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The Minister of Defense Spokesman Lt. Col. David Herndon provided the following release:

Under Secretary for Politics Dr. Colin Kahl, hosted the 11th meeting of the United States – Mexico Defense Bilateral Working Group with Mexican Co-Chairs, Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) Deputy Chief of the Joint Staff for Doctrine, Major General Edgar Salador Rodriguez Franco, and Secretariat of the Navy (SEMAR) Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Vice Admiral Carlos Eduardo L’Eglise Escamilla, Oct 5-6 at the Pentagon.

The US-Mexico Defense Bilateral Working Group (DBWG) is the defense component of the US-Mexico national level cooperation process. The bilateral defense partnership focuses on traditional defense activities and does not include internal security issues, which are chaired at the US-Mexico High-Level Security Dialogue by the State Department.

As part of the Defense Bilateral Strategic Framework, the Defense Bilateral Working Group creates a process for bilateral cooperation and coordination between the United States and Mexico defense institutions to build a common understanding of challenges and approaches to address these challenges and to identify and implement initiatives for bilateral defense cooperation. promote

During the 11th DBWG, the co-chairs recognized the successful institution of the bilateral defense partnership. The Co-Chairs establish common goals, lines of effort, and priorities to guide defense cooperation activities, more effectively address mutual challenges facing our region, and promote the security of our peoples in the Western Hemisphere. The co-chairs agreed to expand US and Mexican defense cooperation; advance bilateral capability to address mutually identified regional defense challenges; expand bilateral support and cooperation for regional defense cooperation activities; and share lessons learned and best practices.

The co-chairs met on the 11th.

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