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Netflix customers seem to have a hate-love relationship with the industry’s largest subscription streamer.

Netflix remains the most indispensable service among major streaming platforms, with 31% of US members saying they would keep the service if they could only have one video subscription, according to Whip Media’s 2022 Streaming Satisfaction Report. In second place is HBO Max, where 19% say it is the single SVOD they would keep.

In addition, Netflix ranks No. 1 for both user experience and content recommendations on the survey. But on perceived value, it comes deadly among the nine tracked subscription VOD services; HBO Max ranks highest and Disney + is in second place.

Source: Whip Media 2022 Streaming Satisfaction Report

The survey measured customer satisfaction with Netflix, Disney +, HBO Max, Apple TV +, Hulu, Peacock, Paramount +, Amazon’s Prime Video and Discovery +. For the survey, Whip Media, an entertainment data and analytics provider, asked 2,460 US users of its TV Time app.

Although Netflix had the top spot in the Whip Media 2022 survey as the only must-have service, it dropped 10 percentage points compared to the company’s 2021 survey, while HBO Max and Disney + both made progress from last year.

Netflix’s move to raise prices earlier this year – where the Standard two-stream plan rose 11% to $ 15.49 / month in the US – was the main reason customers said they canceled their subscription: 69% of previous Netflix customers said the price increases led them to drop the service, according to the Whip Media survey.

HBO Max, now part of Warner Bros. Discovery, is a leader in overall customer satisfaction, with 94% of respondents saying they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the service. Netflix, which was number two overall in 2021, falls to fourth place this year (with 80%) behind Disney + (88%) and Hulu (87%).

Apple TV + achieved the biggest increase in customer satisfaction in 2022, rising 14 percentage points to 76%, and jumping ahead of services like Prime Video, Peacock and Discovery +, according to the survey.

Source: Whip Media 2022 Streaming Satisfaction Report

HBO Max leads in satisfaction for the quality of original content and variety of original content. Both Paramount + and Peacock achieved modest gains in satisfaction compared to last year. Consumers see the quality of Paramount +’s original series on par with the Hulus. Peacock ranks lower, but its library – run by previous seasons of NBC’s “The Office” – is a strength of the service.

The Whip Media report is based on a survey of 2,460 US TV Time app users ages 18-54 from April 29 to May 4, 2022.

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Who has more subscribers Hulu or Netflix?

Number of titles / channels15,000+REACH
Number of simultaneous streamsFireThaw
User profilesFiveSix
Offline viewingYesYes

Does Netflix or Hulu have more subscribers? The winner and still champion: Netflix ended 2021 with 221.8 million global paid subscribers.

Which TV streaming service has the most subscribers?

Netflix remains the most popular streaming service with 222 million subscribers This may interest you : NBCUniversal, Google’s leading campaigner to partner with Netflix for its ad support program – WSJ.

  • Netflix. 221.8 million global subscribers.
  • Amazon Prime video. 175 million Prime members have streamed shows / movies in the past year.
  • Disney 118.1 million global subscribers.
  • ViacomCBS. …
  • Hulu. …
  • HBO Max. …
  • Apple TV …
  • Peacock.

Is Netflix the biggest streaming service?

At the moment, Netflix is ​​still the largest streaming service, it goes without saying. According to Statista, there were 221. Read also : Video games don’t always need live-action adaptations.64 million paid subscribers to Netflix in the first quarter of 2022.

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What is the largest video streaming platform *?

YouTube is probably the most popular video streaming platform on the market. See the article : Uncharted with Tom Holland will hit Netflix in July 2022.

What are the 5 best streaming TV services? Our best rating of live TV streaming services

  • # 1 YouTube TV.
  • # 2 Hulu Live TV.
  • # 3 fuboTV.
  • # 3 Sling TV.
  • # 5 Philo. # 6 DirecTV Stream.

What is the most popular online video service?

The most popular video hosting site is YouTube, 2 billion active until October 2020 and the most comprehensive catalog of online videos. There are some countries in the world that place restrictions on YouTube, instead of having their own regional video sharing sites.

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What factors attract consumers to streaming services?

Across each generation, subscription costs and the quality of video content are the most important factors when consumers choose a streaming service. Other important features include the flexibility to cancel their subscription at any time and the availability of free content.

Why do consumers like streaming services? Cost and convenience are mentioned as the two main reasons why people use streaming services. More than half (58.5%) state that streaming services are cheaper than cable / satellite, and a third say that streaming is more convenient for on-demand programming than cable / satellite services.

What factors influence consumers to use online streaming services?

Such factors may include cost, media options, usability, social trends, gender, and age.

What are consumers looking for in streaming services?

The majority of responses focused on content mixing, but covered a wide range of preferences, including a desire for: more choice, better quality content, older shows, newer shows, deeper libraries of movies and TV series, more original content, less original content, interest in specific genres, etc.

What factors drive the success of video streaming services?

User experience and content go hand in hand, which is why they are both crucial aspects for developing a successful video streaming service. Together, content and UX can create a better experience, drive customer growth and even define the customer’s journey.

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