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The first page of Greene’s media kit acts as a cover page.

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The second page is for her bio.

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The next page lists Greene’s “specialties,” or the type of content she makes most frequently.

Since Greene started as a creator in 2020, Greene’s approach to her media tools has evolved. Initially, it was only one page with important information. See the article : Northridge: A sports boutique that accepts all great offers. Now, it has become a longer, more detailed documentation.

Her media tools have proved invaluable to her as she expands her focus beyond food items to a larger lifestyle, family, and home decor brand.

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As well as her monthly impressions and audience demographics.

The next page lists her reach across platforms.

“I look at it as a journalistic book and an opportunity to dedicate myself to products that can seek to learn more about how I look at the brand,” she said. “As a content creator who crawls across different niches and different content columns, I’m trying to show how that comes together, how that makes sense, and why it’s all behind.”

“Natasha Greene of @asiliglamcooks is a full-fledged content creator and creator behind She has created nutritious food content for Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube and her blog, while working with products like FoodSaver , Schmidt Bros and Butterball.After moving to NYC from Florida after graduating from high school in 2011, Natasha started her own site as a way to provide more entertainment including beauty, style and food. Increase her desire to cook for a full-time professional. Through its ingredients, she tells the story of how to make simple and delicious recipes. She sells more than 1,000 cookbooks and creates her own grocery store, Brown Girl Spice, selling hundreds of boxes of spices all over the world. . Natasha in the meantime. lives in South Jersey with her husband, Nathaniel and son, Nathaniel Jr. “

With videos of being a major contributor and co-driver across the platform, Natasha is creating a mouth-watering recipe for videos that are easy to follow and have a viewing value.

Then, Greene includes a page with the her content verticals she focuses on.

On the next page, Greene lists some brands that she has partnered with in the past.

Natasha uses her voice as an added value in cooking videos to engage her audience and provide unique guidance on how to recreate dishes.


The last page is a contact page.



How do you make a micro influencer media kit?

Greene says she is trying to integrate different types of customer models into her media tools, to ensure that she not only focuses on food items, but on all the “pillars of content” and she listed in the previous page.

  • “My main thing is to show the size of the pairs, which means to show all the different types of pairs of different types of pairs. different types of species that I have been able to associate with, ”she said. “And I really trust the products that believe in my content pillars.”
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  • Chevron logo Displays an expandable section or menu, or sometimes previous / next navigation options.
  • 7 essential elements to include in a media tool as a small impact
  • Part of your life or ‘About you’. …
  • Your rating and the platform you attend. …
  • Calculate your target statistics. …

What is included in a social media kit?

Determine your service offerings. …

Evidence from the products you have worked with. …

What are social media kit on Fiverr?

Your value card. …

What is a media kit PDF?

Your file.

The social media kit should include statistics about your online reach, your brand story, population statistics, and past collaborations. For social media marketing, all social media products should be designed with your colors, text, and layout of content columns.

What is a media kit for advertising?

What is usually in journalism? Journalism, also known as journalism, is a page on your website that contains resources and information for journalists and publishers. The best journaling tools make it easy for journalists to learn about the product and brand, and access photos and advertising materials that they can use in the story.

What is a media kit and why is it important?

The social media kit is a design tool for your social media account (e.g. custom designs that can be used for an instagram article or a facebook postâ ¦ ¦) Fiverr has a logo design starting from $ 5 only. Most marketers sell social media tools that can help you create a unique brand identity.

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