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Earn Your Business or Marketing Degree Online or On-Site

Prepare for the future of business with a National University degree. Whether you are an entrepreneur or pursuing a career at a Fortune 500 corporation, NU can provide you with the tools you need to succeed in today’s competitive business world. With convenient four-week courses, you will immerse yourself in career-oriented specializations in the fields of marketing, finance and accounting, organizational leadership, communications, health administration and public administration. Under the guidance of experienced faculty, students will develop industry expertise, problem-solving skills, and strategic marketing knowledge essential to making an impact in the field and becoming innovative business leaders.

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7 Reasons to Choose National University For Your Business Degree

The four-week courses can be completed one month at a time See the article : Report: Business professionals make high returns.

Convenient online and on-site courses and 100% online business degree programs provide educational opportunities that fit your learning style.

Transfer friendly so you get the credit you deserve for prior courses, military training and experience, and more.

A diverse community of students, faculty and more than 185,000 alumni contribute to our long-standing culture of success.

Valuable career services including counseling, resume and cover letter review, career fairs and more designed to help you succeed.

Scholarships. With a historic investment of $30 million, NU is able to offer need-based and programmatic scholarship opportunities.

50 years of success. National University, a private, nonprofit institution founded by veterans, has been providing innovative academic programs since 1971.

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What Can a Business Degree Do for You?

The highly competitive field of business requires leaders who are ready to take on the complex challenges facing the global economy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, several careers in business management, including advertising, promotions and marketing management, offer significantly higher income potential, with an average salary of up to $141,490. Several business areas, including financial management, are expected to experience faster-than-average growth, with some growing by 17% over the next decade.

At NU, our industry-leading on-site and online business programs are designed to deliver an excellent return on investment by giving you the managerial acumen needed to gain a competitive edge. On the same subject : How James Clarke founded Clearlink.

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Our Top Business Degree Programs

Invest in your future success and take a course that matches your career goals. These market-oriented degree programs are designed to provide you with the leadership skills you’ll need to advance in your chosen field and beyond. See the article : Offender shot while attempting to rob businesses in Rosemoor. Complete courses one month at a time without sacrificing your family and work commitments.

Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications

Develop an understanding of traditional marketing elements including advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing and more with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. You will discover the magic of connecting these different elements to provide a strong and unified message in support of the organization or its products.

Graduate of Business Administration

Gain a competitive edge in the business world Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or looking to expand your business knowledge, a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) can give you the tools you need to establish your competitive edge and succeed today. exciting business world.

Graduate engineer in financial management

Get practical and theoretical training in financial decision-making and wealth creation through the art and science of managing financial resources with a Bachelor of Financial Management. Instead of just monitoring the company’s finances, you’ll receive hands-on training in data analysis and learn how to advise senior managers on how to increase profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose from online and on-site undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting, business, management, human resources, organizational leadership and more. NU also offers a convenient, 100 percent online MBA program that can be completed in just 14 months. The National University offers a variety of business programs including:

Courses are taught by experienced teachers and run using the latest technology to provide dynamic, interactive online learning environments. You’ll learn from experts in the field and gain real-world career skills. Find out more about our faculty.

A National University business degree can open doors in a variety of fields, including professional, scientific and technical services, manufacturing, retail, finance and insurance, health care, information, transportation and warehousing, wholesale, administration and support, waste management, remediation services, educational services, real estate and more. With a National University business degree, you’ll gain the knowledge needed to excel, including communications, leadership, sales, operations, customer service, research, time management, teamwork and technology skills.

Our degree programs include four-week course formats that allow you to balance work and family commitments while earning your degree. You will develop the analytical skills needed to become a business leader and the quantitative skills needed to understand and solve business problems. Through research, teaching and experiential learning activities, you will develop a deep understanding of the key business areas of marketing, management and finance to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced workforce.

With a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business from National University, you can be on your way to professional recognition, advancement, and greater earning potential. Our degree programs are designed to provide you with the leadership skills to compete in today’s global economy and meet the needs of the modern marketplace. Our more than 185,000 alumni work in a variety of incredible fields, including education, healthcare, cyber security, criminal justice, and more.

At National University, we strive to make higher education accessible and attainable by helping you find financial aid, including grants, loans and scholarships, to help you defer or defer your tuition and related expenses. Our financial aid representatives are happy to help you. For assistance, call 1-800-NAT-UNIV or email us.

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