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The expanded universe of Star Wars is, infamously, a bit of a mixed bag. While the likes of Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy, the Rogue Squadron book series, and the 2003 Clone Wars animated show are some of the best that the beloved Sci-Fi / Fantasy franchise has to offer, there are at least three pieces of the expanded media of Star Wars. which fail to provide the same magic as the source material for every good book or show. Fortunately, the video game side has always been pretty solid.

For four decades, Star Wars video games have managed to capture the essence of the iconic universe remarkably well, with some of the best games acting as an extension of the story, adding countless curiosities, new characters, new new worlds and themes. , but all the while still very much a Star Wars product. Some of the best new additions to the Star Wars universe have been the Sith Lords Pantheon, which stretches back to the era of the Old Republic until the time of the Imperial Residue. Although most are no longer canonical, they are still some of the most powerful beings in the entire Star Wars universe.

The Strongest Sith With a Lightsaber

In the Star Wars universe, it is usually the case that a Sith Lord was once a Jedi. As such, most Sith were trained to wield a lightsaber using the same shapes as the Jedi. But once the Dark Side has taken them, they soon learn that there is more to the Force and more to the lightsaber combat they had previously taught. By channeling their fury into their lightsaber form, and using Kyber crystals impregnated with Dark Side energy, the Sith Lords are able to deliver devastating blows of lightsabers, with the best able to finish off their opponent in a few flowers.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’s Darth Malak was one such Sith Lord. Trained as a Jedi Knight from a young age, Malak was one of the most talented lightsaber warriors of his generation, and he soon turned these talents on the people who destroyed his childhood home: the Mandalorians. As the Mandalorians continue to raid systems throughout the galaxy, Malak and his close friend Revan have decided to go against the wishes of the Jedi Council, and join the Republic to fight the Mandalorians.

With Revan at his side and a battalion of Jedi companions behind him, Malak became a hero of the Republic, leading countless raids on Mandalorian planets. While Revan was seen as the more balanced of the two, Malak was seen as the brute, a warrior capable of cutting off entire armies of Mandalorians, some of the most famous soldiers in the galaxy. After finally defeating the Mandalorians in the battle of Malachor V, Malak and Revan found the Sith Emperor dying, who used the duo’s resentment for the Jedi Order to return to the Dark Side.

But despite his prowess with a lightsaber, the Sith Emperor considered Revan to be the greatest asset to the Sith, making him the Master of the two. Malak openly revolted against this decision, and in one case, after declaring that he was the strongest Sith, Revan immediately cut his jaw with a lightsaber, proving that he was truly worthy of the title of Master. Sith.

Although Malak was incredibly skilled in close combat, he was pale in comparison to Revan’s power. With an intrinsic attitude to Strength and hand-to-hand combat, along with an eagerness to learn all they could, Revan’s ability was unmatched. Even after firing on Revan’s ship and betraying them, Malak still could not defeat his Master, who returned to defeat them once and for all aboard the Star Forge.

The Strongest Sith With The Force

The Force is the greatest tool of a Jedi and the greatest weapon of the Sith. While skill with a lightsaber is key to being a good warrior, it is the Force that truly distinguishes a Sith Apprentice from a Sith Lord. Even those unable to wield a blade are still able to be among the most powerful warriors in the galaxy, and Darth Traya is the perfect example of this.

As one would expect from a game called Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords, it has a lot of Sith in it. In fact, KOTOR 2 actually has three of the strongest Force users in any Star Wars media. Under the alias Kreia, Darth Traya trains the protagonist of the exile Knights of the Old Republic 2, encouraging them to free the galaxy from its bond with the Force, which he considered a kind of slavery.

Once a Jedi Master, Kreia trained Revan and became disillusioned with the Jedi Council over the exile of Malak and Revan. Believing that the Force should not dictate laws, governments, or the hierarchy of society, Kreia began to teach her students more radical views. Seeing her as a threat, the Order exiled her, leaving her to join the Dark Side in an attempt to drive out the Force galaxy. With Revan reuniting on the Light Side, defeating Malak, and helping to destroy the Sith Empire they had begun, Darth Traya took it upon himself to start a new Sith Empire, taking on two new Apprentices, Darth Zion and Darth Nihilus. .

Like the nature of all the Sith, Darth Zion and Nihilus have betrayed Traya in an attempt to gain more power and influence over the galaxy, stripping it of its Force powers. Eventually, the two Sith Lords became even more powerful than their master, with Nihilus being able to consume entire planets through the Force, while Zion used his immense range to reach a state of immortality, keeping his decaying body together. through the power of the Dark Side. , and the Dark Side only.

Although not as powerful as Darth Traya, Sion or Nihilus, Galen Marek of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, better known as Starkiller, has become an extremely powerful Force user. While his powers were great at first, Starkiller Force’s abilities increased immensely when he fully embraced the Dark Side and joined the Emperor as his new Apprentice. The Force Unleashed DLC sees Starkiller assassinate the entire main cast of the original Star Wars trilogy in an alternate timeline, using force to launch the Millennium Falcon at the gates of the Echo Base hangar, simultaneously removing Luke Skywalker with ease.

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Who is stronger KYLO or Vader?

While Vader was certainly powerful with the Force, Kylo Ren is undoubtedly even stronger, being able to freeze people on their tracks without even having to focus on them. He can even read people’s minds, which is another thing Vader couldn’t do.

Is Vader the strongest Sith ever?

Despite these encounters, Vader still became one of the most powerful Force-users in the history of the galaxy; only Palpatine, who was considered the strongest Sith-Lord of all time, surpassed him because of his disabilities, and only Luke Skywalker, Vader’s son, rivaled Vader’s power to his potential. .

Is Darth Vader the most powerful Jedi? Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader, is certainly one of the most powerful Jedi. After all, the whole saga more or less rests on his shoulders. His fall on the Dark Side certainly reveals that he was weak in some terrible ways, but he doesn’t deny his strengths.

What Sith is stronger than Vader?

Years later, he finally murdered his former Master, making Obi-Wan “more powerful” than Vader could have ever imagined. And Kylo Ren was forever haunted by the memory of the father he killed.

Is Darth Vader the weakest Sith Lord?

The strongest: Canonically the strongest Sith Lord in history was anyone other than Darth Vader. Darth Vader had the highest strength potential in Sith history. He never reached that potential, but he also achieved an unprecedented level of power for everyone before him.

What race is Darth Nihilus?

Darth Nihilus was a human man who reigned as a Dark Lord of the Sith during the era of post-Jedi Civil War fighting.

Who is the first Sith lord? The Black Jedi discover the Sith people on Korriban. Creation of the Sith Empire. Ajunta Pall becomes the first Black Lord of the Sith.

Comment Dark Malgus est mort ?

A flash of Force knocked Malcolm down as he rushed toward the Sith. Malgus ordered his execution, which three Sith prepared to do, before being stopped by Satele Shan, who became a Jedi master.

Qui est le plus fort des Sith ?

Dark Nihilus is surely one of the most dangerous Sith in the history of the galaxy. His specialty was absorbing the force and feeding on it, leaving thousands dead on the planets he was emptying of any source of life.

Who is stronger Revan or Malgus?

Revan is much more powerful than malgus. Revan takes this almost every time. Malgus defeated only infallible Jedi masters while Revan destroyed the entire sith academy on korriban, made up of hundreds of sith apprentices.

Who defeated Revan? Taking control of the Rakatan Foundry, Revan attempted to build an army of exterminating droids to destroy the Empire, but the Jedi Master died when he was defeated by an Imperial attack squad.

Who was stronger than Revan?

1 Darth Vitiate The greatest Sith of all time, Darth Vitiate was one of the most feared and threatened galaxies. His power was so great that he himself was a danger to every living thing around him.

Who defeated Malgus?

At the height of the war, Darth Malgus led a surprise assault on the Core World of Alderaan; Although initially successful, Malgus and his forces were defeated in a concentrated Republican counterattack led by his nemesis from Korriban, the future Grand Master Satele Shan.

Is Revan the most powerful?

He appeared late in the sixth season of The Clone Wars, as Yoda traveled to Korriban’s Sith home world for more Force training. It turns out, though, that even Bane considers himself the most powerful Sith Lord. That honor went to Darth Revan.

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