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The Republican Party of Texas described homosexuality as an “abnormal lifestyle choice” on its latest platform, which was presented and voted by thousands of delegates at the party’s weekend congress as a sign that the party is moving further to the right.

“We believe that there should be no granting of special rights or the creation of a special status for homosexual behavior, regardless of the country of origin, and we oppose any criminal or civil sanctions against those who oppose homosexuality by faith, belief or belief in traditional values,” we read in a 40-page document which also stated that the state of the People’s Republic “is opposed to any effort to confirm the identity of transgender persons.”

In particular, the document states that physicians should not provide so-called “gender-affirmative care” to transgender persons who are 21 years of age or younger.

The party platform also opposes the use of taxpayers’ funds to pay for gender reassignment operations, as well as the criminalization of the practice of so-called “conversion therapy”. “

The document also refers to gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria as’ a real and extremely rare mental disorder ‘and stresses that the claim that there are more than two genders’ not only contradicts people with this disorder of proper psychiatric care, but also leads to physical and psychologically offensive “social change” as well as irreversible physical mutilation.

The Republican Party of Texas called on the state legislature to approve monetary awards for “criminals who received” gender confirmation “surgery as compensation for medical malpractice.

Other controversial parts of the platform include a resolution that “significant electoral fraud” cost former President Donald Trump a second term and that “acting President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. he was not lawfully elected by the people of the United States. “

Another board warned that Texas has the right to secede from the US because “the federal government has violated our right to local government,” and called on the legislature to hold a referendum on the matter in the 2023 election.

Over 5,100 delegates and alternates voted on the platform at the end of the convention. While the ballots still have to be written down and the results certified, party spokesman James Wesolek told The Texas Tribune that individual boards are rarely rejected.

Delegates also booed Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) during his pre-convention speech Friday night about his role in talks on new gun control laws following a mass shooting last month at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

Earlier this month, legislators announced the framework for new gun control laws, which included opening minors’ registers to background checks on potential firearm buyers under the age of 21. from people who have been labeled as threats or behaviors.

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