez, Diane M, to Gatson, David W, and Gatson, Linda I.

$ 498,000, 798-802 West St, Thibault, Richard and Thibault, Stacey, in Godinho, Decius.

$ 275,000, 115 Mulpus Rd, Twin Valley Homes Inc, at 67 Mulpus Road RT and Leblanc, Brian.

$ 270,000, 44 Oak Ave # 44, Proctor, Mark W, and Proctor, Ann M, to Crory, Courtney W.


$ 750,000, 21 Thompson Dr, Amin, Ahmed Z and Khan, Nusrath J, a Lapierre, Jimmy J and Veilleux, Genevieve M.

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$ 597,000, 251 Essex St, Ignachuck, Glenn and Baker, Victoria L, in Garg, Piyush.

$ 552,107, 576 Boston Post Rd E # 3, Decorex Inc, at 27 Wilson LLC.

$ 552,107, 576 Boston Post Rd E No. 4, Decorex Inc, to 27 Wilson LLC.

$ 552,107, 576 Boston Post Rd E No. 5, Decorex Inc, to 27 Wilson LLC.

$ 442,893, 576 Boston Post Rd E No. 1, Decorex Realty LLC, to 27 Wilson LLC.

$ 442,893, 576 Boston Post Rd E No. 2, Decorex Realty LLC, to 27 Wilson LLC.

$ 395,000, 27 Wilson St, Decorex Inc, to 27 Wilson LLC.

$ 377,000, 849 Boston Post Rd E # 7B, Hourani, Jordan, to Santos, Marcella L.

$ 180,000, 15 Red Spring Rd, Red Spr Rd Hmowners Assn, up to 15 Red Spring Road T and Trubetskaya, Svetlana.


$ 780,000, 6 Tower Rd, Malenfant, Eric and Gabbard, John P, a Derrico, Nicholas J and Derrico, Collette M.

$ 570,000, 68 Mowry St, Chaw-Thien, Chee and Alpano, Ellen F, in Dauphin, Stephanie S.

$ 300,000, 8 8 Rod Rd, Matthews, Michelle, in Loja-Llivicota, Maria and Castro-Loja, Manuel.


$ 595,000, 52 Mount Pleasant St, Saniuk, Chester and Saniuk, Janet L, a Decarvalho, Gabriel O and Decarvalho, Walter J.

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$ 481,000, 4 Kellett Dr, Domsky, Rosalba, a Delacruz, Henry O and Menacho, Deisy D.

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$ 425,000, 435 E Main St, Capuzziello, Robert P, and Capuzziello, Stephen A, to Poillucci, Nicholas A.

$ 420,000, 182 E Main St, Moutinho, Jaime D, to Darn Properties LLC.

$ 409,000, 12 Dell Ann Cir # 12, Pinto, Christian A and Silva, Chalana T, a Dasilva-Junior, Elias M.

$ 408,000, 23 Lee St, Kimball, Jennifer, to Edwards, Allyson and Edwards, Andrew C.

$ 285,000, 15 Shadowbrook Ln no. 1, Geanuracos, Patricia M, in Ashraf, Syed M and Jafri, Syedtaha.

$ 265,000, 10 Shadowbrook Ln # 45, Ahmed, Siraj U and Ahmed, Hasina A, in Ayres, Aldemir A and Anastacio, Iracema O.


$ 447,604, 13 Clearview Ter # 69, Czervik Properties LLC, to Bloom, Alex K.

$ 441,726.15 Clearview Ter no. 68, Czervik Properties LLC, to Krow, Ronald J, and Krow, Sally J.

$ 439,866, 17 Clearview Ter # 67, Czervik Properties LLC, in Sucahyadi, Survy.

$ 427,500, 26 Millbury Ave, Lowbridge, Jackson M, and Lowbridge, Jillian M, to Tervo, Chelsea B, and Tervo, Bradley W.

$ 380,000, 31 Oakes Cir # 31, Moravia, Michel E, and Moravia, Lyndia, to Cohen, Marla and Puzzo, Nicole.

$ 357,000, 7 Marion Ave, Martin 3rd, Stanley and Martin, Cindy M, in Barbieri, Matthew J and Hynes-Barbieri, in Brittany.

$ 333,000, 16-A & amp; B School St, HAF LLC, in Dagle, Zachary.


$ 780,000, 364 Chestnut Hill Rd, Lima, Marco C, in Chery, Chantal.

$ 410,000, 10 Preston St, Condon FT, and Condon, Richard G, in Barraford, Thomas J, and Barraford, Jane R.

North Brookfield

$ 444,900, 1 Mad Brook Rd, Valley, Jennifer H, to Griebner, Margaret R.


$ 837,000, 336 Howard St, Caterino, Jason and Caterino, Sharon, to Schaffer, Daniel S and Schaffer, Irina L.

$ 575,000, 31 Jefferson Rd, Lourenco Jr, Armando J, a Silva, Maria D.

$ 525,000, 223 Whitney St, Fleming, Bruce, a Sanchioni, James N and Kaswandik, Megan E.

$ 425,000, 11 Hillside Rd, Sdare LLC, to Ramos, Rosemary and Hawthorn, Lloyd.


$ 719,900, 380 Rebecca Rd, J&F Marinella Dev Corp, to Fletcher, Gary W, and Fletcher, Kimberly A.

$ 707,000, 25 Windstone Dr, Sims, Matthew J and Sims, Teresa K, a Viele, Glenn J and Viele, Joan F.

$ 605,000, 271 Marston Rd, Cannon, David P and Cannon, Alicia M, to Hogler, Jeremy and Hogler, Nellie.

$ 570,000, 128 Samuel Dr, Sweck, Christopher M, and Sweck, Ann E, a Calderon, Robert A, and Calderon, Megan L.

$ 549,900, 46 Puddon St, J&F Marinella Dev Corp, in Patel, Maulik and Patel, Jaxa.

$ 322,500, 2233-2235 Providence Rd, Dalio Properties LLC, at 4e Realty LLC.

$ 239,000, 5 Grove St, Fraser, Robert L and Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr, to BD Homes LLC.


$ 275,000, Hunt Rd #AR, Ciccarelli, Thomas E, to Ahearn Realty LLC.


$ 340,000, 455 Tully Rd, Blake, Kevin P and Blake, Kim L, to Gosson, James and Gosson, Danielle.


$ 742,000, 85-A Millbury Rd, Mecalf, Paul R and Mecalf, Robin D, to Evans, Valerie and Evans, Michael.

$ 550,000, 12 Charlton St, Forgione, Julie, to Chapter 7 Rlty Corp.

$ 450,000, 21 Hall Rd, Rookey, Kevin J, Todd, Jonathan P and Todd, Angela M.

$ 379,000, 22 Hall Rd, Todd, Jonathan P and Todd, Angela M, a Higgins, Thomas D, and Higgins, Sabrina E.

$ 180,000, 24 Thayer Pond Dr # 16, Li, Karen, in power, Kelly.

$ 178,000, 4 Thayer Pond Dr # 18, Mancuso, Peter, to Stefan, Corey F.

$ 150,000, 24 Thayer Pond Dr # 15, Kohl, Aaron A and Kohl, Kathryn T, a Rand, Caroline B.


$ 294,500, 211 Popple Camp Rd, Malmquist, Rodney J, to Vandelinder, Emma R and Obrien, Colin.


$ 430,000, 70 The Cmn, Blake, Todd T, to Nowicki, Danielle M and Nowicki, Steven.

$ 125,000, 1 King Rd, Comerford, James L, to Wilson, James H and Daley, Donna.


$ 116,000, Mountain Rd # 42D, Italian Jr, William S, a Purposeful Realty LLC.


$ 375,005, 7 Central Tree Rd, Obrien, Jacqueline I, a Bongovio, Thomas J and Bongovio, Stephanie M.

$ 325,000, 33 Highland Park Rd, Belanger, Devyn, to Aucoin, Jason and Aucoin, Lisa.


$ 1,450,000, 20 Birch Ln, Flint, John K and Flint, Donna J, a Mitra, Saoli and Roy, Saswata D.

$ 850,000, 5 Water St, Patnaude, Thomas R, a Stalcup, George L, and Stalcup, Alane M.

$ 765,000, 40 Rawson Hill Dr, Moore, Nigel S, at Beach, Zachary and Beach, Kayla.

$ 700,000, 21 Knollwood Dr, Anna D Demango FT and Senecal, Cheryl L, a Fernandez, Arnulfo U and Urrego-Diaz, Nancy.

$ 537,500, 46 Shady Lane Ave, Ahlstrand, Anne M, Pereira, Jennifer M, and Aronian, Michael.

$ 495,000, 37 Main Cir, Peto Francis Est, and Lipka, Stephen, a Margadonna, Brady B.

$ 480,000, 61 Crescent St, Mwase, Andrew and Mwase, Irene, in Vakerych, Tetiana and Vakerych, Alla.

$ 470,000, 6 Vega Dr, Alptekin, Selim C and Alptekin, Ayse, a Hsu, Yen-Hao and Lai, Yu-Chia.

$ 375,000, 716-R South St, Birch Brush RT and Shamsuddin, Khaja, to Aziz, Abdul R and Qureshi, Marium.

$ 375,000, 718-R South St, Birch Brush RT and Shamsuddin, Khaja, to Aziz, Abdul R and Qureshi, Marium.


$ 1,070,000, 49 Woodbury Rd, Fiore, David M and Fiore, Karen L, in Trivedi, Manhar and Kalia, Kanika.

$ 900,000, 9 Reservoir Dr, Harvey, E Brian and Harvey, Eileen C, Sacco, David J.

$ 720,000, 30 Maplecrest Dr, Cheeseman, Sarah H and Abraham, Elizabeth, to Zhang, Yuhua and Liu, Weiwei.


$ 416,160, 153 Marcy St, M2M Realty LLC, to Jil Properties Group LLC.

$ 380,000, 6 Maggie Ln, Gaboury, Leo and Gaboury, Annette T, in Rojas, Severiano and Lopez, Salorin.

$ 355,000, 555 Dennison Dr, Keith Lapierre RT and Anglim, Carol, ad Aponte, Niva A.

$ 336,600, 66 E Main St, Tran, Quoc B and Hunyh, Pho T, at Hsil Property Mgmt LLC.

$ 145,000, 44 Maria Ave # B3, Robinson, Samantha C, a Pagan, Analis M.


$ 1,000,000, 20 Adam Taylor Rd, Corbin B Lane 2015 T, and Lane, Corbin B, to Salvatore, Bryan and Salvatore, Stephanie P.

$ 850,000, 9 Deborah Ln, Wright Hunter 2005 FT and Wright, David E, in Peterson, Erin.

$ 430,000, 81 Meetinghouse Hill Rd, Pingeton, Jeffrey G, in Boutwell, Brian R.


$ 327,500.43 Betsy Ross Cir No. 43, Hatch, Joyce E, to Carr, William and Carr, Laurie.


$ 520,000, 136 Burbank Rd, Raptis, Christina E, to Antoniou, Julia and Brault, Nicholas.

$ 26,000, Town Farm Rd # 1, Whittier Farms Inc, to Whittier, Diana N, and May, Brett T.


$ 1,325,000, 642 Patriots Rd, New Eng Agriculture Tech, to SG Templeton LLC.

$ 600,000, 642 Patriots Rd, Patriot Rlty Ent LLC, to New Eng Agriculture Tech.

$ 510,000, 24 Pail Factory Rd, Ward, Matthew R, to Vanderhamm, Jon and Vanderhamm, Meghan M.

$ 295,000, 19 Columbus Ave, Beane Irrev Residence T, and Beane, Raymond, to Williams, Grant and Williams, Casey.


$ 225,000, 894 Burt Hill Rd, Polzun, Camellia W, to Crochiere, Catherine.


$ 405,000, 51 Ash St, Marcotte, Joseph M and Marcotte, Dana S, to Edwards, Demarise and Quintiliani, Carmen.

$ 400,000, 7 Gilchrist Rd, Hudson, Richard and Hudson, Diane, to Pynn, Alex M, and Robarge, Ashley V.

$ 115,000, 231 Townsend Hill Rd, Shread Jr, James F and Shread, Adam C, to Daisem LLC.


$ 925,000, 96 Fowler St, Kutzer, John C and Kutzer, Pamela D, in Figueroa, Alexander.

$ 820,000, 15 Grafton Rd, England, Brent and England, Sarah, to Salazar, Ricardo and Salazar, Liliana M.

$ 650,000, 84 Glen Ave, Joyce, Jennifer L, to Goodman, John L.

$ 601,000, 43 Cider Mill Ln, Peters, Heather A and Peters, Daniel A, to Calder-Miller, Lori.

$ 550,000, 133 Chestnut St, Palmaccio, Anita and Martin, Jeanne M, to Earl, Kevin and Earl, Kara.

$ 480,000, 30 Pleasant St, Reliable Hm Soultions, to Oconnor, Patrick L, and Allen, Danielle N.


$ 950,000, 27 Gary Ln, Bibeault, Roger J and Bibeault, Donna A, to Hughes, Christopher and Hughes, Kathrine.

$ 649,900, 28 Gervais Way, TTK Real Estate LLC, to Kon, Jessica L.

$ 540,000, 95 Mill St, Andrews FT and Reese, Jill A, to Desruisseaux, Bradley and Desruisseaux, Tracy.

$ 340,000, 506 Hazel St, AIT Cousins ​​Realty LLC, to Bousquet, Brandon C and Siegel, Anastasia.


$ 315,000, 105 Gilbertville Rd, Robbins, James R, and Robbins, Shannon, to Kendrick, Ross E, and Kendrick, Joanne J.

$ 250,000, 12 Pine St, Galford, Kathleen A and Mongeau, Evelyn A, in Deoliveira, Allessandra.

$ 170,000, 97 Pleasant St, Drigo, Chad T, in Walsh, Jared.


$ 310,000, 74 Union St, Blue Star Properties LLC, in Andrawis, Kirols.

West Boylston

$ 571,000, 198 Goodale St, Bebas NT, and Babas, Janine T, a White, Hannah M, and White, Jeffrey C.

$ 559,000, 7 Almanac Way, Lockwood, Philip R and Lockwood, Rochelle P, to Vogel, Robert.

$ 430,000, 139 Woodland St, Dellasanta Bruno D East and Dellasanta, Debra, in Ashwell, David C and Ashwell, Lessa.

$ 389,900, 88 Shrewsbury St, Ahearn, Jeanette L, and Curtis, Kimberly J, Goguen, Kyle R, and Belanger, Brittany A.

$ 210,000, 528 Prospect St, Ekstrom, Randolph and PHH Mortgage Corp, in Moura, Jorge.

West Brookfield

$ 350,000, 15 Westwood Ter, Fountain & amp; Sons Const Co, in Coburn-Kiefer, Alicia A.

$ 315,000, 105 Gilbertville Rd, Robbins, James R and Robbins, Shannon, to Kendrick, Ross E, and Kendrick, Gary P.


$ 1,230,000, 82 Ruggles St, Horn, Scott L and Horn, Kelly L, a Loke, Chetan and Kochavara, Shilpa.

$ 1,185,000, 5 Cook St, Gulukota, Sugunakar and Marupaka, Radha R, in Ahuja, Prashant and Ahuja, Shivani.

$ 760,000.20 Neglects Dr. Chiodetti, William A, in Nikbakht, Hamid.

$ 690,000, 12 Armstrong Dr, Burnham Carole East and Burnham, Mark S, to Kasala-Hallinan, Megan and Smith, Paul.

$ 680,000, 11 Haskell St, Uhlman, Dennis P and Uhlman, Patricia A, to Sibley, Scott and Pan, Sharon.

$ 663,470, 1412 Peters Farm Way No. 1412, Pulte Hm of New Eng LLC, to Finn, Deborah R, and Sherman, Charles T.

$ 581,765, 1213 Peters Farm Way No. 1213, Pulte Hm of New Eng LLC, in Dali, Sanjiv V, and Dali, Vrishali S.

$ 535,220, 1310 Peters Farm Way No. 1310, Pulte Hm of New Eng LLC, to Wynott, John R and Wynott, Maryann.

$ 478,930, 1205 Peters Farm Way No. 1205, Pulte Hm of New Eng LLC, to Joyal, Cynthia A.

$ 415,000, 2 Park St # 1A, 723 Enterprises LLC, in Mathieu, Justine.

$ 401,775, 1203 Peters Farm Way No. 1203, Pulte Hm of New Eng LLC, a Small, Bernadine C.

$ 377,035, 1204 Peters Farm Way No. 1204, Pulte Hm of New Eng LLC, in Mitter, Sanjay.

$ 375,000, 2 Park St # 1B, 723 Enterprises LLC, to Bibo, Ryan A.

$ 375,000, 24 Gleason St, Birch Brush RT and Shamsuddin, Khaja, to Aziz, Abdul R and Qureshi, Marium.

$ 360,000, 4 Robin Rd, Rumao, Vijay L and Rumao, Stevina V, in Oneil, Cailin.

$ 350,000, 2 Park St # 2A, 723 Enterprises LLC, in Trang, Irene.

$ 325,000, 2 Park St # 2B, 723 Enterprises LLC, to Brown, Kristen and Heffernan, Michael G.


$ 260,000, 178 N Common Rd, Rodriguez, Kevin and Rodriguez, Rebekah A, Arsenault, Maria and Arsenault, Daniel.

$ 95,000, Bathrick Rd, RJ Davenport & amp; Sons LLC, to Ward, Jason and Ward, Angie.


$ 400,000, 49 Spruce St, Lilac Homes LLC, in Scalese, Stephen J and Nano, Rovena.

$ 365,000, 36 Bayberry Cir, Johnson, Charles L, and Witt, Stephanie, a Vanhillo, Jacob M, and Roy, Johnna L.

$ 246,500, 86 Hill St, Whitney Jr, James B, to Alisauskas, Jeffrey.

$ 170,000, 50 Glenallen St, Anderson, Debra A, to David, Bruce.

$ 90,000, 179 Alger St, Mcqueston, John E, a Mcqueston, Johary D.

$ 14,900, 483 Lakeview Dr, Kjornes, Donald, to Kaplan, Jennifer and Farrell, Robert.


$ 5,000,000, 3 Chestnut St, 3 Chestnut Invs LLC, to SRA 3 Chestnut MA LLC.

$ 700,000, 631 Franklin St, Travaglio, John M and Travaglio, Theresa, to Premier Inv Prop LLC.

$ 600,000, 34 Granville Ave, TMDA Real Estate LLC, in Casado, Cesar M.

$ 590,000, 43 Pine Tree Dr, Montanez, Felix and Montanez, Yolimar, to Doherty, Riley J.

$ 580,000, 147 Newton Ave N, Highland T Indenture LLC, in Lightbourne, Taber C, and Berman, Alan.

$ 577,000, 37 Bonnybrook Rd, Barrett Jr, Thomas R, in Khatiwada, Pampha and Khatiwada, Som.

$ 560,000, 51 Beechmont St, Beaudry, Joanne M, a Landers, Patrick M.

$ 547,500, 6-8 Billow St, Delrosso, Steven L and Delrosso, Gail R, in Dossantos-Vidal, Murilo.

$ 545,000, 171 Ludlow St, Rob Judson contractor, in Sun, Sophary and San, Kanel.

$ 485,000, 47 Jacques Ave, Ushkurnis, Michael P, in Nieves-Adorno, Orlando.

$ 480,000, 172 Gates Ln, SNG Homes Inc, in Salvadore, Bailey.

$ 450,000, 27 Electric St, Caissie, Sandra L, and Caissie, Robert J, a Shelby, Christopher I, and Buonopane, Amanda D.

$ 450,000, 355 Lincoln St, Rodriguez, Junior and Rodriguez, Angelica, in Kawagga, Shakirah.

$ 445,000, 3 Green Farms Rd, Henderson, Brittany N and Rodriguez, Susana, a Grenon, Robert J and Grenon, Laurie W.

$ 432,100, 30 Westview Rd, Polissack, Francine H, at Avenue, Tyler and Avenue, Brittany.

$ 429,000, 120 Malden St, Vuong, Hung, to Dizon, Princess M.

$ 429,000, 3 Calmia St, Germain, Russell T, in Kola, Sonila.

$ 420,000, 86 Blithewood Ave, Dagnese FT 2017, and Dagnese, Genova M, a Beleno-Carney, Elena C.

$ 410,000, 4 Lansing Ave, Call, Manuel J, and Call, Maria E, a Drake, Justin J, and Farias, Pamela D.

$ 410,000, 76 Hillcroft Ave, White, Jeffrey C, and White, Hannah M, a Brochu, Ike T, and Brochu, Kelly J.

$ 400,000, 50 Firglade St, Gurung, Ran and Gurung, Usha, in Decattabriga, Carolina.

$ 397,000, 87 Barnard Rd, Si Joli Inc, to Sultani, Khaled A.

$ 390,000, 57 Dustin St, Chang, Chien-I and Wei, Hua-Jung, in Huang-Truong, Lanting.

$ 375,000, 50 Waterford Dr # 50, Cardelle, Alberto J and Cardelle, Rachel A, in Mansouri, Maria.

$ 375,000, 62 Progressive St, Davis, Jeanne L and Spencer, George K, to Benson, Monika and Prokopiuk, Krystyna.

$ 372,000, 33 Santoro Rd, Irizarry, Noeliz A, to Eliopulos, George C.

$ 370,000, 93 Massasoit Rd, Gailor, Dartulah M, in Moise, Pierre and Volcy, Marie.

$ 367,000, 79 Andrews Ave, Champagne, Cheryl M, a Rosa-Morillo, Carols P, and Curiel-Capellan, Silvia R.

$ 361,000, 19 Wayside Rd, Oxsco LLC, to Kok, Yu J.

$ 360,000, 25 Valmor St, Viere Investments LLC, in Ofancher, Wilhelmina N.

$ 360,000, 59 Greendale Ave, Kmon, Edward R and Kmon, Laureen M, to Ali, Farman.

$ 355,000, 13 Victor Ave, Coe, Jaquaine L, to Sinclair, Evan and Kepner, Kathleen.

$ 350,000, 48 Atlanta St, Robinson Jr, Stephen W, and Robinson, Melanie, a Grzesik, Peter M, and Grzesik, Jessica A.

$ 345,000, 1 envelope Ter # 101, N Orma LLC, to Ito, Christopher J.

$ 338,000, 31 Blithewood Ave # 903, Mclaughlin, Mark, and Wenderoth, Melissa, to Murphy, Matt A.

$ 330,000, 27 Airlie St, Hilli, William J and Hilli, Lisa A, at 27 Airlie Street LLC.

$ 327,500, 24 Heroult Rd, Milan, Michael, a Brondyk, Tyler W, and Brondyk, Adila R.

$ 325,000, 12 Elton St, Blinn, Amanda B and Blinn, Scott D, in Dolma, Tenzin and Jiata, Zhima.

$ 325,000, 60 Ledgecrest Dr, Gilchrist, David B and Gilchrist, Cammie B, to Mensah, Esther and Baidoo-Smith, John.

$ 324,000, 43 Delawanda Dr, White RT and Gurlitz, Kathleen A, in Ortiz, Edlin.

$ 320,000, 74 Westborough St, Osorio, Jorge I, and Echeverry, Astrid E, to Miranda, Tyler J.

$ 300,000, 157 Apricot St, Senior Nancy E East and Marotta, Anthony M, in Nguyen, Lang and Nguyen, Nguyet.

$ 285,000, 109 Bowker St, Hynes, Brittany, and Barbieri, Mathew J, a Odonnell, Kate E, and Wilkens, Anthony R.

$ 285,000, 41-A Timrod Dr, Tivnan, Joanna M, in Dambadarjaa, Ulziiburen.

$ 280,000, 25 Andover St # G1, Panagiotidis, Anastasia E, to Kap, Michelle.

$ 235,000, 199 Perry Ave # 4, Jedrzejczyk, Artur, to Lopez-Toro, Diana C.

$ 200,000, 3 Hampton St, Gold Star Builders Inc, in Flynn, Jesse A.

$ 185,000, 28 Creston St, Kendrick Derrick L East and Marengo, Mary, a Perry, Alison M.

$ 180,000, 23 Gediminas St # 23, Stearns, Michael A, a Hackett, Mollie K.

$ 151,000, 67 Illinois St # 108, Vander-Ploeg, Jessica L, a Ni, Qihui.

$ 150,000, 192 Greenwood St, Mitis Ethel M East, and Turner, James E, to Turner, Earl J.

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