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Tonya Doggett is known as the bagel lady, creating homemade cream cheeses in her Main Street eatery since she bought the former bagel shop in Lexington in 2018.

But she’s more than baked goods as she showed with the addition of paninis, select deli sandwiches, homemade chicken salad and hot dogs. Her latest venture has her branching out further with the culinary skills she’s honed over 22 years in the food industry. Doggett opened a new food truck called Wheely Hungry.

“I just want to grow the business,” she said. “This is from my family. I want people to be my customers, and I want to grow my catering business.”

wait what? Did she say supply? Yes, Doggett also has catering, making extravagant spreads for babies, weddings, graduations or any type of party you want to host.

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While bagels started it all and are the backbone of her three food business, Doggett said bagels are not on the menu for the food truck unless you reserve it for breakfast. Then she’ll have bagels for you if you want.

“There’s not a single bagel on the truck, other than the license plate,” she said. “That’s the only bagel on the food truck unless you’re having breakfast.”

Most of the food truck menu consists of hot and cold sandwiches from Reuben to Philly cheese to panini. And while she also has paninis and posters in the bakery, many of the food truck offerings are exclusive to the truck, such as the Philly cheese on a hoagie roll or oven-baked nachos, corn dogs, smoked sausage and pepper sandwich and French. french fries She also makes cheese fries on Wheely Hungry.

“You can go from block to block and eat pizza, tacos and burgers from a food truck,” she said. “I wanted to do something different. I also have burgers and hot dogs,  but I do so much more. Where else can you go and get quality, delicious sandwiches made with Boar’s Head Meats and Cheeses?”

The sides include fries, french fries, potato salad or pasta salad.

She bought a woman’s food truck in Randolph County. It was originally a Bunny Bread delivery truck and was used before she bought it as a welding truck.

Her father, Mel Doggett, and a friend, Justin Lindgren, are helping to renovate the interior of the truck.

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Her dad custom built the aluminum diamond plate that covers the interior walls and exterior box for her TV menu and folding table for the cashier. Having the electronic menu gives Doggett flexibility that the printed menu doesn’t have. She can simply change the food truck’s offerings on her laptop and they are displayed on the TV screen.

Lindgren did the electrical and plumbing work on the food truck.

Wheely Hungry Food Truck debuted on June 18th at a block party in Jamestown on June 18th. Doggett also set up the food truck for business at Bull City Ciderworks in Lexington and Bull Hole River Park in Davie County.

She doesn’t charge a fee to bring out the food truck but is selective about what reservations she accepts to make sure the anticipated crowds are there to justify setting up for business.

If you want to book Wheely Hungry or Doggett for catering, call the bagel shop at (336) 300-8088 or Wheely Hungry at (336) 804-2129. You can also message her on Bagels and More on the Main or Wheely Hungry Facebook business pages.

“Business has been very good,” she said. “People have been very positive.”

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