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Government Agency Partner Announcement

AUGUST 11, 2022 — The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Food Standards and Product Safety is urging Connecticut residents to check their refrigerators for EZ Noble Sushi, which was available for purchase this week at Geissler’s supermarkets in Connecticut and Massachusetts. This may interest you : If you are planning to travel to the US with food from overseas, read this.

East Windsor-based EZ Noble Sushi is voluntarily recalling several products that lacked allergen information on labels. EZ Noble Sushi products are sold exclusively at Geissler’s, which has removed the products from its shelves. The store is working with EZ Noble Sushi to correct the labels. Unlabeled allergens include eggs, wheat and milk.

“Proper food labeling is critical to protecting the health and safety of consumers,” said Deputy Consumer Protection Commissioner Maureen Magnan. “Thank you to our food inspectors for their hard work in ensuring product safety, and to EZ Noble Sushi and Geissler’s for working quickly to resolve this issue.”

EZ Noble Sushi is distributed at all seven Geissler Supermarket locations including East Windsor, Windsor, Somers, Bloomfield, South Windsor, Granby and Agawam, Massachusetts.

Customers who purchased the affected products are urged not to consume them and to dispose of them or return them to the place of purchase. Customers who have consumed the products and do not feel well should seek medical attention.

To date, no illness has been reported.

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