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THOMASTON – The Georges River Educational Foundation funded a guest author for Thomaston High School students this spring. Students first explored Maine animals during a library technology class with teacher Laurie Walsh. They chose mammals, birds, insects and reptiles and amphibians. After their research, they met through Zoom with children’s non-fiction writer Kim Ridley, who made the entire school assembly and then taught them in each class to create a great hook to start their story.

Kimberly Ridley is the author of children’s publicist books, including The Secret Pool, which won the Maine Library Association’s Lupine Award for Best Picture Book. Two of her children’s books have also won Riverby Awards from the John Burroughs Association for Outstanding Natural History Books for Youth, and her book Extreme Survivors: Animals That Time Forgot was named Best STEM Book by Bank Street College of Education.

Students wrote and illustrated their books in Book Creator, an application provided by another donation from the Georges River Educational Foundation. Kindergarten students recorded their voices alongside their illustrations, while older students typed their books and used Creative Commons copyrighted photographs to illustrate them. All students learned how to make age-appropriate quotes.

The books have been published digitally and are available to the TGS school community and student families. Finally, students received video feedback from the authors about their books and made a film to thank Ridley. This project combined science, ELA and technological standards.

“We are so proud of the hard work our students have put into this project and their wonderful creations, and we are so grateful to the Georges River Education Foundation for its support in our schools,” TGS said in a press release. “It was an experience to remember.”

Notre cerveau ne peut rester concentré sur un même sujet trop trot longtemps. Surround all 20 minutes, we have a & quot; regimental base & quot; and I want to be able to make a short break (to be, to be, to be and to be in the water) or to change the activity of the plutos that will allow you to lose your time without being a & quot; imprimer & quot ;.

Comment faire ses devoirs le plus vite possible ?

Make it easy to compensate for being motivated and to stay focused. It is also possible to set up this system by step-by-step system, in order to achieve reality, you can take a break of a few minutes. In effect, taking pauses is a very beneficial benefit for concentration.

Comment faire ses devoirs à la maison? Take breaks. Soyez honnêtes envers vous-même et respektez bien et la durée du travail (50 minutes) and celle de la pause (10 minutes). Know your rhythm of work. Odredeni élèves prefèrent faire leurs devoirs aussitôt rentrées à la maison et ainsi, ils ont le reste de la journée pour se détendre.

Quel est le meilleur moment de la journée pour faire ses devoirs ?

“The mother is the moment he is available on the cognitive plan,” said the specialist. Pour les exercices du quotidien, “l’ideal est de s’y mettre entre 17 heures et 19 heures, après un vrai goûter, qui est une respiration importante, et avant le dîner, poursuit-elle.

Comment faire quand on a pas envie de faire ses devoirs ?

It is easy to talk to everyone to help you stay focused on your work … Work in a nice place.

  • Essay to work in a public library or school to change a little.
  • If you look forward to the night, you will be able to work in a well-known way.

Pourquoi réviser pendant les vacances ?

2.1- Why ask about the holidays? Re Se remettre à niveau sur certaines notions non compromise ou mal compromise durant l’année écoulée. The holidays are the best time to find the time to have the best assimilated nights or not to go back to the next year!

What does pendant French mean in English? The pendant followed by the noun means “during”. In that sense, it is synonymous with durant. J’ai vu un film pendant mon séjour. â € “> I watched a movie during my stay. Pendant ce temps, il m’attendait.

What is the difference between Depuis and pendant in French?

We will explain their meaning and use in more detail below, but here’s the gist: depuis generally translates as â € œod, â €€ pendant generally translates as â € œtokomâ €, and il y a generally translates as â € œpre .â €

How do you use a French pendant?

Use “pendant” to say “yes” in times other than the present. The entire duration of the action must be in the past or future with no connection to the present. Examples: Je suis sortie avec lui pendant 6 months.

Why Socratic method is effective?

The modern Socrates method Starting with questions that students know and understand the answer to, the teacher helps students learn new concepts. This creates an atmosphere in which students truly learn as opposed to an atmosphere in which students repeat information and forget it.

What is Socrates’ method and why is it important? What is Socrates’ method? Socrates ‘method, developed by the Greek philosopher Socrates, is a dialogue between teachers and students, fueled by constant questioning of teachers, in a joint effort to explore fundamental beliefs that shape students’ attitudes and opinions.

What does the Socratic method accomplish?

Socrates ‘Method and Leadership Socrates’ method aims to reveal the truth through a re-examination of assumptions and hypotheses; his goal is not to go through as many facts as possible in the allotted time. So, it might be worthwhile to start thinking about this practice again.

Is Socrates method effective?

Socrates’ method is still in use because it develops a number of skills and is an excellent teaching tool. The first and most obvious advantage is that it teaches students to think fast.

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