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Netflix is ​​a celebration of jokes that ended a month ago, but the platform is now bringing in a lot of content from the events that took place over the course of ten days of its course. One of the special ones is Jane Fonda & amp; Lily Tomlin: Ladies Night Live, which celebrates the queue of female comedians. But now that you’ve done that, you may be wondering what to look for next.

Read on for the seven best specials made by female comedians featured on Netflix.

Nicole Byer: BBW (Big Beautiful Weirdo)

Nicole Byer’s special Netflix begins with a costume-like outfit that is shaped like a burger while at the dance floor setting the tone for what is yet to come. She immediately despaired as laughter illuminated the scene. Byer, who is not afraid to share, talks about the time she ate a pizza after she fell on a New York City street before explaining her various sexual efforts to a driver or two. The deadly lines include, “Fathers are very difficult during illness. … Because it’s hard to be absent when you can’t go anywhere. ” get the whole audience laughing.

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Jenny Slate: Stage Fright

Not as easy as the others in particular, Jenny Slate’s Stage Fright put together her stand-up performance at the Gramercy Theater in New York with images of her Milton childhood home, back-to-back scenes, and tidbits where she interviewed family members as she showing a lot about her. own youth. But if we look at the fascinating times between Slate and her family, we realize that she was a four-time champion who speaks the language, or laughs at the ribs that hit her sex, anxiety, and the decline of the world and her paternity, she never fails to keep us engaged. During the special clock, Slate brings beautiful energy to the screen. In a short time, you will be reduced to a rabbit hole in Slate projects as you will not be able to be self-sufficient in its ever-expanding personality.

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Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette may be filmed in one of the world’s most famous venues, The Sydney Opera House, but her action is the opposite. Specifically, it opens up to her growing up in Tasmania Australia as a lesbian – a place where homosexuality has been a crime since 1997: “Not so long ago,” Gadsby said. But that’s not the only thing Nanette touches when it comes to other in-depth issues. Read also : Netflix’s role ‘as a must-have service’ is ‘more of a curse than a blessing’: Analyst. I’m not sure where she fits as she calls herself a “silent homosexual.” Another thing she deals with is her gender identity which she cleverly uses to make fun of white men directly. Yes, exploring her thoughts and feelings is as ambitious as anyone can be, but above all, Nanette proves to be a platform for Gadsby’s inner wonder.

Ali Wong: Don Wong

Ali Wong is the master of her garden, the garden like many others are dominated by men, Don Wong, is sure to remind everyone what some of the benefits are male comedians and their female counterparts. In the opening episode, Wong announced that male comedians who have even had one successful week meet supermodels, pop stars and actors while female comedians seem to be getting to the bottom of the barrel. Uninterrupted transitions avoid the subject several times, but the first statement continues to recur during the show. On the same subject : Why I Hate Amazon Prime Video – And Why I’m Still Watching It. Even when the jokes are more entertaining, Wong never looks bad. Her words are more serious than ever, allowing her words to stand on its own while being more funny every passing moment.

Michelle Buteau: Welcome to Buteaupia

Bright lights, a mirror ball, and a club-like setting set the tone for Michelle Buteau’s appearance as she made her way to the stage in a beautiful style. The game shows the host, the actor, and the comedian are the most popular people on this planet, so it allows us all to follow her pet – yes, it is amazing that an adult demands the attention of everyone around her. when they fall. But Buteau really takes a step back when she starts talking about her Dutch husband. On the same subject : Prime Video: The 49 Best TV Shows to Watch. She has been married for 10 years, but sometimes she still wonders if he wants to kill her or is it really so? Her big smile never left her face, her announcement of some Dutch names and her actions never failed to make the audience laugh. If privacy is an indicator, then, we should all move on to Buteaupia.

Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust

In Largo, Los Angeles, Sarah Silverman revealed that the site was supposed to produce security detectors, as she recently tweeted something that made people “want to kill me.” The scary stuff for some, but Silverman, that is the beginning of a joke, one of the proof that he is the best key to a comedian who started her career before social media even something. Her years of experience translate well into theater. She even has a way to add the title of her action to the extraordinary, “We’re breathing egos, we’re acting like we’re not a little dusty dust on a dustbin in space. And the next minute I’m like ‘I I want money on my face. ” But no, Silverman’s action has not been completely cleared. She will always be a comedian who makes the essence of an adult audience.

Taylor Tomlinson: Look at You

Taylor Tomlinson’s latest Netflix special, See You, is coming up with her debut special, Trouble Life Quarter, in a new and confident format. Mental health and childhood trauma are still proving to be the most important topics, but this time, it tells the audience something about bipolar disorder. Tomlinson is capable of making awkward jokes, and yet somehow she manages to get a good laugh. her defense? “If you are trying to be a good comedian, you are wasting your time with your god.” And as the youngest person on this list, Tomlinson emphasized this in addition to references to the current pop culture in her action – yes, Taylor Swift is mentioned. Again, let it be known that Taylor Tomlinson is a true gem to watch at any age.

What is the top 10 movies on Netflix?

#Movies (English)Top 10 weeks
2The tip of the spider1
3Chickenhare and Hamster of Darkness2
4half an hour1

What are the newcomers on Netflix at this moment? Appréciés on Netflix

  • The tip of the spider.
  • Red Notice.
  • The Haut du panier.
  • The mediator
  • Loin du périph.
  • Aadam à travers le temps.
  • Back or bercail.
  • Centauro.

Quel est le numéro 1 sur Netflix ?

# 1 The Crown (50 points) En dévoilant The Crown, Netflix and “tué le game” coincided. Difficile d’imaginer de futurs biopics sur la famille royale d’Angleterre passer après la série, qui dévoilera sa cinquième saison fin 2022.

What actor has grossed the most money?

The actor who has made the most money in the United States and Canada is Samuel L. Jackson. The box office revenue for all the films he played in the acting role reached $ 5.7 billion from February 2021, due to his role as Nick Fury in the Marvel film promotion.

Who is the highest grossing actor ever? Resume Samuel L. Jackson includes “Fiction Pulp” and “Time to kill,” and “Time to kill,” and the global employment office is $ 17.45 billion. His roles as Nick Fury of Marvel Cinematic Universe and Mace Windu of â tar tarStar Warsâ € helped him to be number 1 on this list.

Who is the highest grossing actor of all time 2022?

Dwayne Johnson You will be surprised to learn that â € œThe Rockâ € is on the list of the highest paid actors in the world. Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as The Rock for his amazing WWE skills, is the highest paid actor in 2022. Interestingly, his net worth is $ 87.5 million.

What is the highest grossing movie of all time when not taking inflation into account?

Avengers: Endgame (2019) It now holds the title of the highest grossing movie ever (not inflated).

Which is the highest IMDB rated movie?

1. The redemption of Shawshank (1994)

Has any movie got 10 IMDb? 1) ‘Shawshank redemption’ (1994)

Which movie is highest rated in IMDb 2020?

1. 365 Days (2020)

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