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In recent days, YouTube Music has rolled out support for Android 12’s media recommendation feature that comes with recent album and playlist features to start playback directly.

Update 8/6: Media Recommendations for YouTube Music and Spotify have been redesigned on Android 13 to take into account that the player is only available in one size.

Music apps now get a color icon in the top-left corner, but no app name. The biggest change is that you are only given three suggestions which is much bigger considering that the space is now longer. In terms of performance, this is a step back and having six items is better for variety.

At the moment, media recommendations are not widespread on Android 13 compared to Android 12. It does not come out regularly and in one situation it only works when it is connected to a car, but not headphones. This is likely to change when the OS becomes more stable.

Original 6/18: These media recommendations appear automatically after connecting an audio device, such as headphones or other speaker systems, over Bluetooth. The app icon and name are in the top left corner while you get three recently played projects from YouTube Music to the right. Unlocking Easy Settings gives you a total of six, while a smaller card can also show up on the lock screen.

Tap to immediately start playback in the background by switching to Play Now controls and keep in Quick Settings. These media suggestions will remain for a few minutes, and you can delete to access them again, although now they appear after controlling the playback, and start a different track.

It’s nice to see the redesigned “Replay” shelf and Your Stuff widget. The recommendations can be turned off from the Settings app > Sound & vibration > Media and disable “Show media recommendations.”

To date, these YouTube Music recommendations appear consistently well after connecting headphones on Android 12 (Pixel 6 Pro on June security patch). They show up more for Google’s streaming service than before, while some Spotify users have also seen them. The card will probably appear in full length on Android 13, where we have not yet worked.

Update 6/23: In addition to specific functions, media suggestions may show a shuffle button – readability/visibility is poor – and a shortcut to start an online connection (if downloaded).

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