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Ohio will not stop its gas tax soon. Renewing your driver’s license will now be easier, and the wait is ongoing for an abortion decision.

We explain the meaning of this week’s Ohio Politics Explained program.

It is a podcast from the USA TODAY Network Ohio Bureau in which we inform you of the country’s political affairs after 15 minutes or less. This week, host Anna Staver is joined by reporter Jessie Balmert.

If the U.S. Supreme Court reversing its crucial decision regarding abortion, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine plans to immediately request a state judge to impose a state ban on abortion after all abortions note the baby’s heartbeat.

The law, known as the heart attack law, was signed in April 2019 but has been suspended since then.

Prohibition of abortion after about six weeks would be immediate, but complete abortion may take a few more months. State legislators will have to return, pass a ban and wait 90 days for the law to take effect.

President Joe Biden has asked for a three-month holiday on state gas tax, but DeWine will not follow suit.

The governor said the tariffs were needed to support road projects, bridges, and other construction projects across the country.

DeWine Democratic opponent, Nan Whaley, disagrees. He said stopping the Ohio gas tax would be “a simple, but important step in reducing costs for working families.”

The government suspension will lower gas prices by 18.4 cents per gallon and 24.4 cents for diesel. A national suspension will lower the price of a gallon of gas by 38.5 cents and 47 cents for diesel.

Renewing a driver’s license or identity card will soon be easier in Ohio.

Starting June 27, the people of Ohio will be able to visit BMV.Ohio.Gov, click on the “DL / ID Renewal” link and fill out the online form.

“With every service available on the website, InnovateOhio refuses for any reason that the people of Ohio may have to board a BMV,” Lt Gov. Jon Husted said in a statement. “We moved services online, so you never have to. Stand in line.”

Sen. Matt Dolan of Ohio did not win the GOP primary election for the U.S. Senate. this time of year, but he still thinks it is time for his party to step down from former President Donald Trump.

And he has set up a new political action committee that will support the republics that deal with the issues. He calls it the Ohio Matters PAC.

“If we continue to focus only on the past, we will fail as the Republic,” said Dolan, whose family owns the Cleveland Guardian. “I hope others will stand up and say the same thing and say, ‘It’s time for the Republic to move forward.”

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