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The Outlaws – Courtesy of James Pardon / BBC Studios

It’s almost time to see what our seven outlaws are going to do. Season 2 of Outlaws is getting closer to Prime Video tonight, and here’s everything you need to know.

It’s about renewing during a pandemic and being able to film the seasons back, we didn’t have to wait long for Season 2 of The Outlaws. Six episodes will be out tonight.

The official release time is midnight GMT on Friday, August 5. If it were a global original, we’d say it might come early in North America. However, this is not guaranteed as it is not a worldwide original. The series appears on Prime Video everywhere except in the UK. This may mean we wait until midnight locally, but we will have the episodes tonight.

What to expect in The Outlaws Season 2

The six episodes start at the back of the first season. We enter this story months after intense events where bandits were looking for a refund at gunpoint. See the article : MLB trade results winners and losers: Padres get Juan Soto; Yankees, Phillies improve; Tough day for O’s fans. The gang has been arrested, but things are not over for a group of outlaws.

Our seven hapless guys and girls will discover that the criminal underworld is still chasing them. Naturally, the criminal underworld wants revenge, and that means life is at stake. The group will have to do everything possible to stay away from dodging.

Now, if only they weren’t doing community work. Their sentences are not over yet, which means they are busy for a specified number of hours paying back a debt to society for their previous crimes. Expect a lot more fun hassle that may or may not involve the illegal business the seven have set up.

What are you hoping to see in Season 2 of The Outlaws? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlaws is coming to Prime Video tonight.

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