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Broadcast popcorn to your Discord friends online by tuning into your favorite Netflix Original

With Netflix ending account sharing and recent price hikes causing users to cancel their Netflix subscriptions, people have started looking for alternatives to share their binge-watching experience with distant family members and close friends. One of these alternatives involves using Discord (a social messaging platform) to host a Netflix viewing session via Discord’s screen sharing feature. So Android Police is here to help you get started with Netflix screen sharing via Discord streaming, while detailing exactly how to tinker with your settings to improve the experience.

For now, the Discord mobile app doesn’t have a way to share Netflix on screen. You’ll need to download the desktop app or web browser version to share your screen on a mobile device. However, viewers can join on any device they own (provided they have the Discord app installed), so jumping into an existing section on mobile is easy.

How to enhance the experience

You might want to improve the streaming quality for your Netflix entertainment sessions, and there are a few limited options available. The first option is to use a Discord server and set up voice channels; after setting these channels, you can navigate to the voice channel settings and choose to reset the region. On the same subject : Why do Netflix anime tend to have lower ratings?. Discord is set to automatic by default, but sometimes you may need to consider manually selecting servers depending on where everyone is located to find a middle ground; there are four US-only options.

The second option works if you subscribe to Discord Nitro (premium subscription-based service). Discord Nitro allows you to stream videos higher than 720p video resolution and increases the frame rate; if you have the option, we recommend streaming above the lowest settings, provided your internet connection can handle it.

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Host a Netflix watch party instead of sharing your account

While it may not always be the most convenient option for hosting a party on Discord, it’s certainly the safest, at least when it comes to sharing. Netflix may soon force you to pay any bill sharing on your favorite streaming box, but not everyone has the cash to splurge on entertainment these days. Why not just sit down and host a party with family and friends with Discord as an alternative? Even Amazon is trying to jump on the bandwagon by adding native support with its own viewers on Amazon Prime Video.

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