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As the host of CNN’s popular travel show Nomad, it goes without saying that Carlton McCoy is a true travel expert. Also a trained chef and master sommelier, McCoy has unique insights on where to go, what to eat, what to drink, and (important this summer), how and what to wear.

McCoy recently shared with Fortune more about the must-haves he never leaves home without.

Efficient checked luggage

“I always check a bag. Understand that now it can be a challenge, but I prefer not to put all my stuff in one small bag. July is my favorite bag brand. Beautiful design, they offer a trunk style, which is much more practical and most importantly they use a zipper closure on the trunk instead of a zipper. I like that extra touch.”

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Wine-specific luggage

“I love to travel with a wine bag, especially the Vingarde Valise. It is strong and most importantly it holds the entire case of wine. As a wine industry professional, I love to share the wines I love with the people I love and admire. and chefs who want to share their favorite foods with those they love. Sharing my favorite wine is something I really enjoy.”

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Travel-friendly clothing

“I’m not a fussy dresser. I like simple, nice pieces. Wearing a lot of different clothes limits the amount of clothing you need to wear. I love Todd Snyder Jeans. They have a little stretch so they’re easy to travel with. Patrick Assaraf’s t-shirts are always in the bag. It’s a mature t-shirt. It’s soft, but the fabric is high quality, and it holds its shape well. On the same subject : Add more Amazon Prime Video channels to your package for less than $1. I always go with a custom blazer, always. black. Perfect for any occasion. I also always wear a nice white shirt. Easy to dress up or down. I can never travel without this All Saints Mode Merino Wool hoodie. Light weight and great for occasions. most of them. If I’m not traveling to Nomad, I always have gym clothes.”

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Durable footwear

“I’ve had a show addiction since I was little, but as a guy with big feet I can only travel with so many pairs, so I choose three pairs for every trip. See the article : Wine matching your favorite music …. Running shoes (Nike ZoomX Vaporfly), purpose-built sneakers (Air Force 1 or Onitsuka GSM), and Ostrich shoes by David Espinoza, I can wear these with a full suit and tie or jeans and a t-shirt.

Trusty timepiece

“I always travel with a 1960 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust and wear something a bit more formal – like the Franck Mueller Casablanca – if I know I have an important event or business meeting. On the same subject : Zimbabwean political figures who are fighting for the future of their country. I’m always impressed by the incredible craftsmanship of Wear a great watch and a great watch will add flair to even jeans and a t-shirt.”

This is part of Baggage Claims, formerly known as 5 to Pack, a series featuring celebrities from different places and industries, who show what they always pack when they travel, business or Enjoy.

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