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The Secretary will travel to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, August 2-6 to attend ASEAN-related ministerial meetings. It will also hold bilateral meetings with Prime Minister Hun Sen and Deputy Prime Minister / Foreign Minister Prak Sokhonn. The secretary, prime minister and deputy prime minister will discuss important areas of mutual concern, such as the enforcement of DPRK sanctions, law enforcement and child protection, the crisis in Burma, global health security, change climate change, condemnation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Cambodia’s support for the creation of the US-ASEAN Global Strategic Partnership. The Secretary will stress that the improvement of our bilateral relations is conditional on the adoption by the Cambodian leadership of significant measures to address concerns related to the military presence of the People’s Republic of China at the Ream naval base, democratic relegation and respect for human rights. and work.

Interpersonal ties play an important role in relations between the United States and Cambodia

US-Cambodia economic and health cooperation

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