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BELOIT – The West Branch Local Schools received their ninth Best Musical Education Communities from the NAMM Foundation.

Nominations go to districts that show significant success in efforts to provide music and education to all students.

The district offers music education in a variety of ways, including elementary music, middle school choir, middle school band, Rock’n Roll history class, high school walking group, including majorette group and colorguard group, band high school dramas, High School. jazz band, high school choir and high school women’s band.

The district also offers many extracurricular activities, such as a middle school art exhibition, a middle school jazz concert and a high school concert.

This year, dozens of Western Branch Voting and Equipment students have received excellent ratings from stand-alone and mixed competitions this year. Preparing for these competitions is not part of the course – students spend extra training hours to earn a higher grade.

In January, 16 high school students competed in the Warren Solo and Ensemble in Warren, and more than 30 of their middle school counterparts competed in April’s Solo and Ensemble in the Struthers competition. The Western Branch hosted a Solo and Ensemble competition for seventh- to 12th-graders in April, where Mount Union University judges and retired arts professors awarded 24 events including fighters and performances. Excellent group and excellent rating.

West Branch High School is also known for producing music theaters. Dozens of students take part in bringing music to the theater several times during the school year, with in-depth designs, and well-trained songs and talented performers from the district. Students presented two musical productions this school year, “The Sound of Music” and “Matilda the Musical.”

To achieve classification, the West Branch detailed its funding, graduation requirements, music class participation, tuition time, facilities, music program support and community programs. The answers were later reviewed by the University of Kansas Institute for Music Research.

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