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What began as a desire to do something different with their warehouse and reception space ended with My Secret Garden opening a new retail store downtown.

The store is the exclusive provider of several brands in Downtown Bay City, including Rumpl rugs. Tyler King, co-owner of Saginaw Bay Trading Company, says the outdoor lifestyle store opened in early June.

King, whose mother, Terri King, owns My Secret Garden, says the family owned a warehouse on Adams Street and was considering opening the space next door as an Airbnb.

“While looking at it, we noticed that the Sherwin Williams building next to My Secret Garden was for sale and decided to pursue it instead.”

While buying the old Sherwin Williams building, they realized it was a lot more space than they needed for storage and reception, so Tyler, his wife, Nicole, and his mother put their heads together to come up with a retail option. for the room.

“We decided to go through with a concept of wanting to create an outdoor store that was not necessarily aimed at hardcore outdoor enthusiasts, but which was accessible to everyone,” he says. “Maybe you enjoy hiking, but you are not going to spend four months on the Appalachian Trail. That was the kind of differentiation we were looking for.”

The store has clothes, water shoes and other products to help people enjoy the outdoor life relaxed. They created Saginaw Bay Trading Company. It fits in well with the King family’s lifestyle. Tyler and Nicole are parents of two young children and spend a lot of time outside.

The store emerged when My Secret Garden moved its warehouse into a larger building, but found that it had too much space. “There are also a lot of brands we personally like that we haven’t seen around Bay City yet,” he says. . They are finding ways to bring these brands into the store. “We’re the only dealer within 150 miles wearing Rumpl rugs,” for example, and they’s the only dealer in this part of Michigan wearing Unsalted Coast clothing.

The family that owns Saginaw Bay Trading Co. also owns and operates My Secret Garden. In addition to clothing and rugs, Saginaw Bay Trading Company carries gourmet food, swimwear, water shoes, outdoor-themed décor and limited equipment.

“It has been really well received so far,” Tyler says.

Along with creating the new storefront, Tyler says they renovated the building and gave My Secret Garden a facelift.

“We painted, added new windows and new awnings. What we wanted to do was create a cohesive look. We painted the buildings so that they matched, and then had the canopies at My Secret Garden restored to compliment the new building, stylistically. “

My Secret Garden may look different on the outside, but step inside and you will still find garden decor, clothing and the other products that made My Secret Garden unique.

Find out more about Saginaw Bay Trading Company and follow the progress on their Facebook page.

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