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Cal Poly Humboldt opens new campus store

Cal Poly Humboldt announced the opening of its second store on campus in a press release. On the same subject : The G-20 meeting ends without full consensus; food security and inflation top agenda at Bali summit.

Located on the corner of 8th and G streets in Arcata, the new location sells a variety of merchandise including brand name items from Cal Poly Humboldt, College of the Redwoods, and local high schools; items inherited from Humboldt State University; household items and accessories; and electronics from Apple and Dell. The site will have the only Apple Certified Service Center in Humboldt County.

The store also has public seating with charging outlets, plus free WiFi for students. Items can be ordered online and shipped free to the store for pickup, or shipped directly to customers.

The Arcata location follows Campus Store, Eureka (at 218 F Street in the Ritz Building), which opened in November 2021.

”The Campus Stores show the university’s pride in being part of our local community. It has been a pleasure welcoming alumni, visitors, and prospective students and families to both locations,” says Todd Larsen, senior director of housing operations.

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Redwood Capital announces promotions

Redwood Capital Bank announced management changes at two branches. Former Fortuna branch manager Bob Judevine has transferred to the position of vice president and manager of the Arcata branch. Brian Gonzalez was recently promoted to Vice President and Branch Manager for Fortuna. Read also : The Power and Lifestyle Center in the Dallas area sells – REJournals. Gonzalez will also retain his current position as branch manager for the Henderson Center location. Jamie Anderson was named Assistant Vice President and Commercial Loan Officer.

“On behalf of the entire Redwood Capital Bank team, we are excited about the opportunities these personnel changes present,” Chairman and CEO John E. Dalby said in a prepared statement.

Judevine joined Redwood Capital Bank in 2013. Gonzalez joined the Redwood Capital Bank team in December 2021. In 2019, Anderson joined Redwood Capital Bank.

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UScellular invests in 5G sites in Eureka

UScellar has invested in creating new VoLTE and 5G cell sites in Eureka. The sites enhance UScellar’s network in Eureka and is one of more than 45 sites the wireless provider has throughout the state. This may interest you : GUEST VIEWS: Food Bank continues to improve. VoLTE, or voice over LTE) offers customers features such as HD calling and simultaneous use of voice and data, the company said in a press release.

In 2021, the company invested $37 million in network upgrades and modernizations throughout California to improve the customer experience.

“At UScellor, we are focused on providing an exceptional customer experience and a fast, reliable network to keep our customers connected with their friends and family,” said Dan Vining, manager of network operations for UScellor, in a prepared statement. “Our engineers live and work in this community and monitor the network 24 hours a day to ensure it keeps up with the needs of our customers.”

For more information on network coverage in the area, visit

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