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Joint Declaration on the Strategic Dialogue between the United States and Austria – United … Journalists of the Foreign Press Center of the US Department of State visited Norfolk Beijing accused the US navy of “illegally” entering the South China Sea region The United States imposes visa bans linked to West Bank violence Announcement of a Visa Restriction Policy to Promote Peace, Security and Stability in the West Bank – United States… Visa Restriction Policy to Weaken Democracy in Zimbabwe – US State Department Burma’s military collapses in the face of civil war: How should the United States and other countries prepare? Department Press Briefing – December 4, 2023 – US Department of State How a Legal Battle Over a $15,000 Tax Bill Could Extend the US Tax Code The US Supreme Court considers the meaning of ‘income’ in a tax dispute

Marilyn Miller sold property at 421 Bellaire Road to Wilman Olmedo Calderon and Jeannine Marie Brevik for $578,000.

Eileen Ravis sold property at 71 Marblehead Hbr to LW Invests LLC for $237,500.

Linda Fryz sold property at 1622 Blackburn Heights Drive to Corey and Samantha Hirkala for $580,000.

William Jerry Schuring sold property at 2366 Magee Road Ext. #2368 to Michael and Cathy Rawlings for $399,900.

Michael Pivar Jr. sold. property at 2413 Nicholson Road to JRR Homes LLC for $175,000.

Balasubramanya Rangaswamy sold property at 1702 S Hawthorn Court to Conor and Joelle Corcoran for $595,000.

Benjamin Finney II sold property at 2365 Westgate Drive to Phillip Christopher Huntington and Celine Haotian Zhou for $675,000.

Bradley Schrecengost sold property at 2900 Cavey Crest Circle to Property Connection LLC for $48,825.

Maureen Coon trustee sold property at 2107 Coventry Drive to Daniel August and Alyssa Eden Brode for $420,500.

Hampton Development Co. sold LLC property at 3296 Long Meadow to Michael Minton for $85,000.

Paul Duffer sold property at 4218 Middle Road to JNM Investment Group LLC for $303,000.

Charles Hollerman sold property at 4550 Nature Trail Drive to James Wesley Howell and Sara Pierce for $625,000.

David Dietzel sold property at 4531 Pinewood Ln to Nicholas and Melissa Reigh Berkholz for $342,000.

Robert Fiore Jr. sold property at 2860 W Bardonner Road Ext. to Evan Francis Jans for $290,000.

SFR 3000 LLC sold property at 4163 Wallace Road to Raemie Bachman for $135,000.

Anthony Capizzi sold property at 156 Harmony Road to National Residential Nominee Services I for $415,000.

National Residential Nominee Services I sold property at 156 Harmony Road to Wei Zhang and Jianhua Li for $415,000.

Heurich Builders Inc. sold property at 2005 Mallard Ln to Benjamin Marcus Homes LLC for $260,000.

John Hankins III sold property at 340 Osona Ln to Donald Joseph and Wassana McCann for $489,000.

Linda Bauer sold property at Route 856 to Route 856 Property LLC for $400,000.

Carl Johnson sold property at 107 Breckenridge Drive to Usman Chatta and Myra Tahirkheli for $810,000.

Maryann Reed sold property at 603 Calais Drive Apt 2204 to Justin Reed for $105,000.

Bernadette Petrillo sold property at 429 Demmler Drive to Donald and Erica Sinatra for $350,000.

Hongmin Yun sold property at 1609 Harewood Sq to Hyung Don Park and Thanh Nguyen for $225,000.

Ziggymoss Land Co. sold. LLC property at 9714 Harmony Drive to Christian Djiofack for $340,000.

Trustee Geraldine Connors sold property at 375 Haugh Drive to Matthew Knaus and Hope Koutsouflakis for $280,000.

John Neely sold property at 1795 Hedwig Drive to Mathew Ryan Johnson for $320,000.

Colleen Romano sold property at 226 Ridgeview Drive to Terner and Jennifer Gott for $551,000.

Diane Kaleugher sold property at 9816 Sumner Drive to David and Aimee Diandrea Anoia for $1,185,000.

Cynthia Taylor sold property at 201 Sunset Road to Jeremy Puissegur and Rebecca Tisherman for $350,000.

Susan Schindler sold property at 10579 Timber Edge Drive to Brett Schindler and Sarah Summers for $300,000.

Nvr Inc. sold property at Unknown Address to Andrew and Susan Alison Jackson Williams for $526,616.

Joseph Dzierzawski sold property at Babcock Blvd. to Nathan and Amber Manuel for $400,000.

The Thelma Sherrett Estate sold property at 161 Buckwheat Drive to Viktor Sizov for $215,000.

Alan Lowe sold property at 151 Hufhand Ln to Alan and Patricia Lowe for $3,000.

Eric Rader sold property at 119 Northbrook Drive to Jalaluddin Umar and Maryam Jalal for $807,500.

Yuchao Yang sold property at 124 Oakhaven Drive to BGRS LLC for $551,000.

BGRS LLC sold property at 124 Oakhaven Drive to Denis and Natalia Vorobev for $551,000.

Steve Kenner sold property at 716 Parkview Drive to Taylor Martin Hiott and Lauren Brooke Johnson-Hiott for $1,425,000.

NVR Inc. sold property at 4905 Spruce Road to Joshua James Bartley and Suzanne Joan Woodcock for $444,045.

Catherine Smith trustee sold property at 4013 Village Run Road to Jerry Jiayuan Gao and Haomin Hu for $352,000.

Nvr Inc. sold property at 8100 Walnut Way to Eight 8 Murray 8 LLC for $410,000.

Trustee Rudolph Razum sold property at 117 Gardenview Drive to Cody Crawford and Brooke Taranto for $225,000.

James Carpenter sold property at 145 Ramage Road to Darren and Kathleen McAllen for $285,000.

Florence Roberts sold property at 4149 Dickey Road to Paul Blenderer and Jordyn Bailey for $320,000.

Arthur Blymiller Jr. sold. property at Grubbs Road to BMDS McKnight LLC for $150,000.

Trustee Phillip Bednarik sold property at 5431 Hamilton Road to John Robert Francis for $240,000.

Barry Kimmell sold property at 304 Mactavish Court to Joseph Schmidt and Stephanie Listwak for $421,500.

Gregory Oliver sold property at Suncrest Drive to Bryan Headrick for $40,000.

Lawrence Kriner sold property at 120 Whitby Pl to Zachary and Julie Kupec for $395,000.

Marshall Kent Ebeling sold property at 191 Sixth Ave. to Scott Schultz for $165,000.

Estate of Kent Baldwin sold property at 117 Amherst Ave. to G101 LLC for $185,000.

Daniel Derby sold property at 123 Cemetery Ln to Hoffer Partner Properties LLC for $179,900.

Lisa Paterson sold property at 52 Chapel Drive to Bimar Realty Inc. for $160,000.

Boris Portnoi sold property at 4108 Charlemagne Cir to Adam and Jacob Elsayed for $117,600.

Alexander Radkoff sold property at 150 Curtis Ct to Chase Clarke for $418,500.

Elinor Jane Erdly sold property at 124 Longvue Drive to William Drosendahl for $300,000.

Dustin Sorge sold property at 211 Nina Road to Angelo Cupani and Madeline Daschbach for $209,900.

North Boro Post 116 The American Legion sold property at 1051 Perry Highway to Vagabond Heart Holdings LLC for $150,000.

Jide Onifade sold property at 114 Pinevalley Drive to Nucompass Mobility Services Corp. LLC for $605,000.

Nucompass Mobility Services Corp. sold LLC property at 114 Pinevalley Drive to Harikesh Subramanian and Mahathi Indaram for $605,000.

Mark Mildrich sold property at 109 Raleigh Ct to Olivia Rauktis for $205,000.

Trustee John Hoppe sold property at 931 Waldwick Drive to Kevin Bryce and Courtney Sarah Longmuir for $322,000.

Jacqueline Landay sold property at 332 Woodbridge Drive to David Bytnar for $172,000.

Alex Knowles sold property at 90 York Drive to Aaron Greenberg and Rachel Innocenzi for $270,000.

Jonathan William Switzer sold property at 2900 Angeline Drive to Michael and Chelsea Stacchiotti for $435,000.

The Estate of Richard Dominytus sold property at 220 Belladonna Drive to Dillon Dominytus for $195,000.

Trustee Mark Calvino sold property at 135 Cherrywood Drive to Michael Konopelski for $549,000.

Robert Ritchey sold property at 41 Colony Oaks Drive to Joseph and Jennifer Benoit for $201,200.

Trustee Sara Ledonne Ludwig sold property at 72 Fischer Ave to Adam Bechtel for $113,500.

Elmer Horne Jr. sold. property at 228 Iola St. to Benjamin Mercer and Amber Hall for $231,850.

Richard Burkhart sold property at 17 Mansion Ave. to SFR 3060 LLC for $239,000.

Dale Meeder Estate sold property at 32 Oakwood Sq to Luke Radziminski for $193,000.

Agnes Lebakken sold property at 113 Park Ln to Jefferson Palmer and Haley Mutz for $249,500.

Howard Fairman Estate sold property at 312 Shoreham Drive to Mikhail Lemaev and Marina Leonova for $285,000.

John Hrebik sold property at 1715 Vollmer Drive to Colin Simcoviak for $220,000.

Glasso Development Co. sold. LP property at 946 Copper Creek Trl to Bonnie Hopkins trustee for $448,337.

Glasso Development Co. sold. LP property at 948 Copper Creek Trl to Roriann and Linn Whitaker Howard for $467,487.

Nicholas Marini sold property at 14 Henry Road to Brantis and Katherine Davis for $235,000.

Clayton Smith sold property at 185A Michael Road to Devin Mattes for $111,000.

Raymond Swab sold property at 4705 Woodlake Drive to Elijah Stoehr and Angel Vermeersch for $265,000.

Cynthia Wilbur sold property at 164 Chalfonte Ave to Todd Richard Parobeck and Mary Beth Tedesco for $235,000.

The Estate of Kathleen Ann Casey sold property at 35 Norwich Ave. to Mohcine and Nicole Eljoufri for $220,000.

Thomas Grogan sold property at 21 Richland Ave. by Concetta Trama for $165,000.

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