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The Supreme Court Declaration on Women’s Abortion on Friday was a legal, political and social issue that deserves the term “history” because it will change lives in many ways. , many still unknown.

But while it was shocking, largely because it contradicts many people’s views on the matter, it was not surprising. This decision has been the result of an astonishing success of the party ‘s moral conduct in all political spheres, from low-level social and religious activists to established leaders of the right wing of the judiciary. successive Republicans.

Democrats working through the stages of disbelief, anger and grief on Friday vowed to fight back. But their mission, like that of their victorious adherents, would take decades or even more to reach a far-reaching goal.

“Do not make a mistake: This decision is the end of decades of deliberate attempt to violate the integrity of our law. , “said President Joe Biden. But he added: “This is not over yet.”

One of the leading Democrats, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, of Massachusetts, said she was “spitting.”

“We have the tools. We will use them in November. We will make sure we elect enough people who believe in democracy that we can pass Roe v. Wade and make it national law again,” he said. CNN. “Only this time, we will legalize it and enforce it.”

But the coming war means that there is no chance of the Septuagenarians as Biden and Warren win.

Expectations of immediate political turmoil are also unlikely, according to the current Democrats’ woes. If the spill of liberation is a conspiracy to restore the rights of abortion, it will require the same level of decades of commitment shown by the opposition. It will call for a network of political parties pushing for one-sided and for talented national politicians to produce voters in this regard using their time to work to build a legal structure. and a competing political party working to change change. And it will have to start with the latest operating system after a surprise victory as many storage countries pass or implement flash laws to prevent the release of abortions for millions of women.

Abortion is a serious issue for many Americans that affects the choice of when life begins and the individual’s right to self-determination. It becomes a politically sensitive and divisive issue when it comes to questions about how the government can regulate these ethical and legal questions and what the Constitution allows.

So just as liberals can now be expelled again, the anti-abortion movement will not rest. Some activists are already scrambling to elect a Republic-led Congress and a president who will prevent abortions not only in the provinces but also in the blue countries that immediately swore Friday to protect women’s rights of choice. And while Biden could speak of Republican extremists and liberals complaining about Republican presidents failing to win popular elections, the conservative party looks like an opportunity to rally to use the US political system to maintain its victory as Democrats try to overthrow it.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has acted like any other Republican leader in reforming the Supreme Court, has praised the years of ethical campaigns leading up to Friday’s decision.

“Millions of Americans have spent half a century praying, innovating and working toward the triumph of modern history for law and orderly life. I have been proud to stand with them throughout our long journey. and I share their joy today, “Kentucky. The Republic said.

The governor of the Republic of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson, wrote: “… now we can save lives.”

A cascade of consequences

Friday’s victory was a perfect one for the conservatives and it will be very difficult for Democrats to undo not only because of its legal consequences, but also because of the consequences it will bring, which some are even unrelated to abortion. See the article : Virginia Proceedings Against Both Letters.

Opponents of abortion are not only celebrating the prospects for future millions of pregnancies, but major changes and national policies, which will change the meaning of living in America for both men and women.

But at the same time, tens of millions of women went to bed Friday night with less constitutional right than they had ever woken up to. As sovereign states begin to ban abortions altogether, the American rights ledger will depend on where they live or where they are conceived. Seemingly the first time in the country’s history march, the Supreme Court has upheld a constitutional right. The clear number of the Constitution is the majority of the court that has settled in this case – along with other judicial and religious experts this week – creating a period of social unrest.

If one constitutional right is violated, why is it now revoked? Now, and despite the confirmation of a number of courts, same-sex marriage, contraceptives, and even in vitro fertilization drugs are beginning to look even more dangerous.

This week’s rulings on abortion and firearms have confirmed a surprisingly new majority in the American life force – with the courage to make major changes. Because this confusion comes from people who are deeply religious, it is likely that it will lead to conflicts with many parts of the world, different social groups. These facts, along with recent court appearances that contradict popular opinion, mean that America’s negative divisions will deepen. But the judges are locked into politics by lifelong election.

Victory for Trump and McConnell

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A triumph for Trump and McConnell

If that were not the case, Friday confirmed President Donald Trump, who helped push the court to the right, as one of the most serious consequences of history. See the article : Women in Business: Amy Wenger. It ensured a comfortable marriage between the then-President who was challenged by evangelists and social activists, based on the promise that he would appoint judges against abortion.

And it confirms McConnell, whose controversial tactics paved the way for a more tolerant people, as one of the most ambitious in politics of all time. Trump and McConnell’s career – in the form of three junior judges in comparison – will be changing America’s face long after they leave. The Senate structure, which allows Republicans to exercise greater power despite representing the poorest people in many rural countries, will make it difficult for Democrats to turn majority opinion into a law that unites Roe v. Wade.

In the short term, Friday’s decision could play a role in mid-November elections, in which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed to reverse the decision on abortion. But with voters plagued by high inflation and recorded petrol prices, they may be facing a growing economic crisis – especially in areas where Democrats need to make a profit in order to sustain their majority. less.

The new reality of abortion will only add to the strength of the 2024 presidential campaign with Democrats facing the possibility of ruling the Republic.

And in the midst of this epidemic, rulers and legislators of the state will be key players in the country’s alarming divisions, as some are quick to pass laws restricting the right to abort and others they strive to keep it. There may be disputes over the powers of governments to prevent citizens seeking abortion from visiting countries where this practice is still permitted.

Large corporations are on the verge of getting involved in the fight for women workers’ rights that could affect headquarters and will require firms to think about how to deal with new health care problems. The majority of people who adhere to good manners have advocated in their view that reorganizing abortions in a decision-making country will allow democracy to work. But nothing in the American political context suggests that this is more than just a wish. Abortion may cause some communities to be further disfellowshipped.

The history of American revolution

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A historic campaign to change America

In many ways, Friday’s turbulent events were the perfect answer for a particularly difficult summer week seven years ago, as the court appeared to be beginning a period of free-standing by observe the Affordable Care Act and judge that same-sex marriage is legal. This may interest you : Appeal by Secretary Blinken with Colombian President-elect Petro – United States Department of State. Those few critical days, however, have helped provoke an uproar that has led to President Trump, and finally, to significant issues this week.

But Genesis of this moment came a long time ago, beginning to be built soon after the 1973 decision of Roe v. Wade court recently overturned. It took on a network of alliances and coordinated campaigns of religious dissidents, activist groups, fundraisers, lower lawmakers, religious leaders, anti-abortion activists, national political leaders , radio journalists, right wing journalists and the presidents of the Republic for decades to come. fruit. It included years of seals that turned the judiciary on its right, during which the de facto alliances between politicians and politicians sought to reduce the number of cases and ultimately eliminate the right to government abortions by courts.

And it took the Supreme Court nominees who were misleading the Senate confirmation cases, eye and head, over their opposition to overturning the model of majority formation within the upper court. marbles and you will complete the task.

The movement was especially strengthened by the resilient reform that President Ronald Reagan undertook. As governor of California, he had signed a law that allowed certain abortions to be abolished but changed his mind after a long search for breath and after seeing an opportunity to apply the matter to strengthen the conservative movement. In February 1984, Reagan wrote in his journal about an interview with a woman in Peoria, Illinois, who had been separated from Republicans because of her stand on the issue.

Reagan wrote: “I suggested that there are 2 human rights involved in abortion – the mother and the unborn child,” Reagan wrote, explaining the message that strengthened the work and after his death.

The next President of the Republic, George H.W. Bush, has appointed Judge Clarence Thomas, who has been standing quietly on the bench for decades for his tough rule of law governing the court. He announced the same sentiment on Friday which ran as a call for appeals for activists and independent states to challenge other issues, regarding same-sex marriage and contraception.

President Bill Clinton retained conservatives for eight years and her nominee, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, became a symbol of women’s rights during her tenure. But his death in 2020, while Trump was in the White House, paved the way for the confirmation of the 5-4 crowd that overthrew Roe on Friday.

The next president, George W. Bush, played his part in the 17-year-old abortion earthquake by electing Judge Samuel Alito, who wrote the majority vote on Friday.

Obama’s presidency imposed sanctions on former Prime Minister McConnell’s last presidential candidate, Merrick Garland (now Biden’s attorney), who allowed the newly elected Trump to raise another member of the Friday crowd, Justice Neil Gorsuch. McConnell then reversed his hasty decision to reject pre-election judges, which he had used to prevent Garland from appearing in court, to introduce another anti-abortion in the days of Amy Coney Barrett before Trump lost in 2020. Without his efforts, the fifth in a row. the choice to reinstate Roe would not have been possible, as Chief Justice John Roberts, while opposing the abortion, showed support for a much smaller approach.

These are critical decisions of the president and congressional battles that have been fought for decades. It is a taste of what Democrats face if they want to reverse Friday’s decision and the future of a stable constitution. Their long term will be complicated by the fact that Gorsuch, Barrett and Justice Brett Kavanaugh are in their 50s and have years of court service where they can confirm Friday’s decision.

For abortion rights activists, at the same time, the next few presidential elections are even more difficult, and will test the satisfaction of free people about non-abstinence. violation of the law when the right to terminate a pregnancy will begin to change.

Almost every Republican, up and down election campaign, has been involved in a campaign to end abortions. The issue was a unifying force in Republican politics as protesters rallied to reach a single far-reaching goal that was fulfilled on Friday.

Democrats have not yet proved that they have the moral, organizational capacity or the rising stars of politics to fight a war similar to their own.

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