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New photos from Sylvester Stallone, Harry Styles, and Lena Dunham.

“My Guardian,” “Catherine Called Birdy,” and more are coming to Prime Video this fall.

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Prime Video has announced its first movie lineup for this fall and winter, and there are plenty of great movies to choose from.

There’s Sylvester Stallone’s epic Samaritan, Lena Dunham’s medieval comedy Catherine Called Birdy, the Harry Styles and Emma Corrin directed My Police, and many more. Some movies (like My Police) are in pre-production before they are available for streaming on Prime Video. Others are streaming simultaneously on Prime – we’ve noted all the release dates, where relevant, in our list below

Top pick: Nanny

These are all the first movies coming to Prime Video this fall. See the article : Netflix Review: Still the Best Streaming Service.

Aisha (Anna Diop) is an undocumented Senegalese single mother who is trying to build a new life for her son by working as a maid for a rich and entitled couple in Manhattan. Day and night, he is angry with the demands of this difficult family, racism, and greed. But not even sleep gives him rest, as strange nightmares of mocking doppelgängers, crawling spiders, and mythical creatures haunt him. Before long, they began to creep into his waking hours, too. Is it a warning or a threat? Can he decipher their mysterious message in time?

In her first feature film, writer/director Nikyatu Jusu uses traditional stories and unexpected horror to turn the all-too-real struggles of foreign mothers into a fantasy. terrible accident. A story of contradictions and contradictions, Aisha’s humble home and happy village bursts with strong colors, while the apartment building of her workplace is a flood of grays. In fashion and personality, a remarkable Diop shows the changing rules that are necessary in the life of a woman. His eyes glow with righteous anger as the cam-girls’ glasses pop up next to him. Lots of sliding bites and people’s moans are aptly named back to the downward spiral, slippery and dangerous. With a climax as strong as a tidal wave, Nanny is a favorite. It’s no surprise that it took home the US Grand Jury Prize in the Dramatic Competition slate at Sundance. Whether you’re interested in forensics or real estate that’s in the spotlight, you’ll want to check this out. — Kristy Puchko, Deputy Entertainment Director (*)

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How to watch: Nanny hits theaters Nov. Read also : Recently released patented tracks in NFT of Nike branded video games. 23 and is available for streaming on Prime Video Dec. 16.

Argentina, 1985 (In theaters 9/30, on Prime Video 10/21)

Catherine Calls Birdy (In theaters 9/23, on Prime Video 10/7)

Flight/Danger (On Prime Video 9/9)

Good Night Oppy (In theaters 11/4, on Prime Video 11/23)

Good Night (On Prime Video 9/16)

Losing My Best Friend (On Prime Video 9/30)

My Guardian (In theaters 10/21, on Prime Video 11/4)

Nanny (In theaters 11/23, on Prime Video 12/16)

Run Sweetheart Run (On Prime Video 10/28)

A Thing From Tiffany’s (On Prime Video 12/9)

The People We Hate About Marriage (On Prime Video 11/18)

Wildcat (In theaters 12/21, on Prime Video 12/30)

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