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When it comes to summer entertaining, delicious food and wine are the keys to a good time. If you’re having a hard time choosing what wine to serve during your next soiree, check out the four Banfi wines below. Whether you’re serving grilled meats or tomato-based pasta, or something in between, one of these wines will be the perfect accompaniment!

“There is no right or wrong way to pair food and wine, but a well-made wine will always enhance and complement the right food,” said Dino Altomare, Director of Education for Banfi. “The name of the game is experimenting to find something you like, but there are some general ideas that can help you on this journey.”

The Rosa Regale

This Rosé is only in contact with the skin for a few hours, allowing for a lighter and fresher Brachetto style that resembles Provence Rosé in color and character. This sparkling rosé can be paired with anything from ceviche to grilled fish to fresh fruit desserts. It also serves as a refreshing addition to cocktails!

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Chianti Classico

This chianti is the perfect accompaniment to a variety of foods, including red-sauce pastas, grilled meats and roasts. The rustic Tuscan character and delicate tannins enhance roasted meats, especially wild game, while the bright acidity also makes this wine a perfect match for tomato-based dishes.

San Angelo Pinot Grigio

This pinot goes well with roasted vegetables and pasta primavera, as well as a range of seafood. In this warmer climate, the development of the fruit is much larger. This may interest you : The Iowa State Fair presents these 53 new foods in 2022. However, thanks to day and night temperature shifts near the coast, the wine retains bright acidity. This balance makes this wine food friendly, and especially suitable for local fairs, such as fresh seafood from the Mediterranean and Tuscan vegetables.

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La Pettegola Vermentino

This coastal Tuscan wine goes well with seafood, salads, sandwiches and vegetable dishes. As a result of the warmer climate and the influence of the coast in Maremma, La Pettegola is more structured and characterized by exotic fruits and spices and well-balanced acidity, making this wine versatile. On the same subject : Main Video Schedule Extension: New TV and Movies Arriving July 11-17. It’s developed fruit balances stronger fish dishes, but strong acidity balances salads and fresh vegetables.

We chatted with Dino Altomare, Director of Education for Banfi, on wine pairing tips and perfect summer bottles to have on hand when entertaining. Here’s what he had to say!

What are some tips for pairing wines in general?

First, look to match the body of the wine and the richness of your food, as complementary pairs can produce the same interesting characteristics. For example, rich or fatty foods will be paired best with wines that have a full body and high acidity. See the article : Food pantries throughout northern Alabama are struggling to get donations. However, some wine pairings can benefit from contrasting flavors to offer balance.

For example, salty or spicy food can be balanced beautifully by sweet wines – think spicy Thai with Pacific Rim Riesling. And of course, always look out for high acid or high protein in foods. Because tannins in wines act with proteins, tannic reds like Brunello are compatible with red meat – similarly, high acid wines like Gavi pair well with high acid foods such as salads with vinegar or orange dressings.

For the summer months what are good bottles to have on hand and why?

Summer for me is all about fresh wines that can be brought seamlessly from the patio to your summer meal. I always like to keep a bottle of Principessa Gavia Gavi on hand – it’s such a versatile and refreshing wine. Perfect as a cocktail, but also incredibly well suited to summer dishes like fresh fish and even salads that are notoriously difficult to pair with.

Because of the natural wines of high acidity thanks to the cooler climate and mountain terrain in Piemonte, it can stand up to orange and vinegar dressings in salads, and can equally complement ceviche or fried fish.

I also love chillable reds like Barbera, and L’Altra Anima Barbera d’Asti offers a delicious fruit-forward palate, and great acidity again because of its northern Italian pedigree. For wines with a bit more structure for hot grilled dishes and BBQ, I always keep Centine Rosso and Pinot Grigio on hand.

These Tuscan beauties are staples in my house, and are quintessential food wines. And the summer is just not complete with Rose out, and I went to is Natura Rose from Chile. A delicious blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Carmenere, and Merlot, it’s a fragrant and elegant blend that drinks with unmistakable purity, with the added benefit of being organic.

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