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This Independence Day weekend will be the second trip since 2000, with a record number of Americans planning to travel by road, according to the AAA holiday travel forecast.

Overview: Historically high gas prices are not expected to stop more Americans from driving, and a holiday weekend road trip is still underway for more than 52% of consumers surveyed by The Vacationer.

Driving news: Delays and cancellations of recent flights could drive a 0.4% increase in drivers, according to the AAA, which estimates that the share of people traveling by air on holiday weekend will be the lowest since 2011.

What they’re saying is, “There’s a lot of demand for COVID-19 to travel, a lot of people will still do it on the fourth of July and this summer despite inflation and gas prices,” Eric Jones, one. -The founder of The Vacationer, said Axios.

Gas prices drop ahead of holiday weekend

The national average of a liter of regular gasoline has dropped four cents from $ 4.85 since Monday, the AAA said Thursday.

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Best time to travel July 4th weekend

Friday, July 1, is expected to be the busiest day for air travel for the holiday weekend, according to the AAA. On the same subject : The devastating impact of rising food prices on Americans.

By numbers: So far, Sunday, June 26, was the busiest day of the year’s air travel, according to the TSA.

Flashback: Thousands of flights were canceled or delayed over the weekend of Juneteenth and Father’s Day holidays, Axios ’Rebecca Falconer reported.

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