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Summer vacations are always fun, but taking a trip from June to August can often be overwhelming due to the intense heat, large crowds, and expensive plane tickets. That’s why when it comes to booking your next trip with your partner, friends or family, choose to travel in October. Not only are airline tickets and hotels much cheaper, but a trip in October is also the perfect way to recharge and help you get through the last two months of the year.

If you are wondering where to travel in October, you have come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for a tropical beach with a mild climate that helps you forget about the looming cold temperatures at home or you’re hoping to find a cheap (but really cool!) Destination in Europe, there are so many different places to explore. So what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to plan that last minute getaway (hey, indulge!). Time to start packing!

Nassau is home to beautiful blue waters, cotton candy sunsets, and a variety of tropical resorts, offering tourists a wide variety of accommodations. The great thing about Nassau vacations is that most hotels are all-inclusive, so you have access to food, drinks, and activities for a fixed price. Be sure to check out the local culinary tours and straw markets as well as rum distilleries. And for those who want to enjoy a more relaxed trip without kids, Sandals Royal Bahamian is an adults-only resort with 10 restaurants, eight bars, seven pools AND a private island.

There is nothing like New York in the fall. Enjoy beautiful fall foliage in Central Park as you walk, bike, or ride a boat. Its more than 800 acres also have a zoo, where you can buy tickets for $ 20. Central Park also boasts eight different restaurants and cafes as well as snack carts scattered around the park. If you want to experience more of a real city, check out one of the city’s 145 museums. Watch a Broadway show (Wednesday matinees often have the cheapest tickets), try new cuisines, go shopping, attend a concert and much more. Bonus: A trip in October also lets you beat the summer crowds and long lines at big attractions, like the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty.

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Take advantage of the low season and say “hello!” For Italy. The weather is still warm, while local hotels and attractions are more affordable (and manageable). If you’re a budget wizard, you may also be able to find hotel accommodations and vacation rentals for as low as $ 94 a night. October is the perfect time for tourists to take long walks exploring unique architecture, such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore Piazza Duomo (pictured here). Honeymooners can have a romantic dinner for two with tasty bites from the famous San Lorenzo Market. Meanwhile, festival goers will love exploring the many food and arts festivals that take place around the city.

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If you are the type of person who prefers to spend their holidays mainly in a bathing suit, then we recommend that you book a fast flight to Puerto Viejo. October is the month to get the cheapest flights to Costa Rica. Puerto Viejo has everything you could want on vacation: water sports, hiking, zip-lining, snorkeling, nightlife, shopping, and even animal sanctuaries you can visit. It is the perfect choice if you are going with your family, your friends or your partner. The only thing you will have to worry about is which cocktail you will be drinking on the beach during happy hour.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

If you love fresh air, nature and wildlife, a trip to Yellowstone seems like the ideal vacation. Not only do hotels in the area start at $ 90 a night ($ 15 if you’re camping), but the upcoming winter means wildlife is on full display. Bears, wolves, moose, moose, bison, otters and foxes can be seen in almost any area of ​​the park. Go hiking, walking or fishing, and spend your time taking photos to show your friends and family when you get home. Some campsites start closing in October (or earlier), so be sure to check ahead to confirm overnight accommodation.

As the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh has a rustic European beauty that dazzles locals and tourists alike. Known for the Edinburgh International Festival and The Fringe, the latter being the largest annual international art festival in the world, Edinburgh boasts good weather, a smaller crowd and longer daylight hours in October. It’s a great time to explore medieval architecture, the Scottish Highlands, Edinburgh Castle and Inchcolm Abbey while enjoying a sip or two of whiskey in between excursions thanks to the Scotch Whiskey Experience. Accommodation can cost as little as $ 14, and the most expensive part of your trip is probably the airfare. Fun Fact: Edinburgh is often known for having a “nutty, toasty” smell that spreads through the streets from all the local breweries and distilleries.

The stunning views and beautiful fall foliage make the Grand Canyon a great outdoor getaway before winter temperatures hit. As crowds drop dramatically after Labor Day, you and the family can hike and spend a night or more camping, rafting, or just enjoying a scenic drive. Flights can cost up to $ 281 round trip, and accommodation can cost up to $ 15 if you plan to camp inside the park.

Oranjestad’s stunning orange sunrises and sunsets are reason enough for an Aruba vacation. Try activities with the kids like cliff jumping, UTV island tours, underwater expeditions, visits to the local animal sanctuary, snorkeling, fishing, and more. There are also many exciting adult activities such as nightlife tours in the bars and sunset sails with dinner and drinks.

Santorini is calling those who want stunning ocean views, fewer crowds, and cheap plane tickets. Smaller airlines often offer round-trip tickets for as little as $ 108 per person. Stay in a hotel or cut costs by renting an Airbnb, some for as little as $ 100 a night. With wineries, museums, hiking trails, beaches and boat trips, there is something for everyone. Plus, the island is a romantic getaway for honeymooners with its intimate coastal restaurants, sunset sails, hot springs, and Virginia’s Cave Villas Oia.

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