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New #SexualHealth Campaign Promotes Positive Sexual Health Awareness and Behaviors

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For New Yorkers Who Do Not Have HIV But Are Placed at Risk, PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) Can Prevent HIV and Promote Sexual Health

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Learn More about #SexualHealth Here and PrEP Here

ALBANY, N.Y. (June 27, 2022) – In recognition of Pride Month, the New York State Health Department (NYSDOH) is now highlighting its #SexualHealth and PrEP Awareness campaign. NYSDOH launched a #SexualHealth campaign to raise awareness for sexual health and normalize positive sexual health behaviors. Physical, emotional, mental, and social well -being in sexual relationships, according to the American Sexual Health Association, to be sexually healthy means:

“Sexual health is a fundamental component of good public health,” said State Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett. “And we shouldn’t stigmatize sex or they neglect sexual health, which will only lead to negative health outcomes. I strongly encourage New Yorkers who are not HIV positive, but at risk of HIV, to learn more about PrEP – a safe, effective, and effective drug. To see also : Statement by HHS Secretary Becerre on the Supreme Court Judgment in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case. affordable that prevent HIV.The Department’s innovative PrEP campaign and #SexualHealth normalize sexual health conversations, promote positive sexual health behaviors, and empower New Yorkers with education to seek sexual health care from their providers and discuss sexual health openly with their partners – all. promote better health outcomes. “

The #SexualHealth campaign includes important sexual health topics and tips on how to talk openly with health care providers and current and future sexual partners about sexual health needs and care. As part of the campaign’s outreach efforts, NYSDOH has established an ambassador program through which the Department works with community -based providers and organizations to identify ambassadors with experience in sexual health to expand the program’s education and reach. The initiative includes a web page and toolkit available to the public including program ambassadors, social media messages, images, and videos related to the #SexualHealth campaign that are encouraged to access and share with New Yorkers here.

The PrEP Awareness Campaign promotes education about PrEP (Pre -Exposure Prophylaxis) – a drug that prevents HIV and promotes sexual health for New Yorkers who do not have HIV but are placed at risk. If a person takes PrEP as directed, it is 99% effective in preventing HIV. PrEP is one of the three main pillars in New York State’s plan to End the AIDS Epidemic and ensure equitable access to guide state efforts through 2024 and beyond.

PrEP is safe and has no side effects. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved two PrEP medications taken by the firm and recently approved an injection regimen. New Yorkers can consult a doctor or search for a PrEP provider here. New Yorkers should work with a PrEP provider or health care provider to judge which medications are best for them.

There are many options to cover the cost of PrEP, making it accessible to all. PrEP costs include the cost of medications, medical appointments, and laboratory tests. Medicaid and most health insurance plans cover all PrEP costs, without co-paying or sharing costs. Drug manufacturers offer assistance and NYSDOH offers the PrEP Assistance Program (PrEP-AP).

New Yorkers can learn more and participate in the #SexualHealth campaign by downloading the toolkit here.

New Yorkers can learn more about PrEP, the PrEP Awareness Campaign, the PrEP Assistance Program (PrEP-AP), and find a PrEP provider here.

For questions about the #SexualHealth campaign, contact us at

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What do you do for pride?

10 ways to celebrate Pride month On the same subject : ‘Pride is protest’ – the power of the people’s voice is better in the midst of politics and pandemics.

  • Attend a Pride Parade or Event. …
  • Be an Ally. …
  • Organize a T -Shirt Design Contest. …
  • Volunteer or Donate. …
  • Be a Lawyer. …
  • Educate Yourself. …
  • Supports LGBTQIA+arts and culture. …
  • Consider the LGBTQIA+ inclusiveness of your company.

How long is the Pride Parade in Chicago?

Chicago Pride Parade is one of the most popular LGBTQ + events in the city. The parade concludes the celebration of the city’s months with a famous four-mile procession held on Sunday last June.

What time is the Chicago Pride Parade? Chicago’s 51st annual Pride Parade kicks off Sunday afternoon on Montrose Ave and Broadway in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood and winds through the north side of the city. To see also : Education can help close the healthcare gap for LGBTQ people.

How long does the Chicago Pride Parade last?

Pride in the Park also brought in thousands of people over the last two days with non-stop live music and drag performances in the heart of Chicago. The Chicago Pride Parade returns in 2022. The route begins at Montrose and Broadway in Uptown and ends near Diversey and Sheridan in Lincoln Park.

How many people attend the Pride Parade in Chicago?

editionthe dateaudience
the 48thJune 25, 20171,000,000
the 49thJune 24, 20181,000,000
50thJune 30, 20191,000,000
to 51June 28, 2020Canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic

Where is the pride parade in Chicago?

When did Pride parade start in Toronto?

When was the first Pride parade in Canada? The inaugural Winnipeg Pride was one of the first Pride celebrations in Western Canada, after Vancouver in 1979 and Edmonton in 1980.

Is there a pride parade in Toronto 2022?

Posted on June 26, 2022, 10:45 EDT. Last updated Jun 26, 2022, 20:01 EDT. Tens of thousands thronged the Sunday Pride parade in downtown Toronto, marking the return of one of the most lively events in the city with the celebration of those first since 2019.

Where does the Toronto Pride parade start?

Proud Toronto steps to safety for the parade The parade begins at the corner of Yonge Street and Church at 2 p.m. and now towards Yonge-Dundas Square. Sunday marks the return of the parade in person after being eliminated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where does Pride parade start Toronto?

Proud Toronto steps to safety for the parade The parade begins at the corner of Yonge Street and Church at 2 p.m. and now towards Yonge-Dundas Square. Sunday marks the return of the parade in person after being eliminated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

How many people are attending the Pride Parade in Toronto? The Toronto Pride Parade last saw around 1.7 million attendees in 2019, according to the Toronto Pride Economic Impact Report to the City of Toronto.

Where is the biggest pride parade in Canada?

Pride of Toronto is an annual event held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in June each year.

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