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With the announcement of I / O 2022, Google is upgrading its Android apps for tablets and other large screen devices. YouTube music lists have already seen a redesign and the UI is now coming to the album look.

This remake (image format) begins with YouTube Music commemorating the artist, media type (album), and top release year. The art of the album, larger than before, appears next to the complex background, while the name and description follow.

Available controls include download, add library, play, share, and stream list. Then you will get a list of traces, which is on the tablet (visual image) that appears on the right as all the other information is in the left column. There should be a lower right corner of the FAB (floating action button) for rotating when you scroll down.

One Reddit user who received a redesigned playlist early on is the first person to receive this new album UI. This update does not currently apply to the music you imported. Of course, as seen in the album, the redesign is slower than it looks and may happen in the future.

It’s a good upgrade, especially the big screens in the old way of sorting everything out.

We don’t see YouTube music after the album redesign on many tablet devices that we checked this morning. There have been previous reports that they are also coming in for phones, but that is far from the case at the moment. Meanwhile, iPad users have not yet seen this UI.

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