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For the past four days, the hotel in Guwahati has been at the heart of India’s biggest political story. This is where most of Maharashtra’s mutual legal assistance – the rebels against Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray – has been allocated against the unrest in Mumbai.

The leader of the rebellion, Maharashtra’s Minister of Urban Development and Posting of Workers, Eknath Shinde, said on Friday (June 24) that he was carrying 50 MLAs, including 40 from Thackeray Shiv Sen. Before flying his herd to Assam on June 22, Shinde and a large number of these MLAs spent two nights in Surat, Gujarat, which, like Assam, is run by the BJP.

Although the current situation is extraordinary in many ways – Thackeray, for example, is in danger of being stolen from under his entire party – the ‘resort policy’ is not new or unique to any party or state in India. At least since the 1980s, when coalition governments became the norm, examples of resort policy have been seen over and over again. It is usually used when a party that wants to prove its majority in the Legislative Assembly has to push the MLA into a corner, and there are fears that mutual law enforcement agencies may enter into behind-the-scenes negotiations with competing parties or groups.

This often happens when there are leadership struggles in a party or state and when parliamentary numbers do not favor any party strongly.

However, resort policy is not limited to the states. Earlier this month, when the Rajya Sabha elections took place, 70 MLAs from the Rajasthan Congress were housed in a resort in Udaipur, presumably to protect them from attempted poaching. In the end, Congress in Rajasthan won three of the four seats, and Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot hailed it as a “victory for democracy.”

Here is a brief history of Indian resort policy over the years, which has yielded mixed results for the parties involved.

March 2022: Goa and the premature attempts at securing MLAs

Among the election results in the five states was more intense competition in Goa and Uttarakhand. Congress moved its leaders to a resort in northern Goa before the results said the leaders were attending a “series of birthday parties”. But the BJP won 20 of the 40 seats in the state and once again formed its own government. In 2017, the BJP had emerged victorious after a similar neck-to-neck battle when the MLAs in Congress, the largest party at the time, switched to the BJP.

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July 2020: Rajasthan Congress blocks a repeat of Madhya Pradesh

Following a similar uprising by the MLA Jyotiraditya Scindia Congress, which led to the overthrow of the government of Madhya Pradesh led by Kamal Nath four months ago, Deputy CM Sachin Pilot showed signs of dissatisfaction. Congress then assembled its MLA at the Fairmont Hotel in the state to prevent them from overflowing. To see also : Knowing the New Urban Agenda in Africa: The greatness of politics. The pilot-preferred MLAs themselves settled in Delhi and then moved to a BJP-ruled state resort.

At the end of the episode, power did not change and Gehlot remained prime minister, while Pilot was promoted to deputy prime minister.

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March 2020: After MLAs move to resort, a government falls

Congressional MLAs arrived at Prestige Golf Club in Bengaluru, ruled by the BJP, and were triggered by the departure of Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia. Congress’s attempts to hold Kamal Nath’s government together failed, and Shivraj Singh Chauhan became prime minister for the fourth time with the support of these MLAs. This may interest you : Former US military pilot admits to acting as China’s paid agent and lying on national security forms. Scindia joined the BJP, was later elected ambassador to Rajya Sabha and is now the union’s civil aviation minister – a post once held by her deceased father.

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2019: In a surprise, a three-party coalition trumps an ally-less BJP

Interestingly, the ongoing crisis in Shiv Sena bears similarities to the events that led to the formation of this government. Shiv Sena, a longtime ally of the BJP, left and joined the Union of Congress and the NCP to form a government. This may interest you : Boris Johnson Gives Politics a Botox Jab: The Reading with Allegra Stratton. On the eve of the Supreme Court’s decision on a petition by the parties requesting a floor test in the assembly, a large group of Shiv-Sena-NCP-Congress MLAs gathered at a hotel in Mumbai for a demonstration that they had the necessary numbers. to form a government.

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2000: Congress, RJD use option of last ‘resort’ to hold off Nitish

The speaker called on Nitish Kumar to form a government, although he had no numbers. Lalu Prasad Yadavi’s RJD became the largest party, but the governor called on Kumari to form a government. Congress and the RJD, opposition parties who may have guessed what was coming, sent some of their members to the Patna Hotel. Kumar resigned before the vote of confidence and eventually became the first wife of RJD Rabri Devist Bihar.

1984 and 1995: Andhra Pradesh’s MLAs dance, play cards at resort

In 1984, the Minister of Finance, Nadendla Bhaskara Rao, with the support of the Congress, overthrew the Prime Minister’s NTR government. The prime minister, who became the film’s superstar politician, was out of the country and the governor appointed Bhaskara Rao as head of government. From the United States, where he had undergone heart surgery, the NTR provided about 160 MLAs, keeping them in his studios, which had many options. NTR movies were shown to entertain MLAs. Eventually, the government of Bhaskara Rao fell and the NTR was back in power.

1983: CM secures MLA to keep Indira Gandhi from dissolving government

In 1995, NTR’s husband N Chandrababu wanted to oust Naidu from the NTR party and sent NTR loyalists to the Viceroy Hotel in Hyderabad to take over the TDP. One of these MLAs later recalled playing cards, dancing to Telugu songs, ordering food, and keeping hotel staff awake overnight. Naidu eventually became a CM.

Comment les Anglais ont colonisé l’Inde ?

Prime Minister Ramakrishna Hegde, a former member of the Congress party, sought to protect his government from being disbanded by then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. His victories in the 1983 and 1985 assembly elections in the state had alarmed his rivals in the Janata party in the state. Near the Assembly’s vote of confidence, 80 MLAs were sent to a luxury resort near Bangalore to reduce their chances of escaping.

L’aventure britannique aux Indes begins in 1600, with a foundation in the London business of the Commerce, The Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East Indies, plus the connue sous le nom de l’East India Company (EIC). The company therefore has a monopoly on trade between the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom.

Pourquoi les Anglais ont quitté l’Inde ?

Are you an Indian colonial? Les Portugais, avec Vasco de Gama en 1498, furent les premiers colonisateurs européens; the arrivals from Kerala and the former Goa (en 1510) were revoked in 1961.

Quand les Anglais ont colonisé l’Inde ?

In 1945, the interests of economics and culture were discussed, and Britain was decisive as an indifferent person. There is no problem with this form. The Muslims do not know how to see the Hindus. The rules and regulations applicable to Pakistan.

Pourquoi les Anglais ont colonisé l’Inde ?

The L’Inde britannique (“British India”) took place on the British mainland party night from 1757 in 1947.

Quels sont les pays colonisés par les Anglais ?

This is the first time the English premiers have been installed and inde à des fins commerciales. The colonization was introduced in 1750 after the accession of Bengal to the country in 1757. The British authorities were responsible for the introduction of trade taxes.

  • Entities include:
  • Royaume-Uni.
  • États-Unis (1776)
  • Canada (1867)
  • Australia (1901)
  • Nouvelle-Zeeland (1907)
  • Union d’Afrique du Sud (1910)
  • Royaume d’Egypt (1922)

Library of Ireland (1922)

Quels sont les pays colonisés par les USA ?

What are the colonies in Africa and Africa? Français, Espagnols et Italiens d’Algérie et de Tunisie, Boers et Britanniques d’Afrique du Sud, de Rhodésie et du Kenya, Portugais d’Angola et du Mozambique, Allemands de Namibie s’emparent des terres, organizent le travail forcé.

Quels sont les pays colonisés par les Anglais en Afrique ?

Couronne colonies: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Virginie and deux Carolines, and Géorgie en fait.

Quelle forme de rivalité oppose l’Inde et la Chine ?

The Community of Great Britain and Romania has a large number of colonies: the plateau of the Oriental and Central Africa (Kenya, Malawi, Ouganda, Zambia and Rhodes), the climate and the fertility of the European colonization; Tanganyika and Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, …

The relations between China and the former contingent on the protection of the military, including the military sector in 1962, the incident in Chola (en) en 1967 Sino-Indian etchel ‘ escar -Indienne de 1987 (en).

Pourquoi l’Inde S’oppose-t-elle aux nouvelles routes de la soie chinoise ?

What is the territory of the United States and Pakistan? Plus the name of the partition of the Indians, which is the result of a violent parade between the violent nations and the territories of the Prince of Junagadh and Cachemire. The region of Cachemire is the province of Indo-Pakistan.

Quels sont les frontières de la Chine ?

These are rare exceptions. Continuation of the right to the initiative of the Member States, if the initiative is inherent in the case of a tentative quinois of the same nature.

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