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Team sales and record player contracts are the majority of the headlines. Less is said about all the money moving into the rest of the sports industry, from season ticket holders to weekend golfers.

Game Status: Sports fans and participants continue to spend a lot of money to follow their favorite leagues, watch their favorite teams, and enjoy their favorite pastimes.

Clothing: The global sports and fitness clothing market is expected to reach $ 221.3 billion by 2026 (29% more than in 2020). Among the main drivers is e-commerce giant Fanatics, the sixth most valuable private company in the United States with $ 27 billion.

Game Outings: It cost a family of four $ 568.18 to attend an NFL game last year, followed by the NHL ($ 462.58), NBA ($ 444.12) and MLB (256 , $ 41). It is based on the cost index of Team Marketing Report fans, which counts tickets, food, merchandise, and parking.

Betting: Americans have been legally betting nearly $ 135 billion in sports since the historic Supreme Court ruling in 2018. New Yorkers alone have bet close to $ 8 billion since January, when mobile betting was legalized.

Broadcast: Live games are the only reason many sports fans pay for cable, and it’s not cheap. Playback services are also piling up and fans need more and more subscriptions to follow the action.

Youth Sports: Parents spend more than $ 20,000 a year on travel, league dues, camping, and equipment, as the $ 17 billion industry continues to grow, and the price of some families.

Community: The popularity of golf has skyrocketed since 2020 and season tickets can cost more than $ 100,000 thanks to huge start-up fees. The community can also be found by subscribing to Peloton ($ 44 / month), ClassPass ($ 19- $ 199 / month) and Planet Fitness ($ 10 / month).

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