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The Sand Man. Ferdinand Kinglsey as Hob Gadling in episode 106 of The Sandman. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

Have a nice weekend Netflix Life readers! It’s time to sit back and relax with some great Netflix shows. Whether you’re craving something new or revisiting an old favorite, Netflix is ​​here to help you unwind. Check out the big list of some new release episodes below.

Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows list for this week has multiple repeats from last week. Virgin River, Keep Breathing, Stranger Things, UnCoupled, Extraordinary Attorney Woo and more complete this list.

If you fancy a movie this weekend, check out the list of movies leaving Netflix in August and catch them before they leave.

Best new Netflix shows August 6, 2022

The Sandman (Season 1)

The highly anticipated series The Sandman is easily one of the best new Netflix shows to watch this weekend. Based on Neil Gaiman’s comics for DC, this series has been in development for several years, and the first season consists of 10 episodes that mix modern myth and dark fantasy.

Morpheus, the King of Dreams, spent years in prison after being captured in an occult ritual. On the same subject : Is The Resort on Netflix? (where to watch). After he escapes, he sets out to restore order to his Dream Realm.

Starring Tom Sturridge, Boyd Holbrook, Vivienne Acheampong, Patton Oswalt, Gwendoline Christie, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Mason Alexander Park, Donna Preston, Kyo Ra, Stephen Fry, Razane Jammal and Sandra James Young.

Super Giant Brothers (Season 1)

The first season of the animation Super Giant Robot Brothers was recently released. To see also : Netflix is ​​giving Cameron Diaz his retirement for a new movie with Jamie Foxx. Created by Víctor Maldonado and Alfredo Torres for Netflix, this series is an action-adventure comedy that the whole family can enjoy.

Set in the future, robot brothers Shiny (Eric Lopez) and Thunder (Chris Diamantopoulos) are tasked with defending Earth when space monsters attack. They, along with their genius inventor Alex Rose (Marisa Davila) and Colonel Creed (Delbert Hunt), the head of the Extreme Defense Force, form a highly dysfunctional family that must band together to keep Earth safe.

Trainwreck Woodstock ’99

The three-part docuseries Trainwreck Woodstock ’99 will make you glad you missed out on the event that was supposed to rival its 1960 namesake but completely missed. See the article : The 50 original original films of Netflix.

Set as a three-day festival to celebrate peace, love and good music, Woodstock ’99 turned out to be a wreck of fire, riot and destruction. Using inside footage and eyewitness interviews made up of staff, artists and attendees, this series will showcase what really happened in what was billed as a “celebration that defines the millennium”.

Locke & Key (Season 3 coming soon)

Locke & Key is excited to hear that the third and final season will release on August 10th. This gives fans enough time to rewatch it, and those who haven’t, time to catch up. The series is a coming-of-age mystery that chronicles the ups and downs of a family experienced in love, loss, and family bonds.

The series picks up after Rendell Locke’s death when his family shoots for Matheson, Massachusetts, for his family home, Keyhouse. His sons, Tyler, Kinsey and Bode, soon discover mysterious keys within the house that hold magical powers that are somehow linked to a demonic entity who is also looking for the keys to use in his evil schemes.

Never Have I Ever (Season 3 coming soon)

The coming-of-age comedy Never Have I Ever will release its third season on August 12. Now is the perfect time to rewatch or start watching before the Season 3 release date. Created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, this series is set in the San Fernando Valley area and is loosely based on Kaling’s childhood in Boston.

Devi Vishwakumar, a 15-year-old Indian-American Tamil girl, loses sensation in her legs after the sudden death of her father and is unable to walk for three months. Out of nowhere, she suddenly regains the ability to walk. The series follows Devi and her life as a teenager trying to cope with school life, family problems, and her feelings for boys.

John McEnroe narrates to Devi, with Andy Samberg and Gigi Hadid narrating an episode each, for Ben and Paxton, of Devi’s crushes.

Which of these Netflix series are you going to watch?

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