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People in many cities may be able to close their week with a free queer book thanks to a new campaign from the skincare Aesop genre.

The luxury brand is delivering hundreds of books by LGBTQ + writers at its Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Toronto stores this week, with a strong focus on books written by Black and Indian writers and other color writers . (If you live elsewhere, don’t worry – other publications of Aesop Queer Library will be hitting cities such as London, Berlin and Taipei as Pride celebrations continue around the world in June.)

In a press release, the company stated that it intends to promote “these discriminatory terms” in order to develop “awareness of racial, gender and sexual orientation” and to emphasize “a positive attitude”. widespread chaos. canon. ”

To date, there will be 142 different titles, including YA in the form of Felix Ever After in Kacen Calendar, Belly of the Beast: The Politics of Anti-Fatness as Anti-Blackness ka Da. ‘Shaun L. Harrison, and others.

The media reported that sadness was viewed in full on every step of the way, as more books were purchased at the amazing BookWoman bookstore in Austin, Texas, and Toronto Fun Day, which the oldest queer store in the world. Each store will also feature “specially ordered works” by Jeffrey Cheung, a stunning Chinese-American singer and founder of the Unity Skateboarding group.

The documents provide a word for the growing number of Mormons who do not know who they are and what their religion is.

This is the second year that Aesop will be running the Aesop Queer Library, after much success last year with more than 35,000 books distributed. While many brands avoid accepting the problems that LGBTQ + people, especially trans people, face, this type has embraced this reality in its media coverage.

“Unfortunately we are living in a society in which the LGBTQIA2S + community has an unprecedented level of discrimination, oppression and violence,” said Nelson Derry, Aesop’s head of culture, diversity, equality and inclusion. “There is an increasing number of hate crimes and anti-reform laws, so we have chosen to promote BIPOC trans words within the LGBTQIA2S + community individually.”

Books will be available from June 20 to June 26, so run, don’t go, get a free copy of the book you intended to read forever.

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