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Mirror Stage launches a series of free multimodal art experiences that will allow participants to delve deeper into community-related topics. Contexpo events include visual art, spoken word, special speakers and workshops.

These events will be presented at 6532 Phinney Ave N in Seattle.

Mirror Stage is a non-profit art organization that uses the power of storytelling (in all its forms) to challenge hypotheses, biases, and prejudices. With this new series of programming created by artistic member QuiQui Dominguez (they),

Mirror Stage is using art as a way to spark conversations about important issues in the world today, while providing a platform for historically marginalized voices and faces. Future programming will include topics such as PTSD, Income Inequality and Complex Meat Industry. Contexpo: Incarceration and Redemption will begin at 6:00 pm on Friday, June 24, with an exhibition featuring works by imprisoned artists. Following the reception at the art gallery, Mirror Stage will present a poetry microphone at 7 p.m., led by legendary oral artist Miz Floes.

All poets and oral artists are invited to participate, presenting pieces that explore the concepts of prison and redemption.

Poetry Open-Mic Host, Miz Floes, is a Seattle-based singer, songwriter, producer, playwright, actor, and vocal artist. He grew up surrounded by violence and poverty in the inner city of Chicago, and is grateful to the literary arts for saving him. As a woman, mother, grandmother, and member of the BIPOC community, Floes wants to become an art of pain and release the community in a productive way. His latest volume will be released soon. You may have heard stories about the tragic results of the “school-to-prison pipeline”.

On Saturday, June 25, at 4:00 pm, Omari Amili will present new opportunities and address fears-based narratives through the exploration of a potential new pipeline from prison to college. As she shares her story and explores the history of mass imprisonment, especially in Washington state, Omari will look at how society as a whole benefits as people pursue higher education after imprisonment. Omari Amili is an author, speaker and community organizer. Since his release from prison in 2008, he has earned a master’s degree from Washington Tacoma University, where his research has focused on the benefits of college education for people who were first incarcerated. In 2018, he was named Distinguished Alumni by Pierce College and has appeared in the Seattle Times and News Tribune. Contexpo: Incarceration and Redemption is collaborating with the Phinney Neighborhood Association and will be held on the top floor of the Phinney Center Blue Building, located at 6532 Phinney Ave N in Seattle.

All events are free and open to the public. Come to the interview as a guest or as an artist. Mirror stage is grateful to 4Culture, ArtsWA, Seattle City Office of Arts & amp; Culture, EPS Fund, National Endowment for the Arts, & amp; Teen Tix.

The name Phinney originally appeared in Gaelic as O Fiannaidhe. This name, in its original form O Feinneadha, refers to a soldier.

Who are Lachlan Morton parents?

Parents did not tolerate such feats, says Lachlan. At least he didn’t take drugs. David Morton formed a team around his two talented and driven sons. He and Annie were the main sponsors, and they hired a former Olympic road racer to train Lachlan and Gus and the other young cyclists involved.

Is Fillion a French name?

The old French surname & quot; fils & quot; which & quot; son; & quot; and so it was a nickname for the youngest son in a family.

What does the name McCowan mean? Surname: McCowan is a short form of pre-10th century Gaelic ‘MacEoghain’. The translation is John’s son or Eoghan’s son, the latter being, after all, a personal name that comes from the ancient Greek name “Eugenious,” meaning happy born.

What does the name Derman mean?

The first origin of the surname Derman comes from the Anglo-Saxon culture of Great Britain. It was the name given to a brave or courageous man. Further research has shown that the name comes from the word deor, which means wild animal, or brave, or brave, and mann, meaning man.

Is earnest a German name?

The name of the boy Earnest is from Old German, and the meaning of Earnest is “serious or fight to the death.”

What does McCovey mean?

The name McCovey originally comes from Cobthach Fionn, a quo O Cobhthaigh, where “cobthach” means “winner” and “fionn” means “fair”, meaning “red-haired winner”.

What does the basics mean for people? morally low; without appreciable personal qualities; dishonorable; meaningful; selfish; coward. with little or no value; invalid: hastily composed of basic materials.

Is first base one word or two?

first base (name)

What does it mean to reach 1st base?

Definition of getting to the first base: Taking a first step in a course or process that one hopes to take further — usually used in negative statements — a proposal to change the tax law never got to the first base.

What happened to Davis Phinney?

Davis currently lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife and Olympian Connie Carpenter-Phinney. Taylor and Kelsey have two grown children who are involved in various ways in the organization.

What is Taylor Phinney doing now? Three-time Olympic and two-time world champion Taylor Phinney announced on Wednesday that she will be retiring from cycling, and that she will pursue her other passion: art. â € œI want to thank all of you for encouraging me and giving me good energy over the last twelve years! â € Phinney said via Instagram. â € œI thank you all.

Does Davis Phinney have Parkinson’s disease?

Phinney was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 40 and founded the Davis Phinney Foundation in 2004 as a 501 (c) (3) registered non-profit organization. As Taylor was on the verge of attending the Beijing Olympics in late 2008, Davis underwent a deep brain stimulation to control some of her symptoms.

How old is Davis Phinney?

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