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The upcoming game Callisto Protocol has at one point been deemed to be in the same universe as PUBG. However, some creative differences led to the removal of this aspect from the game altogether. Even so, the fact that it was even considered shows just how much video games love crossovers.

Sure, there are multiverse events like the Super Smash Bros and Fortnite series, but there are games that could potentially be set in the same universe as others. Whether they’re cute references or blatantly the same characters, these video games show that the MCU isn’t the only one making cameos.

10 Wolfenstein and Doom

10 Wolfenstein and Doom

Wolfenstein and Doom are the franchises that started the FPS boom in the 90s and are hugely influential video games in their own right. Some people may not realize that Doomguy and B. Read also : Chapter Books: A Whole New World! | Local | The Blazkowics are actually related.

The developers confirmed that B.J. Blazkowicz is Doomguy’s great-grandfather. Considering how exaggerated both franchises are, this is not frankly a surprise. The Blazkowice bloodline is strong and they seem to really enjoy a brutal cleansing of villains.

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9 Manhunt and Bully

9 Manhunt and Bully

One is a carefree and crude school comedy and the other is a hard, depressing murder party. Of course it makes sense that they are in the same universe. Read also : Read This Before You Finish Because of Video Games. Bully makes several references to Manhunt, but one in particular is proof that they are in the same universe.

Occasionally, NPCs will talk about “watching new Starkweather movies” as the player passes them. Obviously, Starkweather is the main antagonist of Manhunt. If Jimmy’s character doesn’t improve, he’ll probably end up like James from Manhunt one day.

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8 Hitman and Kane & Lynch

8 Hitman and Kane & Lynch

Hitman, a highly rated series, follows the exploits of Agent 47, tasked with killing various criminals and politicians. It was only inevitable that he would meet other mercenaries in the world. To see also : News Release – Miguel Herran and Susana Abaitua will Star in the Prime Video of the Original Spanish Series “Los Farad” | This is exactly what happens when a player visits a specified range of a weapon.

Kane and Lynch from the series of games of the same name can be found there arguing and firing firearms. In a dark, comedic moment, the player can simply kill them right away and there. It’s quite funny that the whole story of the game series potentially ends when Agent 47 kills them out of boredom without saying a word.

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7 Sleeping Dogs and Just Cause

7 Sleeping Dogs and Just Cause

Sleeping Dogs and Just Cause are unconventional sandbox games in the sea of ​​GTA clones. Sleeping Dogs and Just Cause 2 take place mainly in Asia, and both focus on destroying big criminal enterprises (in a sense). There is also quite a blatant radio advertisement.

In the ad, the voiceover recommends visiting the beautiful Panau Islands, the same ones where Rico is during the events of Just Cause 2. Not to mention that one of Wei Shen’s outfits is Rico’s outfit. Seeing that “beautiful islands ruled with an iron fist by a tyrant” are also something in Sleeping Dogs, there is probably an epidemic of them.

6 Battlefield: Bad Company and Mirror’s Edge

6 Battlefield: Bad Company and Mirror's Edge

Bad Company is the more carefree and comedic branch of the Battlefield franchise, but it’s still pretty down to earth and dirty. In contrast, Mirror’s Edge is a dystopian slow-motion game with elegant buildings and minimalist aesthetics. Despite these differences, both games have strong evidence that they are in the same universe.

First, there is an audio log in Mirror’s Edge where the Bad Company crew is evidently doing the same old quarrel. Considering how much effort has gone into getting the same voice actors, it’s doubtful it’s just a cute reference. Not to mention the Faith running shoes can also be found in the Battlefield universe.

5 Ace Attorney and Dino Crisis

The two series couldn’t be more different. One is a pseudo-detective lawyer visual novel and the other is a Resident Evil clone with dinosaurs instead of zombies. And yet somehow the two are more than likely embedded in the same universe as Ace Attorney has some of the same characters.

The greatest proof is the main character, Regina, appearing in the canon of the game as a car helper, along with other characters from Dino Crisis. Being a government secret agent, her lack of character may actually be just a cover, much like Black Widow in Iron Man 2. Not to mention the country of Borginia is listed in both Ace Attorney and Dino Crisis, further cementing the connection.

4 The Sims and Mass Effect

Given that The Sims doesn’t have exactly a “story” per se, it’s strange to think that it could be linked to Mass Effect, the sci-fi space opera of all things. Still, there is no evidence that this is impossible. After all, Mass Effect’s Earth isn’t that strange.

In The Sims 3, the player can use a time machine and travel to the distant future or the distant past. In the distant future, the crowd celebrates how the “shepherd” saved humanity from the “ancient machine god”. There is also the comically unfortunate suggestion that the player himself may be the Reaper, controlling people to his whim.

3 Bioshock and Firewatch

Firewatch is a very atmospheric game that is more like reading a cozy mystery book than a traditional video game. Bioshock is also atmospheric, but crazy girls are trying to stab the player. Even so, they both have certain connections that put them in the same universe.

In Firewatch, the player can find The Accidental Savior book, a common sight in Bioshock. Developers came forward saying these light references are open to interpretation. There is also a fascinating theme involved. The story of Bioshock is exactly the kind of emotion that Firewatch’s protagonist is chasing. As it turns out, there is a great conspiracy. The Firewatch MC just isn’t part of it.

2 Watchdogs and Assassin’s Creed

Ubisoft likes to include easter eggs in their video games, but it wasn’t until Assassin’s Creed: Origins that the draw was cemented. The previous game in the series featured Olivier Garneau’s Black Flag as a target in Watch Dogs.

Another consolidation of this thread is Origins, providing the player with CCTV footage on which Garneau was filmed by Aidan Pierce. While Ubisoft claims these are “non-canonical fan services”, this only applies to the main storylines. As for the players, the two games coexist in some strange multiverse, especially when Legion adds the real Assassin in the form of Darcy.

1 Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell

Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell were the premiere stealth games of 2000. Despite this rivalry, both games playfully tossed each other punches and both are fans of their franchises. In the MGS3 minigame Snake vs Monkey, Snake asks if Campbell could simply send “Sam or Gabe” to complete this mission.

This applies to Sam Fisher and the now fairly little-known associate of the hiding, Gabriel Logan of Syphon Filter. In a sad twist, Sam Fisher also asks the same, wondering if the “Scarf Guy” might not be up to the task, only to say he is retired (referring to the MGS4 ending). He ends with “Then it’s just me,” a grim reminder that Sam Fisher is now the last of his kind in triple-A games.

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