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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It is changing to a difficult summer for air travel.

On Monday alone, the US airport saw about 400 people canceled, according to FlightAware, and four were in Jacksonville. Airlines are to blame for bad weather and a shortage of pilots.

From Friday to Sunday, more than 10,000 flights were delayed or canceled nationwide.

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Most of the people we spoke to at Jacksonville International Airport said they had gotten into trouble flying a few months ago.

“My flight was scheduled to depart from Fort Wayne at 5 a.m. Friday. It was canceled, “Shawna Dufor told us.

Simona Marincan, from Detroit, said she was recently on a 24-hour flight from San Francisco.

News4JAX aviation expert Ed Booth predicts that delays and cancellations will continue for a long time.

“This will continue for years. In my opinion, I don’t see a quick solution to this, “Booth said.” Airlines can start solving the problem by hiring people and paying for their training. “

Booth says flight training for commercial airlines is expensive.

“It is usually young people who are interested in flying as their occupation, who are very interested in the opportunity to fly airplanes. Very few do it because they find it very expensive, almost almost a lot, “said Booth.

Booth also said there is a shortage of trainers to train these pilots.

“There are not enough training planes. There is not enough air space, ”he explained. “Flight instructors are removed from the same pilot team, and there is a shortage of flight instructors, and if you do not have enough flight instructors, you will obviously not be able to train more pilots. Also, a perfect storm. “

When it comes to hiring pilots, Booth said, airlines travel to key destinations around the country.

“They go to universities with flight training programs, such as Jacksonville University, and hold job fairs and try to attract young people who are in training to enroll in their name, and often start with their passenger planes and work. get to the main line, “Booth said.

Margie Jordan is a travel agent. He gave some tips to help guests.

He said: “Do not take the last flight of the day and keep your connections in good condition.” delay. “

Although the rest is not fair, Jordan said, take it.

“You know you’re going to get where you’re going at the end of the day,” he said.

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Do you have to be vaccinated to travel internationally?

Children should return to full-time personal study in the fall with the prevention measures in place. The White House has announced that vaccinations will be required for international visitors to the United States, with effect from November 8, 2021.

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Are canned vegetables good alternatives to eat during COVID-19 quarantine?

Although fresh or frozen vegetables are generally preferred, canned vegetables such as mushrooms, spinach, peas, tomatoes, and green beans are a good alternative to long-term care, to ensure eating enough vegetables. Remember to choose, if possible, options with low or no salt.

Can COVID-19 be transmitted through food? There is currently no evidence that people can catch COVID-19 in food. See the article : Live music is back on stage in 2022. The virus that causes COVID-19 can be killed by the same temperature as other known viruses and bacteria found in food.

Can COVID-19 spread through water while swimming?

Fact: Water or swimming does not transmit the COVID-19 virus COVID-19 virus does not pass through water while swimming. However, the virus is spread between humans when a person has close contact with an infected person. WHAT YOU CAN DO: Avoid crowds and stay within a meter from others, whether you are swimming or swimming. See the article : 7 lifestyle habits that can halve your risk of dementia. Wear a mask when you are not in the water and you cannot stay away. Wash your hands often, cover your chest or sneeze with a crooked tissue or elbow, and stay home if you are not feeling well.

Can the coronavirus survive on surfaces?

It is uncertain how long the virus that causes COVID-19 lives on the surface of water, but it seems to work as well as other coronaviruses. On the same subject : Women in Business: Amy Wenger. Recent experiments on survival of human coronaviruses on site have found significant differences, ranging from 2 hours to 9 days (11). The survival time depends on a number of factors, including the type of surface, temperature, specific humidity and the specific type of virus.

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What is the happiest city in the UK?

Hexham in Northumberland is named after the best place to live in Great Britain. The market town hit Richmond upon Thames in Greater London and Harrogate in North Yorkshire to the top of Rightmove’s Happy at Home Index.

What is the most exciting city to live in? Fremont, California Fremont, California, ranks as the happiest city in the United States. It is located near Silicon Valley southeast of San Francisco Bay and has a population of over 231,000.

What is the best area to live in the UK?

10 Best Places to Live in the UK

  • Oxford and Cotswolds. …
  • Brighton. …
  • Cardiff …
  • Edinburgh. …
  • Reading with the Thames Valley. …
  • Manchester. …
  • Leeds. …
  • Bristol. The port city of Bristol has become quiet and is becoming one of the most sought after cities in the UK for immigrants and locals.

What is the happiest place to live in the UK?

The best places to live in the UK have been revealed by Rightmove. The Hexham market town in Northumberland ranks first this year after first becoming the top in 2019.

Whats the happiest town in England?

Hexham in Northumberland has been named Britain’s most beautiful place to live. The “happy birthday” program, now in its tenth year, asked more than 21,000 people across Britain how they felt about their place of residence. The market town previously was above the index in 2019.

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